Mixtape Mondays #28: New Beginnings

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After years and years of waiting and watching, the country has finally reached a new dawn. All of us realize that this hasn’t been an easy task, I mean we were driven to the point of hopelessness more times than we could count but in the end, perseverance won. So here’s to a new beginning, in hopes that Nepal can start over and recuperate all the lost years. For the people who have fought long and hard for this dawn, their efforts have not gone in vain and to those who are still fighting, let us believe in their strength.
So here’s a list of songs to remind us that no matter how dark the days might seem, we can still be certain of a new beginning. We know now that its true.

  1. Timi Paila Matrai Sara by Word Warriors

    A song about resilience and dedication. –Anutara Shakya, Gift Manager

  2. Starting Over by John Lennon

    Although there are a lot theories behind this song, this track is about John finding his love for music again, life after The Beatles. Leaving The Beatles was difficult for him, hence he was finding inspirations for a new beginning, and the song depicts that. 🙂 –Sashant Pradhan, Communication Manager


  3. Here comes the Sun by The Beatles

    The music and lyrics helps you get through any rough day. Indeed after the night, the sun is always set to rise again. – Shirshak Dangol, Designer

  4. Here I Am by Bryan Adams

    “It’s a new world, it’s a new start.” This line rings true. –Sodhan Manandhar, CTO

  5. Walk by Foo Fighters

    This song basically depicts a new beginning, from a major lay off. – Abhash Amatya, Intern

  6. Forty Six & 2 by Tool

    For me, this song has always been about making amends with our inner demons and coming out a better person. Unlike other songs that tells us to leave the past and all its problems behind, this song, for me, tells me to wear all my problems like armor and keep moving forward regardless of everything. – Biplav Shrestha, Social Media Manager

  7. Thula Thula Mahal by Karna Das

A new beginning for the country. Let our sun and moon wave higher. – Rupagya Manandhar, Assistant Manager – SB.

8. Mero Jiwan by Sugam Pokhrel

This song inspires me to be different from the world and to stand up for others. Every morning has a new beginning, a new blessing So, get inspired. Inspire others. – Jeni Maharjan, Communications Officer

9. Kings & Queens by 30 Seconds to Mars

Talk about destruction caused by mankind & the fall of mankind. Realize man’s mistake and learn from it. – Sampanna Shrestha (Social Media manager- SB)

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Lets Share The #BlindfoldExperience

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Have you ever wondered what its like to live without vision? In a world that’s void of color or light? Im sure we’ve all tried it, to move around with our eyes closed. Maybe some of us have played it as a game when we were little, to blindfold ourselves and try to catch our friends or ever tried walking on an empty street without seeing? Whatever the situation was, we all know what it feels like to not see even for a short moment, we get caught in the fear of actually having to go blind. Then we begin to wonder about life as a blind person. The way of life that 95000 people in Nepal are living with right now. And yet, within that number, 62% of the population can have their sight restored with a simple 15-minute surgery. These are the people that are suffering from cataract.

Cataract is the clouding of the eyes that causes sensitivity to light and obstructs clear vision. It is found mainly in the older generation but in rare cases, it can occur to children as well. But like I said, cataract can be cured with a simple 15-minute surgery that too, done by some of the best surgeons Nepal has to offer. Most of us may not know this fact but Nepal has one of the best Ophthalmology services in the world. So good at what they do that 64% of the eye surgeries done in Nepal are on foreigners. Yet due to poverty, most of the people mention “cannot afford” as the main obstruction to getting a cataract eye surgery.

So in order to bridge the gap between the resource and the receiver, Anthropose came into existence. With that, Anthropose helps to sponsor one cataract surgery for every ten pairs of Anthropose sunglasses sold. Now, in collaboration with Anthropose, we came up with the #BlindfoldExperience, to help spread the awareness of cataract, to help spread the fact that cataract is curable.

Its simple, take a selfie while being blindfolded. The idea is to try opening your camera and then aligning it right and taking a decent selfie, all the while your eyes are shut tight. You’ll be surprised to find out that even taking a selfie is not as easy when you cannot see. Then once you do get a nice selfie, share the experience and nominate your friends on Facebook to take the challenge. This way you and your friends can help support the campaign and help spread awareness about cataract and its cure in your own way.

But why do we even have to bother about all of this? Lets just put it this way, every blind person requires atleast two people to look after them. So if we can help restore sight to one blind person, that leads to the blind finding vision and independence and in turn allow their care takers to invest more of their time in improving their livelihood, which in turn will help them live happier lives and in the end, lead to the growth of the nation. Afterall, a nation cannot develop unless its people are in good health. So go ahead, take that selfie and support better livelihood with better vision.

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20 Must See Places Of Nepal

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It comes with no surprise that our country is filled with beautiful landscapes that could be a part of any traveler’s bucket list. But you have to confess that even we haven’t traveled all the best places in our own country. We picked out a few places that our team would like to visit in 2015. What are your favorite picks from our list, and why?

