Guess the wrong SD fact

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#1 Not an R2D2
Have you seen that meme? It goes something like “My customer service voice is so fake, I don’t recognize who it is.”  It may have been shared by a multitude of sales rep but I can bet you a plate of mo:mo: that none of the Sastodeal employee ever has. We have completely abandoned the robotic-corporate tone.

#2 Hermione’s utopia
We’ve all had that moment when the cashier gives us more return than she was supposed to. Well, we’ve made a bigger blunder. SastoBook once mistook a book’s 80 pages for its cost which was actually 800 rupees. Nonetheless, Sastobook’s co-founder himself delivered the book in the price we initially promised as Rs 80; staying true to our word.

#3 Zlatan who?
Our working environment is as millennials put it, lit. A friend of the company was astonished to see the employees playing football inside the working space but if you’ve been here for a while, that’s just another day. Let’s just say we all get something interesting for our instagram story.

#4 Wonder woman would’ve been proud
SastoDeal (and we say this with great pride) was the first Nepali company to introduce Menstrual Leave for female staff; they can choose to take the leave and work from home. And the reason we chose to make an announcement about it is because in a country like ours where there aren’t even proper sanitary napkin disposal in toilets, we hope to break the taboo and address this natural phenomenon.

#5 Don’t let the dogs out
Some members of SastoDeal are allergic to dogs and for this reason we do not allow dogs inside our workplace. If you find any strands of fur, those are probably human hair. Could be alien but not dog, nah

#6 Not all heroes wear cape (they might be wearing shades though)
What if I told you, Anthropose- the coolest sunglasses company’s founder is also SastoDeal’s co-founder? And I’m using the superlative here not just for its cool name but also for its purpose to provide free cataract surgery for every 10 sunglasses sold. They have already provided 40 surgeries, plan to provide 600 more and are slowly shifting the paradigm of online business.

#7 Delivery guys aren’t vampires, you can invite them in 😉
Did you know that all the co-founding members of SastoDeal worked in every field? Our CEO himself had to wait outside the customer’s house when he was delivering a product because of our social stigma that a ‘delivery boy’ doesn’t hold the social status required to be invited inside. So, part of the reason why every single employee here is valued equally is because weight of the responsibility each employee holds has been understood and experienced firsthand.

So one of the above facts is completely made up. Spot it, comment your answer and the lucky winner shall get a little surprise!

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It’s the same story every day, isn’t it? Put a bunch of stuff you like in a cart and exit the window without placing an order because you can’t afford them. Or scroll past a beautiful dress that’s too expensive. Well then, you might just like this offer. Scratch that, you’re gonna love it!

Sasto Deal turns 6 this Friday and we’re letting you in on the celebration with a new flash sale every 2 hours with HEAVY discount! When I say heavy, picture the robust Aquaman because we’ve offered up to 74% discount! Since this sale runs from 7 am to 11 pm, that’s EIGHT products a day. Now if you were one of those fanatics who got awestruck by Barry Allen’s speed after watching Justice League, I probably don’t need to remind you to be quick but let me just emphasize that it is indeed a FLASH SALE and will be gone in two hours. Tick-tock!

So you saw a product you want in the Flash sale, what next? Comment “I want it” on the post, that’s it. It takes about 2 seconds, unless you have a terrible Internet Service Provider (I can relate). Just leave the rest to us and we’ll get back to you. Sure, you can also place the order in our website or call us directly. That’d take a little more than 2 seconds but if that’s the channel you prefer, we’re completely down with it.

Now hold your horses because there is more. You may want to light up your timeline by sharing our Flash Sale because you may just be our lucky winner and win gift hamper worth Rs 5000!

So if I were you, I’d be watch out for every sale and grab the best offers like The Flash caught Batman’s Batarang. Too many Justice League references? Alright, I’ll give it a break.

-Jenisha Mainali

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Pachaas ma Paanch Sayya!!

