Sherlock Special: The Abominable Bride

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Spoilers Alert! Please read no further if people spoiling the story for you is absolutely not your cup of tea.

It was a new year’s gift from Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss. Sure we are watching it in 2016 but the episode was taking us back to the late nineteenth century, the Victorian era – the very time period Sherlock Holmes originated from! Okay, it’s a bit hazy whether Sherlock was a Victorian or an Edwardian but what we do know is that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes was brilliant, calculative and composed. His social skills lacked only because of his inherent ability to remain indifferent to any emotions and intolerance of engaging in conversations that does not benefit in knowledge gain nor getting a case for investigation, not because he is a “high functioning sociopath”!

However, Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock Holmes is not as composed and constantly bickers with Martin Freeman’s Dr. John Watson that it becomes tedious at times. Sure, it feeds the thirst of the Sherlocked fans but it often strays away from the character that the detective was in the books.

Sherlock: The Abominable Bride starts off at a good pace, rightfully so, because it is suggestive of how Sherlock’s mind works. The premise is set and Watson is established as the chronicler for Sherlock’s adventures. Then enters Lestrade with news of the latest tragedy, Emelia Ricoletti, adorned in her wedding dress, has shot several people before blowing her own head off. but hours later, she still manages to kill her husband! So, how did a dead person end up killing another person?

But the murders have not stopped. All round the country, people are claiming that the Ricoletti bride has walked from the dead and killed all those people! Henceforth, the mystery continues.

Amidst all these though, there is something strange going on with the characters. The story has moved back to the nineteenth century but Sherlock is still seemingly rude to Mrs. Hudson and even Watson is patronizing Mary now! When did maids start being so cocky and what the hell is wrong with Mycroft? Sure, Mycroft was always the smarter but lazier Holmes but was it necessary to make him look like a pig? He looked more like a Slitheen in human form (from Dr. Who)than a large Victorian gentleman!

Then Moriarty shows up! Excuse me? What’s going on?

The story now starts to get very confusing, the conversation doesn’t make sense and, Sherlock and Moriarty are having one of those compelling discussion that most always serve the purpose of challenging each other’s intellect than ousting each other out. While we try to keep up with what’s going on, we are suddenly pulled back into the modern day, at the present moment on the plane where we had last left Sherlock in Season 3.

And things start to make some sense –everything that has transpired up to now was all the imagination of the drug induced Sherlock, in his mind palace! To understand how the dead Moriarty could have possibly come back, he tried to recreate the scene ofa 100 year old case where a woman had risen from the dead and apparently killed off a number of people. Butthe case is incomplete and Sherlock flickers between the modern day England and the Victorian England trying to solve the case.

So, does he solve the mystery?

Of course, he does but the case is not as intriguing as one would expect. The mystery of the abominable bride is not so much a mystery than Mrs. Emelia Ricoletti faking her death to kill her husband before killing herself. She was a part of a women’s group who gathered together to fight for suffrage and independence. But for some strange reasons, these women are covered in robes and pointed hats that closely resembles the uniform of the Ku Klux Klan! Now, why would the creators want the women to be dressed in clothing that echoes white supremacy and terrorism in its every thread? Does that mean to imply that women have taken extreme measures to fight for their rights and cause? I choose to believe otherwise and hope that the costume designer have some good enough explanation for their choice.

But that really makes the ending boring and filled with ridiculous conjecture about how women came about to ask for their rights. Emelia Ricoletti’s example seem to have encouraged repressed women all around England to start killing off those dominant men and instead of giving voice to the women’s movement, this development has dragged them further down into the olden times!

The writers have once again accomplished in doing what they have been doing for years now –create content that rides on the waves of fan fiction, dialogues that seek to please the viewers and themes that are based on the trending news. It doesn’t mean that I am not a fan of Sherlock but being a true loyalist to Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes, I do wish that the creators had taken less liberty.

When Sherlock Special was announced, I was very eager to see Benedict’s Sherlock in his true element, the poised and sharp Sherlock Holmes teaching the science of deduction but what demonstrated henceforth was a story where the characters go on a trip to the Victorian era and have fun with the clothing, without leaving essence of the modern. It was still the same Sherlock, the same bromance with Watson and the same witty dialogues that seek to please the viewers but I was expecting a treat that would have been dear to the readers!

