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It’s the same story every day, isn’t it? Put a bunch of stuff you like in a cart and exit the window without placing an order because you can’t afford them. Or scroll past a beautiful dress that’s too expensive. Well then, you might just like this offer. Scratch that, you’re gonna love it!

Sasto Deal turns 6 this Friday and we’re letting you in on the celebration with a new flash sale every 2 hours with HEAVY discount! When I say heavy, picture the robust Aquaman because we’ve offered up to 74% discount! Since this sale runs from 7 am to 11 pm, that’s EIGHT products a day. Now if you were one of those fanatics who got awestruck by Barry Allen’s speed after watching Justice League, I probably don’t need to remind you to be quick but let me just emphasize that it is indeed a FLASH SALE and will be gone in two hours. Tick-tock!

So you saw a product you want in the Flash sale, what next? Comment “I want it” on the post, that’s it. It takes about 2 seconds, unless you have a terrible Internet Service Provider (I can relate). Just leave the rest to us and we’ll get back to you. Sure, you can also place the order in our website or call us directly. That’d take a little more than 2 seconds but if that’s the channel you prefer, we’re completely down with it.

Now hold your horses because there is more. You may want to light up your timeline by sharing our Flash Sale because you may just be our lucky winner and win gift hamper worth Rs 5000!

So if I were you, I’d be watch out for every sale and grab the best offers like The Flash caught Batman’s Batarang. Too many Justice League references? Alright, I’ll give it a break.

-Jenisha Mainali

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Pachaas ma Paanch Sayya!!

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So with the festive season all pumped up despite the odds, we at Sasto Deal were just too excited to get our Dashain campaign Minute to Win It started. We headed off for the first day of the campaign on 14th of October and before long we got 37 winners out of more than a 100 participants! So heres a summary of how the event went:


One the first day we were skeptical if anyone would even show up on our stalls. The mall was pretty deserted and we wondered if the petrol issue took a really big toll on the people. But soon enough people started showing up and before long the participants were enjoying themselves with the challenges. The rules were simple, complete the task that you get within a minute and you get to win a cash voucher of Rs 500 that you can use in any store in Civil Mall.


Through the last five days we’ve had a lot of enthusiastic participants. From completing 45 push ups in a minute to balancing four bottles neck to neck. We got the maximum number of participants on Saturday, as expected! And one very lucky winner even won a lucky star! The thing about lucky star was that if you picked the lucky star instead of a number, you win the cash voucher without having to do any challenges.


IMG_2071As for the kids, well we seemed to have underIMG_2074 estimated their skills as we had separate games for them to play. But kids these days! One of our little participants even beat the record of the adult ping pong challenge!
Finishing her game in just 6 seconds! Quite the aim she had!

With the campaign team all set for the Minute to Win it, we’d like to congratulate all the winners as well as the participants who dared to take on the challenges. Especially to those who accepted Challenge number 9. Yeah you guys definitely deserved it. 😀

-Anutara Shakya (Gifting Head)

Ayush Shakya (Photographer)

Here are some of our favorite pictures. 🙂





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