  1. Nagarkot: Experience the spectacular sunrise and sunset view of the Himalayan Region.Nagarkot

Photo credit: Bossnepal, Anisha Bhattari

2. Gokarna Forest Resort: For its fine dining, Spa to Golf club, and its remarkable blend of Malla and Rana architecture all under one roof.Gokarna

Photo Credit: gokarna.com

  1. Bengas Lake: Big, beautiful, and a perfect spot for peace and serenity.Begnas

Photo Credit: Lexlimbu

  1. Mustang or the former Kingdom of Lo: Just WOW!Mustang

Photo Credit: Taylor Weidman

  1. Manang: View those mighty glaciers up close.Manang

Photo credit: Paula Hreskova

  1. Tilicho Lake: Experience the beauty of one of the highest lake in the world, located in Manang district at 4,919 m high in Annapurna Range of the Himalayas. It’s also where the highest altitude scuba diving takes place.Tilicho

Photo Credit: Adventure Mountain Club

  1. Khaptad Lake: Wander off into the wilderness of the glorious Khaptad National Park.Khaptad

Photo Credit: pranavk

  1. Rara Lake: Well, it is the biggest lake in Nepal.Rara

Photo Credit: sangharsha.com

  1. Lukla Airport: You have to get there to know why this is the most exotic airport in the world.Lukla

Photo Credit: Patrik Gerber

  1. Bardia National Park: Experiencing the wilderness in the Terai.Bardia

Photo Credit: Jakob Jespersen

  1. Namche Bazaar: Everest isn’t the only reason to pass by this town in the Himalayas.Namche

Photo Credit: Puneet K. Paliwal

  1. Sundarijal: To experience the spectacular view of the waterfalls and the gushing rivers, and watch the snowy ranges and green peaks via just an hour drive from Kathmandu.Sundarijal

Photo Credit: Narayan Maharjan

13. Muktinath Temple: It’s one of the most ancient Hindu temples of Lord Vishnu, and according to legend, it is also believed to be the place where Sati Devi’s forehead was fallen when Lord Shiva had carried her corpse.Muktinath

Photo Source: muktinathdarshan.com

  1. Illam: Located in the hilly region of Mechi Zone, it’s the where all the good Nepali Chai comes from. One can visit this place and get lost in the tea plantation and stare at the vista all day long.IllamPhoto Source: nepaliteaspice.blogspot.com
  1. Bandipur: Relieve the traditional way and travel back in time.BandipurPhoto Source: galaxy-adventure.com
  1. Narayani River: Go upstream the mythical river and explore the rich wildlife of southern Nepal. Narayani

Photo Source: myhimalayas.com

  1. Gosaikunda Lake: Located in Langtang National Park, the mythical adobe of Hindu deities Shiva and Gauri.

Photo Source: authenticnepaltrekking.com

  1. Lumba Sumba Pass: To view the panorama of Kanchenjunga, Makalu, and Kumbhakarna peaks, and if you are really lucky, you can spot snow leopards and red panda as well.Lumba

Photo Source: nepaltrekkingplanner.com

  1. Dolpa: The legendary beyol – one of the “Hidden Valley” created by Guru Rimpochee.Dolpa

Photo Source: trekkingnepalhimalaya.files.wordpress.com

  1. Poon Hill: Experience the spectacular view of the mountains on the foothills of Mt. Annapurna.

Photo Source: friendshipnepal.com

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Nepalese Friends Living Abroad, It Is Time To Come Back Home!

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For 5 years during my stay in the U.S, I’ve networked with the best of all Nepalese – The Harvard’s and the MIT’s, I’ve associated with the worst – Nepalese who take U.S as their ‘escape-zone’  and I’ve myself been the mediocre – the average student graduating from an average college.

The Ivy League Nepalese graduates now work for Microsoft, IBM, LinkedIn, Facebook & Google. The ‘escapees’ spend their days and nights struggling with their basic needs and procrastinating about Nepal. And the mediocre struggle to find a descent job; most ending up working for companies through agents who book 30% or more commission on their salaries. But neither of these groups knows – what’s in stock for them in Nepal!

In 2011, when I returned to Nepal, I was clueless! But 3 years later, I have an answer to the ultimate question– what’s my purpose!? Thus, this blog is an attempt to convince you – the Nepalese living abroad to come back home and try it out yourselves.  Here is why:

Nepal is a goldmine for opportunities: If you’re thinking Nepal got problems then you must know – with problems, come opportunities! You’ve got the chance to solve these problems, create value and make tons of money.

The currency rate doesn’t matter: I know that the most of you think $1 = Rs.100 (approx) and you can make 100 times more living and working abroad. But truth be told, it doesn’t work that way. Your fancy car, your mortgage, rent, living expenses all needs to be accounted for. At the end of the day, you’re as broke or as rich as any other Nepalese here. This includes the Harvard’s and the MIT’s.

Until when: I’ve witnessed wealthy (multi-millionaires) Nepalese come back home in their late 50’s. Their reasoning: Until when would we want to serve a nation that is not ours! Late than never, you must be asking yourself the same question – until when?

Market is better than ever: I’ve talked to entrepreneurs from the past and I’ve witnessed the market in the present and I can only reach to one conclusion: The business climate is better than ever. If you’re concerned about the Constitution, well you should be but that’s not stopping me and other entrepreneurs from running successful ventures.

In between two giants: It’s obvious – the global economy powerhouses are now China and India. The HR expense in Nepal is low. Now, what can you do to leverage this?

To conclude, it does not matter if you work for IBM, it does not matter if you drive a fancy car, it does not matter if you’re living in a mansion (be it in mortgage); what should matter is for you to come back home, serve your nation and most importantly serve yourself !

So, travel the world but come back home, your nation needs you, moreover, you need your nation!

P.S: If you’re thinking of coming back home and have queries and questions, I’d be glad to help you make the right decision. Please email me at: amun.thapa@gmail.com

I listened to this song (on repeat mode) during my stay in the U.S. Ennnjjjoy!

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