Mixtape Mondays #24 : SD + lishn

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-Aayush Shrestha,

Co-founder at Lishn.com

We know it’s a Monday and you’re all cranky. We understand. Mondays Suck. There’s nothing worse than coming back to your work desk after (what we hope was) an amazing weekend. There’s nothing good about Mondays. Uhh.. well… except for of course #MixtapeMondays. 😀

SD Mixtape Mondays has been cheering you up on this dreadful day with amazing music for the last 23 episodes and we are here again to make your Mondays just a little bit better. But this time it’s going to be a little bit different. This time, the songs will not be from youtube, they will be from lishn.com .

( Lishn.com is a music streaming platform based in Nepal where you can discover new and amazing music artists that you might not have heard of, but should. And every time you lishn to a song, the artist will make a buck out of it.)

I am Aayush from lishn.com and Welcome to the first SD+Lishn Mixtape Mondays. And here’s our pick of songs on lishn designed to help you get through horrid Mondays.

Now calm down. Have a sip of your coffee. We’ll get through this together, Okay? 🙂




It’s All Right 1


Lets start things a little slow with an instrumental lead guitar track titled Its All Right which will put you right in the mood to relax and start the day. This instrumental by Sabin Timalsena will actually make you feel that things are all right and not as bad as you feel they are.

Then we go on to another instrumental called Forever In Space by Sabin Timalsena again. This trance-psychedelic-ish track will calm your nerves and hopefully dial down your “Cranky” Knob.


Laugh a little



You can’t have a good day without some comedy. The next track is titled Foolmati in which the rapper Balen, a wizard of words, hilariously depicts his frustration brought about by a love interest, very elegantly referred to as Foolmati. You cannot help but smile as the story unfolds. And if you’re someone who has gone through similar experience, you might even relate to it a little.


Time for some NepHop



We need to put some energy in you now. And what’s better to pump you up than some head-bobbing hip hop tracks. First we have an energetic track by rap group RapConnect titled Rising.

Then we have Mad Zone with Timi Nai Hau – feat. Sugam Pokharel, a song you’ve heard before, but this one has a different vibe than the one you know. It’s the original track on their official album which is slower with a chill vibe compared to the funky pumped up sound that we know. But you’ll love it just as much.

And then we have Keti Timi, the song that swept the nation by a storm and had everybody dancing to its folk-hiphop sound back in 2002. Nostalgic, right?


No matter what life goes on



This song might resonate with you the most. ChronicZ, a brilliant hip hop producer, has laid out this Jazz+Techno track telling you that life sucks, but its okay. No matter what life goes on and you just gotta do what you gotta do.


Malai Man Parchha Keti Nepali



Aren’t Nepali girls just the best? Chintu and Sacar definitely seem to think so and they’re singing about how much they like Nepali Keti in this funky track. Check it out!


Khali Khali



A beautiful love song by Sugam Dahal. One of my personal favorites, this song is so good and beautiful it usually makes me murder the repeat button on my music player. It’s a wonder why many people don’t know about this guy.


Khula Akash



Surakshya Malla does an amazing cover of the beautiful song Khula Akash by Astha Maskey. The song is already beautiful and gives you hope when you’re feeling low and is perfect for this mixtape here.





Keeping up the chill momentum, Abhishekh Pokharel gives you Honey an original track by this indie rock artist. Keep it chill people!


Ulto Pulto9



Next. We have 2 fun songs by a 3-men-band called Ulto Pulto (Cool name.. IKR.)

Samjhana Ko Lahara and Aasha Chha is beautiful to listen to. Feel Good Vibes Guaranteed!!


Some Ooh Oooh’s



Lazybones, a hip hop producer from right here in Kathmandu elegantly samples Eric Clapton’s Knocking on Heaven’s Door to create this beautiful instrumental track.


Baaja Music


Baaja, the band, is so good that they sound almost surreal. Baaja is the most organic sound that you will have had heard in a long long time.

In this mixtape, we have folk tunes of Khahare Khola and a classical Hindi song Aaja Sawan.


Timi ra Ma 



Pushpa Sangam is a duo of two very talented musicians Pushpa and Sangam (duhh) . A song that they released for Valentine ’s Day, Timi Ra Ma is exactly what love would sound like if it had a sound. Just beautiful.


Covers of songs that we love



 Lets end things with some covers. We have Coldplay’s Us Against The World and Bipul Chhetri’s Wildfire and Asaar, all covered by a very talented singer Diwas Manandhar.





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