Avataar Cafe Answer To Your Fast Food Prayers

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Avataar Cafe rests inside a gully opposite of BK’s,  the cafe which is a part of the chic Avatar hotel specializes in fast food and is a new joint that takes fast food to whole another level.

My mother tells me that when I was little my first words were not mama or papa but infact burger! Hence, it was only fitting that I was there to devour what the cafe had to offer.

The cafe resemblance a sense of familiarity, with its yellow and red color combinations you may even feel like your sitting in Mcdonalds. As we entered the cafe of fried goodness Ahem! Ahem ! (My second home) I was almost immediately wrapped in delicious smell. First came the whiff of freshly fried french fries than the sizzling of glorious patties. The small but functional open kitchen gave me  a peak of the process which was clean and precise.


I took in the environment and the glorious menu in front me and wasted no time with my ordering. To my delight the service in the restaurant was quick, hey! it’s not called fast food for nothing. As always we started with a dish that was wittily named, the Pokemon meal, it came with deep fried onion rings and french fries, light and crispy I was ready to catch them all at any moment after having it. Once done with the starters we followed with ample of mains, to start with the happy burger and Mexican Meatball sub both juicy, tenderly soulful. The herbs and sauces matched perfectly with the meet and the bun, a concoctions that was delightfully sinful! (Whoever-said a women has a small appetite has clearly not met me)



Meat Ball Sandwich
Are you hungry yet?

However, it was the paneer wrap that actually stole the show for me. I don’t fancy vegetarian dishes so when the owner suggested this dish you could imagine how I felt! But as many say life begins outside ones comfort zone, I agreed to order the wrap, to my surprise the tender center and crunchy  paneer won me over. The added elements of  mushrooms and corn along with homemade salsa made the dish my favorite of the day!



If your asking me why I am taking the time to write this all to you? It is very simple! To let all of you know that quality need not be compromised with price. All the dishes in Avataar cafe were below Rs 300 mark and used grade A ingredients. Avataar cafe debunked everything I felt about having fast food. For the first time munching on these fried delicacies I did not feel like I was going to have major health issues later. Their secret? Top of the line ingredients which were freshly prepared with high emphasis on the flavor.

At a glance Avataar cafe may seem like just a fast food place, but when you actually bite into the recipes you get consumed by the individual flavors. The effort in preparing the food clearly evident !  “For me to come up with this menu it took months of trial and effort,” the part owner adds and with my full happy self I can swear by what he said!

A fusion of authentic mexican, nepali flavors with western staples Avataar cafe is for anyone who loves quick, easy meals packed with flavor and punch!

If your a homebody and love munching on grubs in the familiarity of your home, the cafe also has take away service !

Head on to their Facebook page for more updates! Avataar Cafe









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