Is Football Bigger Than Humanity?

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One Nepali dies in every 2 days at the World Cup 2022 construction sites in Qatar! SEVERAL THOUSANDS Nepalese and Indians have died till date.  The workers are kept in harsh conditions, most deaths resulting from the unhygienic food they eat and their living condition. They are deprived of water. Their passports are stolen, there forth; they cannot quit their work and return to their families.

And all this for football?

To the manpower agencies in Nepal and India

Stop sending workers to such construction sites. You know it better – there are thousands of other companies they can work for. Not the death chamber!

To the football players

We know the Messis and the Ronaldos will never read this but we hope they realize they will be playing in a blooded pitch. The winning team won’t raise the world cup trophy; they’ll raise the dead bodies.

To the concerned human beings

We know we are helpless. But remember this is a “world” cup and we, the world, can protest by not participating in the sport; not supporting the teams involved and raising our concerned voices together.

If you do NOT support this inhumane act, please click here to sign the petition and spread the word.  

– Concerned Human Beings

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7 Things We Couldn’t Live Without but Lived Anyway

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Amun Thapa

My one year old nephew, Aayan, can’t live without the iPad. You read that right – one year old! He just won’t eat or sleep without watching the ‘Nursery Rhymes’ on the iPad. What has the world come to now?

But sooner or later, iPad is going to be ol-skool’. We know because we’ve been there and done that – seen how quickly we get introduced to new technology, it then takes over our lives aaand pooof….it disappears!

Let’s go back in time (or our store room), and dig-out our once treasured items. Here is what I found:

VHS Cassettes / Cassette Tapes
Remember the days when you had to clean the tapes (with some liquid), and wind the tapes clockwork using a coin to tighten the reel? Sometimes had to stop the movie in the middle, take out the cassette and wind it over and over.


Chinese Ink Pen
Oh! those ink pens were such terror, weren’t they? Splaaash! all over your classmate’s shirt. Wipe it out on your hair. Borrowing ink was the best part. “Ink dey na puhleeezz!!”

(Image: wiki)
(Image: wiki)

Dial Up Internet
The MSN Messenger days when most of our homes were installed with Mercantile’s Dial-up internet. Taaat-ta-tooot-taa-trrrrr-iing-tuh-dhung-ta-dhunggg (that krrrrazyyy sound).

And our mothers would quite often scold us for the hefty phone bills. “Aama phone rakhnu na …net chalaunu paryo!”

(Image: sodahead)
(Image: sodahead)

Walkman / Discman
The cool guys back then walked around the town with Walkman and Discman wrapped around their waist-line, shaking their heads, in ‘moves like jagger’. Walk around like that today and kids will roll over and laugh.

(Image: obsoproject.wordpress)
(Image: obsoproject.wordpress)

And there was once this ‘Pager’ that beep beeped all the time. Some way to save money, huh? 😉


Floppy Disc
Oh boy!! How can we forget the floppy discs? These were so mystical back then, looked so robotic. It usually took 5-10 floppy discs to install one black & white game using MS-DOS command. Remember DAVE?


Nintendo / Sega (Cartridges)
If Barbie were girl’s all time favorite then Nintendo, SEGA and Atari were boy’s favvoooritee! Remember the cartridges? 9999-games-in-1.

By the way, were you a fan of the Contra?

A little off-topic but still a blast from the past. Remember Vicki from ‘Small Wonder?’

I know 20 years from now, Aayan will dig-out stuff from his store room, find an iPad and smile about it.

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Celebrating Women’s Day|Let’s Embrace These Changes!

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Amun Thapa

The society is mum over the matter concerning women because we are immune to the constant yelling and frustrations from women fighting for their rights. It’s like a radio commercial – the more we hear, the less we care.

The good news is that women today are letting their actions speak for their words. They are breaking the stereotype.

This Women’s Day, let’s show our support by embracing the changes they are trying to cultivate in to the society:

Single-women (widows) break tradition by wearing RED

Single-women (widows) in Nepal & India are now standing up for their rights by wearing red. And these are not just women from the urban city but also women from the rural areas. Credit goes to Women for Human Rights and other NGOs who have been advocating for the change for the past two decades and the single-women themselves.

“Color is a birth right of all women.” – Womankind

Let’s embrace this change!

(Credit: Annapurna Post)
(Credit: Annapurna Post)

Women keep their identities

Most women find it awkward but some happily choose to change their surnames after getting married. No harm done either way, I suppose. But many women today keep their identities and don’t see any reason to change their surnames. Why would they!? And why not men change the surnames!?

Let’s embrace this change!

Pic: Upasana Rana, my sister-in law :)
Pic: Upasana Rana, my sister-in law 🙂

Women could’ve, should’ve …. DID!  

“Women should limit their activities to the household. Women should not go out of their houses after 6:00 pm. Women are protected by men” – Defendant’s lawyer, #DelhiRape

Such foolish comments can only come from a fool. Miserably, there are millions of such illogical men and women who share the same ideology.

But women have had it. They’re no longer confined by the walls created by the society (including women themselves).

Let’s embrace this change!

