Guess the wrong SD fact

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#1 Not an R2D2
Have you seen that meme? It goes something like “My customer service voice is so fake, I don’t recognize who it is.”  It may have been shared by a multitude of sales rep but I can bet you a plate of mo:mo: that none of the Sastodeal employee ever has. We have completely abandoned the robotic-corporate tone.

#2 Hermione’s utopia
We’ve all had that moment when the cashier gives us more return than she was supposed to. Well, we’ve made a bigger blunder. SastoBook once mistook a book’s 80 pages for its cost which was actually 800 rupees. Nonetheless, Sastobook’s co-founder himself delivered the book in the price we initially promised as Rs 80; staying true to our word.

#3 Zlatan who?
Our working environment is as millennials put it, lit. A friend of the company was astonished to see the employees playing football inside the working space but if you’ve been here for a while, that’s just another day. Let’s just say we all get something interesting for our instagram story.

#4 Wonder woman would’ve been proud
SastoDeal (and we say this with great pride) was the first Nepali company to introduce Menstrual Leave for female staff; they can choose to take the leave and work from home. And the reason we chose to make an announcement about it is because in a country like ours where there aren’t even proper sanitary napkin disposal in toilets, we hope to break the taboo and address this natural phenomenon.

#5 Don’t let the dogs out
Some members of SastoDeal are allergic to dogs and for this reason we do not allow dogs inside our workplace. If you find any strands of fur, those are probably human hair. Could be alien but not dog, nah

#6 Not all heroes wear cape (they might be wearing shades though)
What if I told you, Anthropose- the coolest sunglasses company’s founder is also SastoDeal’s co-founder? And I’m using the superlative here not just for its cool name but also for its purpose to provide free cataract surgery for every 10 sunglasses sold. They have already provided 40 surgeries, plan to provide 600 more and are slowly shifting the paradigm of online business.

#7 Delivery guys aren’t vampires, you can invite them in 😉
Did you know that all the co-founding members of SastoDeal worked in every field? Our CEO himself had to wait outside the customer’s house when he was delivering a product because of our social stigma that a ‘delivery boy’ doesn’t hold the social status required to be invited inside. So, part of the reason why every single employee here is valued equally is because weight of the responsibility each employee holds has been understood and experienced firsthand.

So one of the above facts is completely made up. Spot it, comment your answer and the lucky winner shall get a little surprise!

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It’s the same story every day, isn’t it? Put a bunch of stuff you like in a cart and exit the window without placing an order because you can’t afford them. Or scroll past a beautiful dress that’s too expensive. Well then, you might just like this offer. Scratch that, you’re gonna love it!

Sasto Deal turns 6 this Friday and we’re letting you in on the celebration with a new flash sale every 2 hours with HEAVY discount! When I say heavy, picture the robust Aquaman because we’ve offered up to 74% discount! Since this sale runs from 7 am to 11 pm, that’s EIGHT products a day. Now if you were one of those fanatics who got awestruck by Barry Allen’s speed after watching Justice League, I probably don’t need to remind you to be quick but let me just emphasize that it is indeed a FLASH SALE and will be gone in two hours. Tick-tock!

So you saw a product you want in the Flash sale, what next? Comment “I want it” on the post, that’s it. It takes about 2 seconds, unless you have a terrible Internet Service Provider (I can relate). Just leave the rest to us and we’ll get back to you. Sure, you can also place the order in our website or call us directly. That’d take a little more than 2 seconds but if that’s the channel you prefer, we’re completely down with it.

Now hold your horses because there is more. You may want to light up your timeline by sharing our Flash Sale because you may just be our lucky winner and win gift hamper worth Rs 5000!

So if I were you, I’d be watch out for every sale and grab the best offers like The Flash caught Batman’s Batarang. Too many Justice League references? Alright, I’ll give it a break.

-Jenisha Mainali

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12 Awesome Made in Nepal Brands Available at SD

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In the recent years, Nepal has seen sprouting with soaring businesses that have been able to provide the customers with products that match standards of international brands. Gone are the days when Nepal-Made only applied to souvenirs targeted at foreigners. Here are 12 awesome and amazing Nepal Made brands you need to thrive in Nepal!


