12 Awesome Made in Nepal Brands Available at SD

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In the recent years, Nepal has seen sprouting with soaring businesses that have been able to provide the customers with products that match standards of international brands. Gone are the days when Nepal-Made only applied to souvenirs targeted at foreigners. Here are 12 awesome and amazing Nepal Made brands you need to thrive in Nepal!


1. GoldStar Shoes

GoldStar shoes has a soul (pun intended) of a Nepali strong and determined it trudges on passing every pot-hole and hurdle with so much ease. Best part? GoldStar recently has stepped up its style quotient and now displays an array of  funky designs begging you to get more. When walking in Nepal not the force but may the Goldstars be with you! Get the brand here 

2. Anthropose 

Every now and then you stumble across a brand that goes the extra mile, Anthropose sunglasses is just that.  The company has a selection of timeless, vintage sunglasses that add an extra “omph” to your outfit. Anthropose sunglasses is the first eye wear brand in Nepal that has taken accountability for the staggering numbers of cataract patients in the country by sponsoring cataract surgery from funds collected from selling their sunglasses. Products that genuinely care, what more do you need? Get the product here

3. Shibori Nepal 

Describe Shibori my friend told me. ” Minimalist meets hipster” the answer shot out. Where the psychedelic printed ponchos remind you of the 70’s, the little minimal designed high neck begs for a simpler time. This brand is for everyone who wants to make a statement, not a loud one but never-the-less make a statement. Get the brand here


4. Wild-Earth

Beauty inspired by nature from nature. Need a little down time? Work getting on your nerves? Lather up fragnant and natural body oils from wild-earth and relax. Your skin will thank you for feeding it delicious natural Wild-Earth products. Get the brand here

5. Bastra

Casual wear for any weather is sorted if you have Bastra clothing in your wardrobe. Plain hoodies, t-shirts will have you worry less about what you need to wear and in- return gives you abundant comfort. Make room in your wardrobe Bastra is coming! Get the brand here 

6. Laalii

Laalii products look like a decadent sweet dish you would want to bite into! But, this beautiful looking luxury bar is not for eating. Instead the product has natural healing properties such as activated charcoal and essential oils that leaves your skin feeling youthful and nourished. Get the brand here 

7. Mheecha Bags

Back-packs are helpful no question asked, but Mheecha takes its back pack game to a whole another level!  With back–packs that are so light-weight, fashionable, mobile, who would not want to make it their adventure companion? Get the brand here 


8. Lugaz

Minimalist fashion with a warm twist, fleeced inners and faux fur. From one Nepali to another do yourself a favour and get Lugaz hoodies, you fashion staple this winter, stay warm and comfortable always.  Get the brand here 


9. Sayami Clothing

A one stop clothing brand for all things soft. The brand has a wide range of ponchos, sweaters, mufflers at affordable prices. Who said dressing well costs money?  Get the product here 


10. Himalayan Digestive

Morning breakfast sorted with this healthy alternative. Enriched with whole wheat, himalayan digestive is for any one looking to replace their greasy meals with something more nourishing. The product is preservative free and ideal for diabetic patient looking to consume food with a low glycemic index. Get the brand here 

11. Sonam 

Winter fashion just got better with Sonam. The brand features specialized jackets competent to with-stand cold and warm you up all day. The easy going design of the clothing allows for free movement and is favorite among people who enjoy an active lifestyle. Get the brand here 

12. Phalano

Who here has giggled at a clever t-shrit ? Everyone. This is why Phalano products make for a great quirky attire. Their t-shirts feature folk-lore Nepali legends like Bhakta Prasad Bhyaguta who will jazz up any outfit. Get the brand  here





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