(Pic: Chanda Shrestha)
(Pic: Chanda Shrestha, U.S Army)

This Women’s Day, let’s set a new resolution:

  • Let’s embrace these changes.
  • Let’s become the change.
  • And let’s educate the society to accept the changes blissfully.

Wish you a Happy Women’s Day!

We asked women & men around town to see what they think of women. And this is what we have:

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How to Protect Yourself from Swine Flu

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(The following information was retrieved from WebMD and other medical sources; summarized and simplified).

Information Source: WebMD, healthline, howstuffworks,, ekantipur | Image Credit: telug4stuffon

“Because it’s a new virus, most of us don’t have any natural immunity to it. Swine Flu virus — like other flu viruses — remains transmittable up to eight hours outside the human body.

This means your co-worker, entering the workplace at nine in the morning, can pass the virus on to the door handle, which could then be passed on to your hands as you leave the building at the end of the day” – howstuffworks

H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccination: Don’t expect seasonal flu vaccine to protect you. There is a separate H1N1 swine flu vaccine. “the H1N1 swine flu vaccine can’t be taken by everybody. The vaccine is produced in hens’ eggs, so people with egg allergies cannot take the vaccine.” (Please consult with your doctor before taking the vaccine).

Face Mask will Not Prevent You But It Does Help: While we see many folks at SD office and elsewhere putting on their facemask hoping this will prevent them from SwineFlu, according to medical sources, this actually does not prevent you from Swine Flu. But consultants at WebMD does recommend face masks to be worn by people affected by SwineFlu to prevent spreading the flu to others.

“ Researchers looked at 400 people who had the flu. They found that family members cut their risk of getting the flu by 70 percent when they washed their hands often and wore surgical masks.” –

Take Small Measures: Washing your hands properly, cover your mouth and nose while sneezing, avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth often, stay at least 6 feet away from people with flu-like illness.

Clean up: “Flu viruses can linger in books, phones, countertop..) Wash your hands and always best to put on gloves.

Symptoms of swine flu are similar to most influenza infections: fever (100 F or greater), cough, nasal secretions, fatigue, and headache, with fatigue being reported in most infected individuals. Some patients may also get a sore throat, rash, body aches, headaches, chills, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.” –

According to the news article published in ekantipur, 13 people have been tested positive for SwineFlu in Nepal with 9 of the cases being reported in Kathmandu.

Please do not panic. Take small measures as suggested here. Please consult with your doctor if you feel the need to.

And please spread the word not the virus.

Take good care!

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Nepalese Friends Living Abroad, It Is Time To Come Back Home!

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For 5 years during my stay in the U.S, I’ve networked with the best of all Nepalese – The Harvard’s and the MIT’s, I’ve associated with the worst – Nepalese who take U.S as their ‘escape-zone’  and I’ve myself been the mediocre – the average student graduating from an average college.

The Ivy League Nepalese graduates now work for Microsoft, IBM, LinkedIn, Facebook & Google. The ‘escapees’ spend their days and nights struggling with their basic needs and procrastinating about Nepal. And the mediocre struggle to find a descent job; most ending up working for companies through agents who book 30% or more commission on their salaries. But neither of these groups knows – what’s in stock for them in Nepal!

In 2011, when I returned to Nepal, I was clueless! But 3 years later, I have an answer to the ultimate question– what’s my purpose!? Thus, this blog is an attempt to convince you – the Nepalese living abroad to come back home and try it out yourselves.  Here is why:

Nepal is a goldmine for opportunities: If you’re thinking Nepal got problems then you must know – with problems, come opportunities! You’ve got the chance to solve these problems, create value and make tons of money.

The currency rate doesn’t matter: I know that the most of you think $1 = Rs.100 (approx) and you can make 100 times more living and working abroad. But truth be told, it doesn’t work that way. Your fancy car, your mortgage, rent, living expenses all needs to be accounted for. At the end of the day, you’re as broke or as rich as any other Nepalese here. This includes the Harvard’s and the MIT’s.

Until when: I’ve witnessed wealthy (multi-millionaires) Nepalese come back home in their late 50’s. Their reasoning: Until when would we want to serve a nation that is not ours! Late than never, you must be asking yourself the same question – until when?

Market is better than ever: I’ve talked to entrepreneurs from the past and I’ve witnessed the market in the present and I can only reach to one conclusion: The business climate is better than ever. If you’re concerned about the Constitution, well you should be but that’s not stopping me and other entrepreneurs from running successful ventures.

In between two giants: It’s obvious – the global economy powerhouses are now China and India. The HR expense in Nepal is low. Now, what can you do to leverage this?

To conclude, it does not matter if you work for IBM, it does not matter if you drive a fancy car, it does not matter if you’re living in a mansion (be it in mortgage); what should matter is for you to come back home, serve your nation and most importantly serve yourself !

So, travel the world but come back home, your nation needs you, moreover, you need your nation!

P.S: If you’re thinking of coming back home and have queries and questions, I’d be glad to help you make the right decision. Please email me at:

I listened to this song (on repeat mode) during my stay in the U.S. Ennnjjjoy!

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