1. GoldStar Shoes

GoldStar shoes has a soul (pun intended) of a Nepali strong and determined it trudges on passing every pot-hole and hurdle with so much ease. Best part? GoldStar recently has stepped up its style quotient and now displays an array of  funky designs begging you to get more. When walking in Nepal not the force but may the Goldstars be with you! Get the brand here 

2. Anthropose 

Every now and then you stumble across a brand that goes the extra mile, Anthropose sunglasses is just that.  The company has a selection of timeless, vintage sunglasses that add an extra “omph” to your outfit. Anthropose sunglasses is the first eye wear brand in Nepal that has taken accountability for the staggering numbers of cataract patients in the country by sponsoring cataract surgery from funds collected from selling their sunglasses. Products that genuinely care, what more do you need? Get the product here

3. Shibori Nepal 

Describe Shibori my friend told me. ” Minimalist meets hipster” the answer shot out. Where the psychedelic printed ponchos remind you of the 70’s, the little minimal designed high neck begs for a simpler time. This brand is for everyone who wants to make a statement, not a loud one but never-the-less make a statement. Get the brand here


4. Wild-Earth

Beauty inspired by nature from nature. Need a little down time? Work getting on your nerves? Lather up fragnant and natural body oils from wild-earth and relax. Your skin will thank you for feeding it delicious natural Wild-Earth products. Get the brand here

5. Bastra

Casual wear for any weather is sorted if you have Bastra clothing in your wardrobe. Plain hoodies, t-shirts will have you worry less about what you need to wear and in- return gives you abundant comfort. Make room in your wardrobe Bastra is coming! Get the brand here 

6. Laalii

Laalii products look like a decadent sweet dish you would want to bite into! But, this beautiful looking luxury bar is not for eating. Instead the product has natural healing properties such as activated charcoal and essential oils that leaves your skin feeling youthful and nourished. Get the brand here 

7. Mheecha Bags

Back-packs are helpful no question asked, but Mheecha takes its back pack game to a whole another level!  With back–packs that are so light-weight, fashionable, mobile, who would not want to make it their adventure companion? Get the brand here 


8. Lugaz

Minimalist fashion with a warm twist, fleeced inners and faux fur. From one Nepali to another do yourself a favour and get Lugaz hoodies, you fashion staple this winter, stay warm and comfortable always.  Get the brand here 


9. Sayami Clothing

A one stop clothing brand for all things soft. The brand has a wide range of ponchos, sweaters, mufflers at affordable prices. Who said dressing well costs money?  Get the product here 


10. Himalayan Digestive

Morning breakfast sorted with this healthy alternative. Enriched with whole wheat, himalayan digestive is for any one looking to replace their greasy meals with something more nourishing. The product is preservative free and ideal for diabetic patient looking to consume food with a low glycemic index. Get the brand here 

11. Sonam 

Winter fashion just got better with Sonam. The brand features specialized jackets competent to with-stand cold and warm you up all day. The easy going design of the clothing allows for free movement and is favorite among people who enjoy an active lifestyle. Get the brand here 

12. Phalano

Who here has giggled at a clever t-shrit ? Everyone. This is why Phalano products make for a great quirky attire. Their t-shirts feature folk-lore Nepali legends like Bhakta Prasad Bhyaguta who will jazz up any outfit. Get the brand  here





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SD Products Every New Parents Need!

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Being a new parent is hard, the timely feedings and late nights could be a daunting tasks hence here are some products that make being a new parent just a tad bit easier.


    I mean we all know it would be a blessing if potty training did not exists and we were genetically programmed to know how to number 1 and number 2. Sadly, the world does not work like that. Hence, to save you and your loved ones from a diaper disaster ! Use this carter diaper bag and stay prepared. Get the product here


  2. Hand Knitted Baby Blanket With Socks 

This hand knitted baby blanket with socks is as soft as it is cute, rush hour stops for no one hence when you are having one of your rather busy days and you do not have time to sit around thinking of how you should doll up your little one wrap them around in this knit blanket with a built in woolen cap to shield them from the evil that is the winter wind. Get the product here 



A buddy for your little one, someone who will keep him company as he babbles on into his dreams ! Aren’t those moments the cutest? Get him a cuddle buddy as he goes about for his baby adventures. Get the product here 




Nothing says love than hand knitted wool clothing for your little one! This little number is as soft and warm as a parents hug, infact wool is one of the best materials to wear in winters as it retains heat. So time for the cutie to bundle up!  Get the product here





An easy on the go meal for the little one, especially perfect for parents in a hurry which is almost always! With the goodness of wheat, maize and soya bean and a traditionally proven formula to provide you ample amounts of nutrition for  your child! Be the best parent regardless of the time available with Mam Mam naturally  Nutritious baby food. Get the product here 