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So with the festive season all pumped up despite the odds, we at Sasto Deal were just too excited to get our Dashain campaign Minute to Win It started. We headed off for the first day of the campaign on 14th of October and before long we got 37 winners out of more than a 100 participants! So heres a summary of how the event went:


One the first day we were skeptical if anyone would even show up on our stalls. The mall was pretty deserted and we wondered if the petrol issue took a really big toll on the people. But soon enough people started showing up and before long the participants were enjoying themselves with the challenges. The rules were simple, complete the task that you get within a minute and you get to win a cash voucher of Rs 500 that you can use in any store in Civil Mall.


Through the last five days we’ve had a lot of enthusiastic participants. From completing 45 push ups in a minute to balancing four bottles neck to neck. We got the maximum number of participants on Saturday, as expected! And one very lucky winner even won a lucky star! The thing about lucky star was that if you picked the lucky star instead of a number, you win the cash voucher without having to do any challenges.


IMG_2071As for the kids, well we seemed to have underIMG_2074 estimated their skills as we had separate games for them to play. But kids these days! One of our little participants even beat the record of the adult ping pong challenge!
Finishing her game in just 6 seconds! Quite the aim she had!

With the campaign team all set for the Minute to Win it, we’d like to congratulate all the winners as well as the participants who dared to take on the challenges. Especially to those who accepted Challenge number 9. Yeah you guys definitely deserved it. 😀

-Anutara Shakya (Gifting Head)

Ayush Shakya (Photographer)

Here are some of our favorite pictures. 🙂





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The Torque Show

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Bhrikutimandap Exhibition Hall once again played host to the biggest Auto Festival in Nepal. The event flagged of on Tuesday, 15 September, and just like last year, the show was kick ass!

-Sashant Pradhan
Communication Manager

Due to the tight schedule, I headed off to the event around 3 in the afternoon with my buds. The inflow of the people was so damn high that it took us good few minutes to find a parking spot. We fetched our tickets, which cost us Rs. 100, thanks to the student discount!
NADA has always been one of my favorite events in Nepal; it stands alongside events such as Silence Festival and Tattoo Conventions in terms of popularity.

The trail!
The trail!

We started off from the front gate; the first exhibition stall we encountered was Hyundai. Their newest launch Hyundai Cresta SUV and i20 Active were really appealing, and I am sure we will see plenty of them hitting the roads of KTM soon. The stalls weren’t limited to Four and Two wheelers but outlets of Banks, Finance Companies, Tire’s and Lubricants company were also on display. Speaking about tires, the Michelin tire’s outlet was pretty packed; I got curious and went closer to know what the fuss was all about. Apparently, there was this game going on, where the patrons had to score 3 successive baskets, and they would be rewarded a gift. I gave it a try as well, and yes! I won. The prize was disappointing though.

After venturing through various car stalls such as TATA, FORD, SUZUKI, HONDA, DATSUN and various other outlets, we made way to the second part of the exhibition. On the way, I sensed a very familiar smell, and I knew what it was, The Bakery Café food stall! As we were on our way, we could year the ramming sounds of the motorcycles from quite distance. The sound of visitors accelerating the bikes was too damn high! The exhibition hall was a mad house. It was loud, noisy, humid, crowded and everything you’d expect in a motorcycle exhibition. All the stalls were working on attracting as many visitors as possible whether it was through music, unnecessary noise or by shouting out advertisements.

People checking out the all new Hyundai Cresta
People checking out the all new Hyundai Cresta


One of the newest Japanese auto mobile brand to hit the Nepali market -Datsun!
One of the newest Japanese auto mobile brand to hit the Nepali market -Datsun!
Cafe Racer (whistles)
Cafe Racer (whistles)

‘Gaadi dekhyo bhane gaadi kina maan lagcha, bike dekhey bhane bike, k garne hola!’, I overheard a guy talking to his mate on my way in. And, honestly yes the amount of bikes that were on display would give anyone a major shopping dilemma. An Italian brand Benelli was first among the stalls, only a single bike was on display, it looked killer. Almost all the bikes available on Nepal were in display, such as TVS, Vespa, Royal Enfield, Mahindra, Pulsar, Yamaha and many more. ‘The turnout has been pretty low compared to last year; we had a good crowd yesterday though.’ Said Sapana, the customer care member in the Yamaha team, I further questioned her about whether the quires are being converted to sales; she replied ‘Yes, we have had a lot of bookings. But what we need to realize is, majority of the people, come here for the 4 wheelers, and even if they are here for two wheelers, they are just here to grab information, rather than purchase.’ Not just Sapana, but majority of the customer service people quoted the same.