Jasina Gurung, Content Manager

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5 Common Traits of Extremely Successful Entrepreneurs

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– Amun Thapa, CEO, Sasto Deal / Sasto Book

I dedicate this blog to the numerous articles & research on entrepreneurship that I have religiously followed till date in magazines including The Forbes, Harvard Business Review, Business Insider and others. Through my reading and personal experience, observing and working alongside successful entrepreneurs.

Here is my take on the 5 most common traits of successful entrepreneurs:

They are always willing to help

The society has a wrong image of the wealthy – they are here to loot. Rather, it is just the opposite. They are wealthy and successful because they are willing to SHARE. They share their success stories, they share insider information, they share strategies and they’re always willing to help. They know the only way to become successful is to help as many people as possible in becoming successful. In return, that other person’s success makes them more successful. That is their secret formula.

They are masters of delegation

Time is of the essence and successful individuals know they can’t do everything on their own. That is why they rely on a handful of trusted managers and, CEOs to carry forward their work. It’s like when I say to my team that I work over 1000 hours a day and they think I am bluffing. But I’m not. I’ve over 100 people working at least 10 hours a day. Had I chose to work by myself, I’d only be putting in at the most 18 hours. But that’s not enough. Therefore I work 1000 hours.

They never stop learning

Even Albert Einstein would agree he is not the most intelligent man on planet earth. It is humanly impossible to learn everything. That is why every successful entrepreneur learns the most they can to apply those learning to their businesses. Why do you think Zuckerberg after earning billions still reads a book a week? Bill Gates loves reading as well. They READ TO LEARN.

They see problems as opportunities

While everyone else complaints, entrepreneurs see problems as opportunities not roadblocks. It’s why they create businesses – to solve those problems, create value and offer the same to millions others who’re willing to pay for the solution.

They work extra

I remember reading about the JFK article about how once on his way back home, he saw the lights off at one of his competitor’s office. He instructed his driver to take him back to the office because he felt while his competitor is sleeping; he should be working – that is working extra. Most entrepreneurs start out their day early – many at 5:00 am in the morning and end late at night. While this might work for some, many would require adequate sleep. Nevertheless, working extra is a motto to all successful entrepreneurs.


They do not wait for approvals

Entrepreneurs love challenges; especially those put forward by the society. Statements like “Nop! this is insane. This cannot be done.” Where others ignore, entrepreneurs make the most out of it.

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For the love of the All Stars

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converse-1970s-chuck-taylor-all-star-collection-1We all love the Converse shoes with its unique design and fabric. Like jeans, Converse is the style of clothing that never goes out of fashion. But have you ever wondered why these shoes are a global favorite? What makes them the icon for youths in every generation? We all know the Converse but the least of us know about the history of this iconic pair of sneakers. Check out the 10 things that you probably didn’t know about converse.

  1. Chuck Taylor All-Stars or Converse All Stars refers to the classic converse design that we all know. It is also known as “Chucks” or “All Stars”. The low cut style of All Stars are also known as “Oxfords”.
  2. Converse belongs to Nike. In 2003, Converse was going bankrupt when Nike bought it.
  3. Every 43 seconds, a pair of Converse is purchased.
  4. The two holes in the side of your Converse are to let all the stuffy air inside your shoes out. It was introduced in 1932.
  5. The fabric used in Converse shoes is canvas. Canvas is a light and breathable material. It was intended for athletic activities. Hence the comfort.


  1. The name Chuck Taylor that you see written on the Converse All Stars logo belongs to a Converse salesman named Charles ‘Chuck’ H. Taylor. He was not exactly an athlete, although he used to play basketball. As the legend goes, Chuck Taylor walked into a Converse sales office and expressed his love for Converse. After that he was appointed as a travelling salesman for Converse and was pretty good at it. The rest is history.
  2. Converse was originally sold as sport shoes but when Chuck Taylor focused on marketing the shoes to high school basketball players, the shoes became known for playing basketball.
  3. Converse turned 100 years old in 2008.