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7 Different Types of Gifts For 7 Different Types of Girlfriends

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1. Miss  fashionista

Her eye liner wing can cut glass and outfit can slay any fashion scene. Fashion is her life and make-up her weapon. She is polished and loves gifts that keep on giving! So, what would WOW this fashion diva? How about this Matt Foundation from NYX, giving her Flawless Face Goals all day! The drug store brand is a dream come true for makeup lovers, cheap affordable but damn! Does it do the job! You can get the product here 


2. Miss Ice Queen
Miss Ice queen unlike the name is cold all the time, she is no Elsa either because “the cold bothers her every way”,  even then fall is her favorite season and she loves everything fuzzy and warm. Her Instagram posts are dominated with fall inspired clicks and she will thank you when you give her this cute but comfortable blanket that she can gloriously show off in her social media!  Perfect for a movie night or anything for that matter! Get your blanket here 



3. Miss On- the-Go

ADD? No, she is just full of life and spunk. The Miss on-the-go is bitten by the travel bug and she parades around conquering hills to find her solace, which is why it only makes sense to gift her this beautiful, travel friendly and convenient HEMP back keeping her company for the next adventure, making sure all her travel memories are intact. Get your Hemp bag Here on-the-go

4. For Miss Fit
She is a fitness freak and a gym rat! She feeds on iron pumping workouts and constantly pushing herself to get stronger and faster. Now, what would she need more gym equipment? Maybe, all of which can be found here, but what she will truly appreciate is something that will tend to her sore post work out muscles, a massager that is easy to use and extremely effective. A product which is actually useful, are we dissing huge teddy bears with no functionality? Maybe. Get your massager here 


5. For Miss Home Body
She spends hours on piniterst looking up ways to decorate her space, she enjoys down time at home more than anything else, even you. Feed to her addiction of pretty things by purchasing a glorious set of bedding sets which will transform the space she live in! Get your bed sheets Here 


6. For Miss Chef

Food is her life, the kitchen her temple, you don’t complain because she constantly whips up new delicious recipes. With SD’s range of cooking products help her reach her cooking game to a whole new level, improved skill for her more food for you! It is a win-win. Is she a sweet tooth? Then maybe this cake mixer is just what you are looking for.  Here


7. For Miss Independent

If your girlfriend is a confident strong independent woman, she would need something that helps her with her daily routine. A Hard drive to store ambitions, plans should do the trick! Help her keep moving from 9 to 5 and beyond! Get the hard drives Here 


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9 Places Nepalese People Can Visit Without A Visa

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Madagascar (Visa on arrival – 90 days)

Hopewell Rocks Low
The Flora, dramatic geography, wildlife, people and culture – Madagascar has it all. For the size of the island, Madagascar has an overwhelming amount of stunning and diverse landscape which definitely makes it a place to check in.

Singapore (Visa on arrival – 30 days)

Be it for its history, culture, climate or its islands – Singapore is a must visit place for people seeking fun, adventure and a time out from their daily monotonous life. This city is sure to surprise you by its modern skyscrapers coupled with traditional architectures will leave you in awe.

Mauritius (Visa on arrival – 90 days)


Mauritius enjoys a tropical climate with clear warm sea waters, attractive beaches, tropical fauna and flora complemented by a multi-ethnic and cultural population. It’s a cool place to hang out as all of these are backed up by well-designed and run hotels with reliable operational service.

Bolivia (Visa on arrival – 90 days)

Bolivia is a country of Ancient Cultures and Awe-inspiring Landscapes. Bolivian vibes signifies warm smiles, friendly banter and gracious hospitality. A destination with the welcoming home stays and mouthwatering food and fiestas is definitely not to be missed.

Philippines (Visa not required – 30 days) 


A paradise of beaches and islands has a unique blend of weather, climate, culture, food. A place with friendly people, a thriving night life, you get a little bit of everything in this country.

Sri Lanka (Electronic Travel Authorization – 30 days; must hold return or onward ticket)


An exquisite location with wildlife, people, diversity and adventures. Sri Lanka is definitely a place for anthropologists as it has the concentration of numerous ancient cities and temples.

Myanmar(eVisa – 28 days. eVisa holders must arrive via Yangon, Nay Pyi Taw or Mandalay airports. )


Balloon rides are a popular way for tourists to see pagodas and other areas of scenic beauty in Burma/Myanmar. This majestic wonderland will give all the right memories.