Ayushhhh, focus on the vehicles buddy!
Ayushhhh, focus on the vehicles buddy!

The event was a spectacle. But what added more glamour to an already glorious show was the ladies! Our photographer Ayush was indulged more in clicking pictures of the models then the auto vehicles. Oh well, who can blame him! ‘We have no idea about the sales, but people do come and inquire about the vehicles,’ said Alka one of the models in the Skoda Stall. She added ‘Yes, it is a daunting task to stand all day, but what keeps us entertained is our regular interactions with the visitors. It’s a fun job!’

Chatting with the cops, Jai Nepal!
Chatting with the cops, Jai Nepal!

The final passage we visited had outlets such as Toyata, Skoda, Daihatsu, MV Augusta, KIA and other auto mobile firms. As time was an essence, it was time for us to leave. But before we headed out, we entered couple of stalls among which was a helmet stall. An Iron man helmet was on display as well, so cool! Finally, we rounded of the trip, with the visit to probably the most important stall on display – The Traffic Police stall. It was an amazing gesture from the cops to allocate their time from work and inform and aware people about traffic safeties.

I have always enjoyed my time whenever I have headed to NADA. It’s a must visit for all the automobile junkies and motor heads. Various genres’ of auto monster under one roof doesn’t get any better, does it?

They see me rollin’, they hatin’. Lad enjoying his ride on a Segweg. The vehicle is priced around Rs.150K in Nepal.
Why should boys have all the fun yo
Why should boys have all the fun yo!
The blue one reminded me of Daft Punk!
The blue one reminded me of Daft Punk!
Ballin' (that isn't me though!)
Ballin’ (that isn’t me though!)
Some construction vehicles were also on display!
Some construction vehicles were also on display!


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Lets Share The #BlindfoldExperience

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Have you ever wondered what its like to live without vision? In a world that’s void of color or light? Im sure we’ve all tried it, to move around with our eyes closed. Maybe some of us have played it as a game when we were little, to blindfold ourselves and try to catch our friends or ever tried walking on an empty street without seeing? Whatever the situation was, we all know what it feels like to not see even for a short moment, we get caught in the fear of actually having to go blind. Then we begin to wonder about life as a blind person. The way of life that 95000 people in Nepal are living with right now. And yet, within that number, 62% of the population can have their sight restored with a simple 15-minute surgery. These are the people that are suffering from cataract.

Cataract is the clouding of the eyes that causes sensitivity to light and obstructs clear vision. It is found mainly in the older generation but in rare cases, it can occur to children as well. But like I said, cataract can be cured with a simple 15-minute surgery that too, done by some of the best surgeons Nepal has to offer. Most of us may not know this fact but Nepal has one of the best Ophthalmology services in the world. So good at what they do that 64% of the eye surgeries done in Nepal are on foreigners. Yet due to poverty, most of the people mention “cannot afford” as the main obstruction to getting a cataract eye surgery.

So in order to bridge the gap between the resource and the receiver, Anthropose came into existence. With that, Anthropose helps to sponsor one cataract surgery for every ten pairs of Anthropose sunglasses sold. Now, in collaboration with Anthropose, we came up with the #BlindfoldExperience, to help spread the awareness of cataract, to help spread the fact that cataract is curable.

Its simple, take a selfie while being blindfolded. The idea is to try opening your camera and then aligning it right and taking a decent selfie, all the while your eyes are shut tight. You’ll be surprised to find out that even taking a selfie is not as easy when you cannot see. Then once you do get a nice selfie, share the experience and nominate your friends on Facebook to take the challenge. This way you and your friends can help support the campaign and help spread awareness about cataract and its cure in your own way.

