SD Through The Eyes Of An Intern

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My internship at Sastodeal began when a friend of mine Simran told me about the program, since I was pretty adamant on not throwing away my free time with movies and games I decided to apply. What motivated me? Well, I had heard great things about the company and I did not want to stay home to my mom going “Yo Kta leta kehi kaam gardainah”.

So, in the spur of the moment I applied and got called for an interview 2 days later, the whole interview went by in a blur, maybe it was the adrenaline that kicked in? But, of course like any new-bee I made a few glitches here and there. The nervousness had kicked in, I suppose. However,  to my surprise the HR Poonam didi was very sweet about the whole thing often  laughing  with me, interacting with her gave me a glimpse of the kind of people I could potentially meet in Sastodeal and Boy was I right!

I got selected for the internship and got called in a few days later,  the first day began with the introductions and I soon realized that despite  being one of the youngest in the company the people I interacted with always took my ideas and views seriously. This was a bit of a surprise to me as many of my friends had quite the opposite experience with internship which would usually mean them doing endless amount of paper work and learn next to nothing.

For the first half of my internship, I was put in the social media department where Ayushree di was my mentor. I was given the responsibility of creating content for social media and since my love for music is strong I loved working on the mix tape Mondays. She always had a positive encouraging light to her like all the other SDians.

After a while I was transferred to the content department. This department dealt with the product content, it was then I realized that the company was not defined to work place division like most instead it was functional where everyone chipped in and helped regardless of their roles. No one was the “Boss”.

I also notice how everyone at the company had a healthy balance of work and play, for instance my other mentor Sandeep dai would often help me when I was in doubt but also play little tricks to lighten my mood.
This was my first ever work experience, and it has been surreal. Unlike, what I previously believed that only cigar clad, suit wearing individuals knew how to conduct a business Sastodeal changed my perception of how a company should run. Their easy going demeanor and their work ethic has truly made me realize that a company that practices openness and ease can still be on top.  Now, with about two weeks left  for my internship I feel lucky to have found such a cultivating environment right after my +2 and I am excited  to associate with the company again in the future.




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Intern Story: Poornima Lohai

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Being a foreigner in Nepal, I really had no clue how I was going to complete my internship course here. My brothers had completely denied giving me a spare certificate from their firms and after a lot of persuasion and motivation, I agreed to work in one of the local firms here.

Want to know why I was hesitated? Well, LANGUAGE.

I did not know a single Nepali, which I thought was a major drawback. Though it resembles Hindi, my mother tongue, a lot, understanding fluent Nepali is still difficult. Trust me, it is. :\

Anyhow I cracked Sasto Deal after a cousin of mine spoke to Richa Di and arranged for an interview. I was asked to dress up a little because I look pale when I walk amongst Nepalese people who wear bright lipsticks, long fancy coats, has natural blush on cheeks and colored hair. (How are Nepalese so pretty? So pretty all the time?)

Dressed in all pink, high boots and liner of course, I reached the office at 10am sharp but since Richa Di was busy in a meeting, I waited at the reception observing the office environment. There was a coffee stand, posters everywhere with funky images, an antique wall clock and a football! This sums up all the awesomeness! 😀

When I was finally called in, Richa Di along with Sashant Dai sat on the opposite side of the table and talked to me in a very friendly tone. We spoke about their Bangalore days, parties, Kathmandu’s winter seasons, Pokhara, adventure sports and honestly it didn’t seem like an interview until I was questioned “Why Sasto Deal?” :p

After answering that with a rehearsed response, I was accepted for the Intern’s post in Social Media department and was asked to join whenever they’d call upon me.

Two days later, I received a call and was invited to join the office the following day. I was at the office by 10 and I met Biplav Dai there. My HOD! Initially, I thought he was a little serious-kinda guy, but then we started speaking and I realized I fell for the “Looks are deceptive” trick! He was such a friendly person. He taught me the basics of Social Media and how Sasto Deal handled the client queries and how the daily posts worked. Social posts include a lot of creative things to keep the customers intact and Sasto deal had just the right thing! A weekly schedule to keep customers involved and excited. I was asked to make amendments in that schedule and present it within a week’s time. 1-2pm was the hogging hour and the following day, I got a chance to interact with all other employees. Jasina Di, Shirshak Dai, Sampanna Dai, Aayush Dai. All of them were so friendly and cool. Their accents even more cooler! Hahaha! :p

The next few days, I spent my time researching on how to change the weekly schedule and finally came up with ideas which were approved by Biplav Dai who later convinced Shraddha Di and Richa Di rather enthusiastically! I appreciate that man! I am bad at convincing people and when they kept writing down every single word I spoke in their diaries, that kind of freaked me out and I kept mumbling and ruined my first chance of impressing them. But somehow I saved my back. Phew!