Tanzania (Visa on arrival – 3 months)

Pack up your bags and explore the natural greatness – the mountains, conservation areas, national parks, lakes, beaches and many more in Tanzania.

(Visa on arrival – 30 days)

Clear water, while and black sand beaches Maldives is for wanderers who love to get lost in the scenic beauty of what an island has to offer. Boasting on ecotourism Maldives conservation methods is well reflected in its abundant marine life.

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Music To Match The Dashain Vibes

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The hot and hectic summer day wind breeze is fleeting by, the cool and chilled Dashain vibe is taking over the capital promptly. Dashain, the most anticipated festival for Nepalese is approaching and the capital once again is going to be silent and rush free. Hushed streets and slim traffic, bright spirits and joyous smiles! On this mix tape Monday let us spread the merriment with some timeless Dashain songs!


  1. Mangal Dhoon\Dashain Dhoon – Sur Sudha:

Sursudha are devoted to making music to disseminate a universal message of peace and harmony, supporting the effort to alleviate poverty from the face of this Earth. This musical group, that has held more than 2,000 concerts on the stages of Europe, India, Japan and the USA is well known for the Mangal Dhoon. This song is an eargasmic blend of instruments like Tabla, Flute and Sitar and advocates peace and reconciliation.


  1. Dashain Tihar – Sugam Pokhrel:

How could we forget the fabulous musical hero of our time Mr Sugam Pokhrel,  the established music composer has brought us another brilliance in the form of the song “ Dashain Tihar “. The song expresses the happiness felt during Dashain, the good times with friends and families and the desire of abroad living citizens to drop by and celebrate this grand festival with their loved ones.


  1. Yespali Dashain Ma – Cool Pokhrel

You might have heard lads singing this song as they flying their kites on the festive days. Late Cool Pokhrel up beat style is best reflected in this song. A beautiful melody that celebrates  brotherhood.


  1. Dashain Nai Hoki – Yogeshwor Amatya

“ Huney Lai Dashain, Nahune Lai Dasha “ we all have at one point heard this saying, well now let’s leave it up to the distinctive legendary singer Yogeshwor Amatya to attractively present it in a song. The singer signature singing and the way he hits all the notes surely will make you love this one! A hilarious rendition of the festivals are really like!


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Next Growth Conclave

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People see problems, entrepreneurs see potential. Nepal’s current economy is struggling for stability and it now depends on the entrepreneurs of this country to turn things around. Hence, to help aspiring, struggling and soaring start-ups get the extra edge and become the movers and shakers in their industry, M&S NEXT Venture Corp has taken it upon themselves to inspire and educate the entrepreneurs of Nepal through their NEXT Growth Conclave event on 25th Sept 2016.

The one day event will have 10 brilliant global leaders as speakers, they will be sharing their insights and teaching to the audience on how to grow faster and innovate. The event will also bear witness to 600+ Entrepreneurs & Investors giving start-ups and entrepreneurs the opportunity to network and grow their business.

Why Next Growth Concave?

Being first of its kind, the program includes high profile local entrepreneurs and international delegates as speakers. These speakers will use their personal experience, life lessons and business experience to share valuable insights to the audience in their sessions.
Some of the exceptional speakers include:

• Amarit Charoenphan (group CEO and co-founder, Hubba. Bangkok, Thailand) a leader in creating co-working spaces, technology events, technology media and startup education in Thailand and the 1st co-working space in Southeast Asia.

• Bhupendra Khanal (founder of Simplify360) an expert in Social Media Monitoring and Analytics, his company thrives on its ability to innovate and has over a 100 paying customers like Yamaha, Revlon, Target and Wipro.

• Deepak Raj Joshi (CEO of Nepal Tourism Board) actively works to provide the country with tourism enterprise working to increase the productivity.

• Sneh Sharma (CEO, Ittisa. Banglore, India)
Sneh Sharma Founder & CEO of Ittisa, the first ever girls only digital media agency in the world.

What else will I get from this event?

The benefits for the event extend well beyond the exceptional speakers. This is truly a chance to get new business opportunities while mingling with the who’s who of the business industry. An opportunity to learn about Nepal’s most exciting and innovative start-ups and experience the entrepreneurial ecosystem.
The event will also include the following activities:

  • Startup Valley

A showcasing platform where startups with viable product/service will exhibit themselves to the attendees, potential investors, customers, senior entrepreneurs, startup enthusiasts, and network with fellow founders.