  1. The Converse All Stars became popular in the pop culture in the 1980’s when Guns and Roses and Eddie Vedder began wearing them. Later the trend continued thanks to Kurt Cobain and more recently, Green Day. Today, it stands as an icon for youths everywhere.
  2. The Converse Company owns a recording studio where bands can record for free.

And in case you were wondering, yes we do have the original Converse Chuck Taylors All Stars with us.

Just click on the picture to check them out!


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A Love letter to the Bicycle

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The Bicycle is perhaps the noblest of inventions conceived by man. Crafted by ideas, born out of industry; a perfect hybrid of man and machine, one incomplete without the other. For many of us living in this modern age, the beauty of life often sails by unnoticed. The organic algorithm of nature gets lost amidst the episodic ticking of our default auto-pilot lives. It’s easy to miss out on the experiences that would otherwise have been shared equally among us, the observers.

I, a 24 year old man only recently bought a bicycle 4 days before Dashain of last year. I could have bought a new motorbike for myself but decided that a bicycle would be better for me. Contrary to what people might think, maintaining a healthy lifestyle was not the primary reason for the purchase. I never thought that Kathmandu was large enough for me to need a gas guzzling – smoke secreting vehicle to get around. I had always hated the city roads that were dusty during summers and muddy – puddle ridden during monsoons, and I blamed the overflow of heavy vehicles for it. I didn’t want to contribute to the already frail state of the roads. Hence! I have been riding a bicycle every day for almost a year now and I can say that without a doubt, I’ve never been happier… and felt healthier about the decision.

But I must admit that riding a bicycle has not exactly been the fondest of experiences. Sure you get a good workout and find a deeper understanding on why it’s important to be healthy. But getting used to it is just a step in the series. There have been days when my legs and knees have been so sore that even simple tasks like sitting and standing have proven to be excruciating. Disregarding any pep talks, you do have limits to your abilities. Everyone, no matter how fit, needs to rest. You cannot go on forever. Sometimes while you’re riding the bicycle, you feel like you’re flying. Maneuvering pass heavy traffic, twisting and turning your body to push the pedal powered beast down a slope without hitting the brakes has its own charm to it. But sometimes, you just have to take it slow. The pedaling you did while steering passed the traffic yesterday has made your knees sore. The friction caused by the pressing of the pedal while you were gliding down the slope has left blisters on your soles and you cannot carry the bicycle over your shoulders pass the traffic because your back hasn’t fully healed from that time you hit the side rails and fell on your ass. There are times when I wish that there was a better option. But then again, I’d probably be more miserable had I gotten myself a motorbike or worse, a car. (I can’t afford a car, I know).


“Why a bicycle?” you might ask; because it is logical! We live in a nation where half of the population is centralized within a capital that is clearly not ready or capable to cater to everyone’s needs. The increasing number of road accidents paints a stark picture of what is going to happen to the city in the near future. We are not ready for what is to come. Our aims, however noble, are impossible to achieve. The current population rate will not allow it. At this rate, there will be as many vehicles as there will be people. And that is something I find very scary. The bicycle is perhaps the only solution to the problem.

I was right to assume that Kathmandu is not as large a city as people perceive it to be. You can get to wherever you want as long as you’re ready to tire yourself a bit, and as long as you’re willing to spend a little more time on the road. After all, nothing worth having comes easy. I could tell you about all the benefits of cycling but it’s not why I started writing this. Besides, I’m pretty sure you already know why it’s good for you. What I am trying to say is that the world would be a lot better place if a lot more people started riding bicycles. Imagine yourself flying, the wind hitting your face just as you cut your way through the hot concrete below. The sweat drying out before it gets the chance to touch the ground. That’s what cycling is to me. The wheels are my wings, the road is my canvas and I am the painter. I decide which road I want to take. Whatever gets painted will be the product of my will.

That being said, if you want to get a bicycle for yourself, you can click here to browse through out GIANT bikes

And here to browse through our range of Kona bikes.



11695903_870114209725022_5641446216140063345_nBy Biplav Shrestha (Social Media Manager)

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