Then followed a routine of new posts, intense researching, lunch parties in a nearby shack and a lot of friendly interaction. With time, I got used to people talking in Nepali and figured out quite a few conversations. I could even understand their inside jokes! Yayy!! ^_^

Now that my internship has come to an end, I would like to thank all you guys for being my very first group of friends in this foreign land and for helping me make such amazing memories. 😀

Not only have I gained experience but also a few amazing friends :’)

THANK YOU SASTO DEAL! Thank you for being a great host 🙂

I am going to miss this place.

 – Poornima Lohai (Social Media Intern)

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Intern Story – Simran and Saroni

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The days were really boring. I had finished my exams and we all know how much time TU takes to publish its results. It had already been 5 months but still no news regarding the results. I was browsing through my Facebook where I saw a post of Sasto Deal. It said they needed interns and I wanted to apply. I talked with my close friend Saroni and we both applied. On the day of the Interview, I was very nervous. Richa, The Business Development Manager, was the one to interview me. I introduced myself and she asked about my hobbies. I said “I like to dance, sing. I watch novels too”. A moment later I realized that I made a mistake. I was extremely nervous as it was my first interview. She just laughed and I just smiled back. I felt really awkward. Then she asked me, “Do you write?” I said. “Of course I do. I write poems, stories.” She read my stories and she suggested me to be in content team but in reality I had applied for the position of social media intern. I listened to her and I became a part of the content team. After that, Jasina, the Content Team Head, also took my interview. It was a double interview! Oh god. Once the interview was over, I was notified that I could be an intern at Sasto Deal. I was told I would have a two day observation phase. To be honest those days were a bit boring. After that my internship had officially started. Slowly I made new friends and started learning new things. My manager Jasina is very friendly. She taught me what I was supposed to do, like a friend. I learnt a lot of things from her.

The days passed by. Some days there was so much work whereas some days there wasn’t much. One day, my manager told me that I was very hard-working. Hearing her say that made me very happy. I feel very happy with my work here and with the team which I am a part of. I have learnt so many things from them. I don’t know how but it was by chance that I was selected as an intern here. I was also told that if I did a good job during my internship I could also be hired. When I heard that, I was genuinely surprised. And now, after being a content writer for almost two months I wish I could actually work here. Haha. Let’s see what happens. I can only hope for the best.

Sasto Deal has a very good working environment. I remember when I entered and saw the place, my inner self said “ Simran…you have to work here!”. I have had lots of memories about so many important things. Lastly, I would like to tell that Sasto Deal is very good e-commerce company. I learnt so many things from everyone. Everyone who works here are very friendly and helpful. And yes I love my Sasto Deal family.I feel very proud of being a part of Sasto Deal. Now that my internship is nearing its end, I will miss this place. It all started because I saw the post of Sasto deal on Facebook that one boring day. That ‘one boring day’ changed my life.

Simran Malla (Content Writer Intern)


One day I got a message from my friend Simran providing me with the link to Sasto deal’s vacancy for an internship. I had applied for the post of social media intern. One of my close friends was already working for Sasto book. So I contacted her  and soon Richa Didi (Business Dev Manager) called me and my friend for an interview. I saw my friend, we were so happy to meet after such a long time. When I entered the office for the first time, I could see that everyone was a youth just like me. I never expected that I would work in such an environment. Sasto Deal’s environment was very different and fascinating. I was really so nervous for the first day. The interviewer asked me some question and I was so nervous that I didn’t realized what I was answering to. She told me to write an essay at that particular moment and I was like “What?”, “Really?”, I didn’t expect that. I wrote an essay with a few minutes of thinking. All of the sudden somebody sat beside me saying “Hi, I am Biplav” holding a cup of coffee. He was cool. Later I got to know him and he was my social media manager. He interviewed me and told me to join from the very next day.