But why do we even have to bother about all of this? Lets just put it this way, every blind person requires atleast two people to look after them. So if we can help restore sight to one blind person, that leads to the blind finding vision and independence and in turn allow their care takers to invest more of their time in improving their livelihood, which in turn will help them live happier lives and in the end, lead to the growth of the nation. Afterall, a nation cannot develop unless its people are in good health. So go ahead, take that selfie and support better livelihood with better vision.

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Nepali Resolutions That Matter

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The new year is here, and it’s time for new changes and new resolutions – the Nepali way. Of course, keeping your resolution only comes after the parties are over. And yes, partying hard runs in our blood. Don’t believe me? Notice the number of Jatras that happen around the time of the New Year – Bisket Jatra, Hadigaon Jatra, Sankhu Jatra, and Rato Machchhindranath Jatra. Coincidence? I think not.

Whether it’s drinking, partying, or jatra-ing, we cannot get over the fact that the new year brings new opportunities and a chance to redeem yourself for the resolutions that you didn’t keep and start all over during the last Nepali year, or since the English new year. But since it’s our new year, forget all the promises of weight loss, and saving up money, here are some simple resolutions that are worth keeping.

  1. Stop using plastic bags: It’s official. From the new year, the government will fine you if they catch you using plastic bags. Now it’s up to us to keep that promise. After all, the law is not going to make any difference unless we take it on ourselves.
  1. Give time for family: Everyone is busy nowadays and I mean everyone, whether its work, studies, friends, or online, we tend to spend more time alone than with others. And with all the running around, I guess we’ve forgotten to spend time with the ones that mean the most to us: our family. They are the ones that are always there for us, through the good days and bad, and it’s time we return the favor by spending some quality time together with them.
  1. Be more considerate to the ones around us: We usually don’t think about it, but there’s so many ways to become a better person this year, and simply thinking about others it’s a good start. Why not try something simple like giving the seat to an elderly in a public transport or letting the ambulance pass in heavy traffic?
  1. Clean the streets: It’s about time we care about our surroundings and not just about our homes. We may be helping out in the Bagmati Cleaning Campaign but this time, let’s start by maintaining the same respect for our streets as well.
  1. Stay positive with a smile: Sure, there may be a lot of things that may bother us, whether its dirty streets or annoying traffic, but in the end of the day, it’s about what we give to change what we don’t like. So why not start by waking up with a smile everyday? I bet that’s going to do a lot as it is.

Here’s to everyone from the SD team: wishing you guys a Happy New Year full of new possibilities and opportunities just waiting to be discovered! Have a good one!

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New Year With A Bang!

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It is 3pm, it is the first day of 2072 B.S., and you are scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed. Do you really think you will enjoy the “we had so much fun bringing in the new year” captioned photos, whereas you did nothing and just stayed at home? Do you? Are you ready for the first week of 2072 B.S. to be filled with your friends’ crazy New Year party stories while you sit there sipping on tea? No, right?

So, put on your party shoes and dance your way through the hottest parties in town! And don’t worry, we are here to help you with the coolest and most glamorous hot spots to go to the last night of this year and the first day of 2072! And, as always, we got discounts too! 😉

1. Run Ktm’s Seto Jatra (Hotel Malla)

When we try to compare anything to its purest form, we associate it with the colour ‘white’ and when we want a clean, fresh, and pure start to a new year and to new beginnings, what better than to do it in the garb of whitest colours. This year, Run KTM brings you Seto Jatra, NYE bash with the theme: white. The music will come from the spinning discs of DJ Rabbit, DJ Neptek, and DJ Posterkid! So, click your pictures, make that pouts, and goggle those eyes as the hottest party moves on through the night to the new morning! But remember: you may start your new year in white, but make sure the remaining of the year is filled with shades of every colours!

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. Glamorous NYE Bash! (1905, Kantipath)

This New Year Eve, go where the best people hang out, and the best people hang out at the Glamorous NYE Bash at 1905 Kantipath! As the last hours of the year 2071 passes away, dance to the best memories of the year or dance away the bad memories. Either way, when you are shaking to the sick beat by the world’s sexiest DJ Seherezade, a fantastic time is guaranteed. So, wear your best clothes and bring your best attitude because the glam express is unlimited at the party. Drinks, snacks and good music: what more do you want?