  • Kickstart Hill

A platform where startups from ‘Startup Valley’ can launch themselves or their products and get exposure to their target audience.

  • Media Lounge

A lounge where the start-ups get an opportunity to meet the national and international media which includes – bloggers, journalists, program producers, and personalities from the renowned media houses.

  • Investor’s Lounge

A lounge that will host investors and investment companies, who will be interacting with the startups from the ‘Startup Valley’, and conference attendees. Explore possible partnership and build powerful relations.

  • Business Card Section

A section dedicated to place business cards for all who want to make their service regarding all the verticals of their company accessible to maximum.

How can I attend?

Excited and reeled up to make a mark with your business? Then, hurry up catch your tickets from Sastodeal link here.



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SD Through The Eyes Of An Intern

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My internship at Sastodeal began when a friend of mine Simran told me about the program, since I was pretty adamant on not throwing away my free time with movies and games I decided to apply. What motivated me? Well, I had heard great things about the company and I did not want to stay home to my mom going “Yo Kta leta kehi kaam gardainah”.

So, in the spur of the moment I applied and got called for an interview 2 days later, the whole interview went by in a blur, maybe it was the adrenaline that kicked in? But, of course like any new-bee I made a few glitches here and there. The nervousness had kicked in, I suppose. However,  to my surprise the HR Poonam didi was very sweet about the whole thing often  laughing  with me, interacting with her gave me a glimpse of the kind of people I could potentially meet in Sastodeal and Boy was I right!

I got selected for the internship and got called in a few days later,  the first day began with the introductions and I soon realized that despite  being one of the youngest in the company the people I interacted with always took my ideas and views seriously. This was a bit of a surprise to me as many of my friends had quite the opposite experience with internship which would usually mean them doing endless amount of paper work and learn next to nothing.

For the first half of my internship, I was put in the social media department where Ayushree di was my mentor. I was given the responsibility of creating content for social media and since my love for music is strong I loved working on the mix tape Mondays. She always had a positive encouraging light to her like all the other SDians.

After a while I was transferred to the content department. This department dealt with the product content, it was then I realized that the company was not defined to work place division like most instead it was functional where everyone chipped in and helped regardless of their roles. No one was the “Boss”.

I also notice how everyone at the company had a healthy balance of work and play, for instance my other mentor Sandeep dai would often help me when I was in doubt but also play little tricks to lighten my mood.
This was my first ever work experience, and it has been surreal. Unlike, what I previously believed that only cigar clad, suit wearing individuals knew how to conduct a business Sastodeal changed my perception of how a company should run. Their easy going demeanor and their work ethic has truly made me realize that a company that practices openness and ease can still be on top.  Now, with about two weeks left  for my internship I feel lucky to have found such a cultivating environment right after my +2 and I am excited  to associate with the company again in the future.




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The GoldStar Story

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A product that does not rely on expensive advertisement for sales, shoes that do not depend on how sweaty Beckham or Bolt commercials get (not that I am complaining) GoldStar did not need a marketing plan because it had good shoes.

A brand started by Noor Pratap Rana and later inherited by his son Amrit Rana GoldStar is the production of Universal group. With the aim to compete with the rocky and beautiful of patches of Nepali roads the brand produced GoldStar’s. A team of consultants and foot specialists were brought in to draw up on a design that would produce this beauty. The light, sturdy cheap and affordable and as cliché as this sounds was “for the Nepali people”. The designs were so spot on that the company was recognized both nationally and internationally and even sparked some knock offs.

Goldstar has been in the business for about 23 years and initially a brand that was associated with functionality has now come to embodied Nepali Fashion as well.  Launched around the same time as most millennials were born (1990’s), the product right away came into limelight especially with the older generation because of its clever design. Its popularity grew but one thing that did not change off till late was its impression, the impression that it’s simply functional but not fashionable. Then, what happened? How did this functional pair become fashionable? I would give credit to the brands “When you’re so good, why worry?” attitude, they did not actually say that but since the products ranks up the hot selling lists everywhere I am assuming they did!

Unlike, many the brands never worked to imply itself as the “exclusive” or “must-have” it spoke to all, the rich and the poor cross breeding through all groups’ political, legal and more. The brand who perhaps have the shortest marketing meetings it don’t limit itself by appealing to a group but instead appealed to Nepal as a whole. Today, GoldStar has become a regional name. The one we all can drool over and take pride in owning.




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