The first day of my internship, I was full of nervousness and excitement. I entered the office. I saw Sampanna, Reha, and Dikshya. We introduced ourselves. After that I waited for Biplav dai to come, He arrived and told me what our responsibilities are, things we need to do, my work and everything. It was both interesting and boring at the same time. I wondered how I would survive here for 2 months. Biplav dai was cool, friendly and  jolly person. He always treated me as a friend and I am happy to get him as my manager. He taught me and I learnt. Every day was a new experience dealing with the customers. I always have a question and I irritate him every day. There isn’t a day when I haven’t asked him anything. I am thankful that he was patience enough to deal with me. I neither got tired of asking him random questions nor was he annoyed answering such questions. As time passed by, I got to know each and every one a lot better. I slowly made quite a few good friends here. If I had to name then this blog would not have an end.

Since Sasto deal team was full of young energetic employees, I never felt that I was in an office. It was like a family with brothers, sisters and friends. Working was never  boring. As I adapted to this environment, things got a lot easier. My buddy Shaisha, was always there to help me out. Social media is not just about sitting in a desk! Queries needed to be forwarded to the concerned department. This let me to interact with the other departments. I enjoyed learning, fooling around, and chitchatting. After Biplav dai, I am very much thankful to Jeni Didi, who has always been patience enough to hear the complaints and exchange queries. I was frustrated with the complaints but she always accepted it with a friendly smile.

Talking about my experience, Sasto Deal has provided me with a platform to judge myself, to know what I am capable of. I got to know what my strength and weakness are and I am happy for that. I got an opportunity to learn and got an exposure. Every task I did (including the campaign) I learned a lot. I wouldn’t have experienced them had I not joined Sasto Deal. These two months of internship has been one of my best experience so far .
Now that  my Internship has come to an end, I am still wondering how time passed by so fast. These 2 months felt like it ended in a blink of an eye. Laughing, cracking jokes, fooling around. I will cherish the things I have learned here.
I am thankful to the Sasto Deal Team to accept me with open arms as a part of the family. I am also thankful to each and every individual who has guided, motivated and supported me in these two months.

Saroni Shakya (Social Media Intern)

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Intern Story – Akina Shrestha

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To stand apart from the crowd, we have to move out of our comfort zone and try something new. Let go off the fear that pulls you down, have faith in the existence of your dreams and risk it.

I got a mail from Sasto Deal saying I was selected for the internship. “Wow! It had begun”, I thought to myself. The next day my internship would start, I was very excited and nervous at the same time. So, I kind of lost my way to the office and I couldn’t manage to reach there on time. Finally when I reached the office, I was quite happy but my legs trembled as I entered. It was a new feeling but all I had in mind was “I am here on a mission to learn and I will accomplish it.”

With hands clutched, I waited in the lobby. Soon I met the CEO and CTO of Sastodeal Mr. Amun and Mr. Sodhan who would also be my mentor. After completing the formalities, I moved from the lobby to the workplace. Sure enough it was a quick start!

So, moving on, first I was assigned to make designs for the mobile version of the website. But, my mentor was really hard to convince. Things were happening so quickly that all I could do was sigh. Things were pretty haywire at the beginning as I couldn’t match their E with my A. Their Expectations with my Ability!

Now, it was time to gear up. It took a month to shake my head and dust my abilities to comprehend and start performing. Sasto Deal had a really coordinated team, I am grateful to have worked with everyone. I especially would like to thank Afshan Sis, Richa Sis and Shirsak Bro, for helping an immature like me learn so much from them. In my case, steady performance was all that mattered. Gaining my mentor’s belief that I can deliver was the prime objective and I successfully achieved it. Things started to move quickly, 7 days a week became a routine. Time passed and, I didn’t realize that two months had already flown away.

After working for two months, I was shifted in content department, where I met the new mentor assigned to me. She was a super cool boss. Content writing includes documenting, researching, categorizing, updating and uploading deals on a daily basis. Oh! ‘Hectic’ is the only word I can think of as I write this story. But after seeing such dedication and hard work of Jasina Sis towards her work, I got inspired to work even harder.

