Artist That You Will Fall In Love With From KRIPA UNPLUGGED

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Kripa unplugged is the equivalent of coke studio in Nepal.  A platform where artists can showcase, experiment and challenge the boundaries of how music is created. If you like push your imagination and have an appreciation for creativity, you will thank us for this list.



  • Dhin Dhina – Pushpan Pradhan (Vaani)Pushpan and his band Vaani 2012 have super powers, they can use their echoes of sulfi composition to touch every little string on your heart. A lyrical masterpiece the band consumes you whole as you sway to their tunes unaware, still and it’s like meditation but better.


  • Putali – NightNight band is perhaps the MOST underrated band in Nepal. The extraordinary feature of this band is that they use unconventional materials like water, leaves and strings to create music. “Putali” is one of such creations of the band a fusion of classical equipment’s like the sangrangi with the guitar gives the band just the right balance. Keep an eye out from this one!

  • Kanchi Nani Blues – Mukti and revivalhait babal. Hip swinging toe tapping energetic performance by Mukti and revival. The Blues and rock and roll mash up does wonders for the song, but what truly grips us his the passion oozing out from Mukti has he set bar high enough for everyone who dares to follow his suit. Not all live performance have a slow pace and Mukti darn right proved it!


  • Nischal – Albatross
    You never go wrong with Albatross a band that has clearly established as one of the leading faces of rock music in Nepal. There unplugged version on Kripa a clear testament that all you need is great back up and vocals to serenade. Every Nepali guitarist has aspired to learn from them, so it was no question that I would feature them.



  • Ye Aakha Ma Timi Chau – Prem Pariyar

Song is a form of sustained speech, nearly anyone who is able to speak can sing but excellence requires time, dedication, instruction and regular practice. Prem Pariyar is the young rising singer in Nepal who has used excellence to manipulate tunes and innocence to win  hearts.

Happy listening

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