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Kathmandu Fest 2072! (Bhrikuti Mandap)

Swagatam Event Management Co. Pvt. Ltd. presents Kathmandu Fest 2072 this New Year at Bhrikuti Mandap with your favorite bands: 1974 AD, Robin and the New Revolution, COBWEB and the winner of Pepsi Voice of Nepal. e part of an epic celebration this New Year with national and international cuisines and classified stalls for all we make sure everybody has a good time. Also don’t forget to enjoy the bouncy castle, trampoline, and the can smash. But wait, there still is much more – bike stunts, cycle stunts, B-boying , flash mob, and DJ sessions. Don’t forget to be there!

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4. New Year 2072 at Machan (Chitwan)!

Exclusive wildlife resort inside the ‘Chitwan National Park’ in natural setting, thatched roof, mud plastered walls with Mithila paintings, Machan has been a popular destination for over 25 years. Known best for its flora and fauna, Chitwan National Park is the place for a quiet holiday with the family and friends.

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 4. Hasta La Vista ‘71 (At Tamas Spa Lounge, Thamel)!

A party at the coolest place in town is what you need when you are ushering in the New Year so, take your friends and groove to the coolest songs with DJ Mr. SRV and live band at the Hasta La Vista! There are food and booze and there is not time to snooze – from the last night of 2071 to the first morning of 2072, the party will still be thumping hot and exciting!

Please click here to check out our deal.


– Jasina Gurung

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SD Celebrates Mo:Mo: Mania 2015!

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Have you heard the phrase, “Keep calm and gobble until you wobble”? Well, yesterday, we saw scores of people accomplish just that at Mo:Mo: Mania 2015 ,organized by The Bakery Café at Bhrikuti Mandap.

The mo:mo: ko jhol runs in our blood and it will take more than a doctor’s warning to keep us off those yummy stuffs! So, celebrating this genetic trait, we all came together, under the scorching sun, to enjoy this year’s joyous event.

The day was looking mighty fine as we set up our lovely cottage with exciting products from Sasto Deal and Sasto Book. If you had visited our cottage stall, you know that you went away, beaming, with a bag full of solar lantern, sky lantern, wooden puzzle, books, ninja, club stickers – ah, the list goes on and on, since Sasto Deal gets even even sasto-er during special occasions like these!

People gobbled taparis after taparis of mo:mo: and wobbled into our cottage stall. People were just trying to burn some of that mo:mo: energy, and crowds began to form at various stalls and the kids zone installed right beside our cottage. As I watched the kids jump up and down on the trampoline, I wondered, “Which one of them will be giving their mummy the headache of cleaning up the vomit afterwards?” Hmm….

Meanwhile, crowds were also forming in our special Photo Booth. Props were worn, photos were clicked, and people even got a chance to win gifts from the lucky draw. Congrats, Sochan KC, Avash Pandit, Sneha Phaiju, Prasesh Dhakal, and Bhumi Shrestha!

We took a few moments ourselves to click some pictures, make some guffs, and eat some mo:mo:. As promised, they had exciting varieties – wanton, spinach mo:mo:, gudpak mo:mo:, yomari mo:mo:, fish mo:mo:, and pork mo:mo:. I was hoping to count if they really did have 15 varieties but every time I put myself to the task, I would be distracted and end up with a tapari of mo:mo: instead.

Overall, the Mo:Mo: Mania was worth spending a whole Saturday for. MCs Alok Thapa and Navaneeta Amatya entertained the crowd and the participants of the mo:mo: eating and making competitions. DJ Niral kept spinning the latest beats, the Everest Crew B-Boys showed us their sick moves, and Joint Family Internationale brought out their instruments towards the evening.

And as the event came to an end, we celebrated by lighting up a few sky lanterns into the night and nearly got a mini heart attack when one of the lit lantern got stuck in a tree. But, as always, Sasto Deal knew how to make it work 😉

It was a mitho day indeed.

Hope everybody has a stomach ache free day today! Cheers!

Jasina Gurung

IMG_5515 DSC_0060 DSC_0068 DSC_0021


DSC_0009Photographs by Biplav Shrestha & Ayush Shakya

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