Then hectic changed to exciting challenges, long hours changed to interesting. The kudos I received from my mentor at the end is all that I remember now and the abilities I gained will be nurtured by me for the years to come.

There’s no doubt that interning with the Sasto Deal has been a great opportunity to get grips about working online and one that has taught me essential skills that I’ll be able to take forward.

I would highly recommend interning with Sasto Deal – not only will you have a great opportunity to work with a cool team, but the experience will provide you with skills that you can use across a wide variety of your future careers. It’s a chance to prove the worth of your qualifications and to show that you can perform the role you’ve been given. The internship is not just about working on a desk; it’s about doing crazy things, thinking outside the box and getting more than the desired result from it!

Concluding in one line, I had an awesome experience at Sasto Deal!!

 – Akina Shrestha (Intern)

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Intern Story – Manish Shrestha

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Manish Shrestha, 20, currently studying at Ace Institute of Management describes how his internship, as a Marketing Executive at Sasto Deal (SD), not only changed his perceptions on the conceptual aspects of a workplace and professionalism, but also how he found new love.

Manish Shrestha

Interviewed by Anjali Bhattarai


Anjali: Aja coffee piyou ta?

Manish: Haha! Bihana nai!

A: So your internship is at an end.

M: Yes, it’s kinda sad, but I need to concentrate on my studies now.

A: But why choose to intern here in the first place?

M: It was sheer serendipity. There was no course related requirements. I realized that relaxing back at home became too monotonous, and I wanted to do something prolific. When I saw SD’s ad for internship on my college notice board, I was drawn by the phrase “Where the coolest interns hang out”. I wanted to experience what being a cool intern was exactly like.

A: So, which cool people did you hang out with in the office?

M: There is not a particular person with whom I hung out solely. Everyone here is close to my age, plus they are so welcoming, that I never felt isolated. But, I worked mainly with Shirshak (SD’s designer) and Milan (intern).

A: Was that the best part?

M: Yes, among others, like how I got to meet a lot of people on a daily basis and how it helped me learn the art of communication. But, it did become annoying when sometimes our customers did not value our time, and asked us to come later after we reached the delivery venue.

A: Was the job challenging in other ways?

M: Yes, but I think that it happens to everyone when they encounter something new. I studied a lot of concepts in marketing, but, whenever it came to execution, there was always a twist, and not of a good kind. I sometimes panicked when I had to talk to vendors who sell traditionally and asked me to elaborate the concept of e-commerce. Most of them were hesitant to sell online and convincing them was difficult. I could see my marketing peers working pretty well, and I sometimes felt that I might not be able to catch up to it.

A: Any special memories regarding these vendors?

M: I remember one particular incident when my colleague and I had an appointment with OHO Servicing. We went there with a preconceived notion that the servicing house would be like the traditional garage. But the personnel took us to a well-furnished room and treated us with a professional and cordial meeting. This special treatment, not only made us feel pretty awesome, but also reshaped our notion to not to judge a book by its cover, and how vendors in Nepal are non-traditional as well.

A: What other unexpected things did you encounter?

M: I never got the ‘working in office’ sensation throughout my internship, which is so weird because everyone here does a lot of work. But all the hassles are balanced by a lot of fun. The picture of an ideal office that resided in my brain was totally different, and encountering such a casual environment really did astonish me at the beginning.

A: But did you find anything new about yourself during this journey?

M: As an intern, I did not have a permanent set of duties assigned. So, I got to explore a lot of tasks besides marketing. This was when I fell in love with content writing. Though I thought that I would love going out and meeting people, I discovered that I actually enjoyed sitting in the corner and doing my job quietly.

A: You shared this with your friends?

M: Yes, of course! I share a lot of stuffs about SD with my friends. In fact, I tell them that if they ever think of interning, this is the best place.

A: Any last comments?

M: What we face in the real world is not exactly the same as what we read in books. So, I want to thank Sasto Deal for shaping me, shedding insights on professionalism, making me more receptive towards changes, and making me able to understand things practically. I got a reality check. But of a good kind.

A: So when is your farewell treat?

M: Soon.

A: Which means never.

M: No, soon.

(Update: We still haven’t received Manish’s treat.)

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