7 Different Types of Gifts For 7 Different Types of Girlfriends

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1. Miss  fashionista

Her eye liner wing can cut glass and outfit can slay any fashion scene. Fashion is her life and make-up her weapon. She is polished and loves gifts that keep on giving! So, what would WOW this fashion diva? How about this Matt Foundation from NYX, giving her Flawless Face Goals all day! The drug store brand is a dream come true for makeup lovers, cheap affordable but damn! Does it do the job! You can get the product here 


2. Miss Ice Queen
Miss Ice queen unlike the name is cold all the time, she is no Elsa either because “the cold bothers her every way”,  even then fall is her favorite season and she loves everything fuzzy and warm. Her Instagram posts are dominated with fall inspired clicks and she will thank you when you give her this cute but comfortable blanket that she can gloriously show off in her social media!  Perfect for a movie night or anything for that matter! Get your blanket here 



3. Miss On- the-Go

ADD? No, she is just full of life and spunk. The Miss on-the-go is bitten by the travel bug and she parades around conquering hills to find her solace, which is why it only makes sense to gift her this beautiful, travel friendly and convenient HEMP back keeping her company for the next adventure, making sure all her travel memories are intact. Get your Hemp bag Here on-the-go

4. For Miss Fit
She is a fitness freak and a gym rat! She feeds on iron pumping workouts and constantly pushing herself to get stronger and faster. Now, what would she need more gym equipment? Maybe, all of which can be found here, but what she will truly appreciate is something that will tend to her sore post work out muscles, a massager that is easy to use and extremely effective. A product which is actually useful, are we dissing huge teddy bears with no functionality? Maybe. Get your massager here 


5. For Miss Home Body
She spends hours on piniterst looking up ways to decorate her space, she enjoys down time at home more than anything else, even you. Feed to her addiction of pretty things by purchasing a glorious set of bedding sets which will transform the space she live in! Get your bed sheets Here 


6. For Miss Chef

Food is her life, the kitchen her temple, you don’t complain because she constantly whips up new delicious recipes. With SD’s range of cooking products help her reach her cooking game to a whole new level, improved skill for her more food for you! It is a win-win. Is she a sweet tooth? Then maybe this cake mixer is just what you are looking for.  Here


7. For Miss Independent

If your girlfriend is a confident strong independent woman, she would need something that helps her with her daily routine. A Hard drive to store ambitions, plans should do the trick! Help her keep moving from 9 to 5 and beyond! Get the hard drives Here 


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