Music That Hits You Indie Heart

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Sometimes music does not need to compete with you but instead be your companion while you finish that important college paper or work on that presentation for the next meeting. It does not need its strong sometimes almost  destructive rhythm or vocals but smooth transitions and notes that transform your mood. Start your day with these easy listens and breeze through the morning glory and coffee.



Calm your nerves with these easy listens:

  1. Run Away – Cary Brothers
  2. Shawn Mendes – Three Empty Words
  3. Ember Island x Radiohead – Creep
  4. Billie Eilish – Six Feet Under
  6. Andrew Ripp – Falling Faster
  7. Jesse Ruben – This Is Why I Need You
  8. Ed Prosek – I Could Never
  9. Jome – Cinnamon
  10. Early Hours – Into The Wilderness
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10 Powerful Women Vocalists You Need

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Listen to these powerful vocals from women who have dominated the music industry. Artist whose legacy and work has gone unmatched, originality that bleeds strength and empowerment.


  • Whitney Houston – I Didn’t Know My Own Strength
  • Adele- Rolling In The Deep
  • Beyonce – Halo
  • Celina Dion – Sorry For Love
  • Amy Winehouse – Stronger Than Me
  • Aastha Raut – Chaubandi ma Patukai
  •  Astha Tamang-Maskey – Sabai Thikai Huncha
  •  4 Non Blonds – What’s Up
  • Janis Joplin – Kozmic Blues
  • Mariah Carey – Fly like a bird
  • Nina Simone – Feeling good
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SD Items To Prove To Your Parents that You’re An Adult

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Yes, sure we have grown up…I mean first adult jobs or pursing higher education what’s not adult about that? But, whilst tackling the demands of the newly entered adult world we are in all sense little kids who just want our parents to be to stop nagging and yet do very little to make that happen.

No stranger to phrases like “Kotha safa garta kati phor” and ” Aama lai pani sagaunu paryo” I mastered the art of nod and ignore, where I nod to everything being said and then blatantly ignore them. (I hold classes at my house every Friday 5 pm if you all are interested on how to do that).But, my birthday is approaching and now I am one step closer to becoming an adultier  (yes, I made up this word you spellcheck/grammar nazi)  adult than I am right now, it was time for a change.

Hence, here is a list of things you and I both need to fool our parents into thinking we are infact adults:


  1.  Storage boxes 

Sure, they organize your life, de- clutter and give you clear breathing space from the dump you use to call your room but it is also a fanastic way to “clean your room” without going through the painstaking process of actually doing it. Trick your parents into thinking you made an effort but what you truly did was dump all the things in respective boxes.  Get them here see for yourself!


2. Yoga mat 

When your mom whips out her famous “Exercise garnu chainah khali mobile ma” line tactfully drift to your yoga mat, breathe in and drown the nagging out. I have gotten away with a lot with the “I exercised today ” card, a light 30 minutes of yoga for a day can be your excuse to be glued to your phone for the rest of the day !  Get your Ommmmm on here. 

Yoga Mat_14539725471453972547


3. Sandwich and Grill maker

Food solves everything and how much can a nagging persist when you flaunt fresh and might I add quickly made sandwiches in front of your parents face?  Not for long. With less hangry moments and more food around altercations  are bound to be reduced.  Sandwich instead of sass and you can get it easily  here. 




4. Water bottle

In a Nepali household water holds the holiest place above all; water cleans and heals. If you are heading to your family with a complain of a splitting headache they will infact point out that it was because of that one day you did not “drink enough water”. Now by using your brand new water bottle show that you care about your body but more importantly do it so that you don’t have to hear that line again. Get hydrated by getting your water bottle here, I heard it actually matters.


water bottle



5. Buy them something nice

All jokes aside no one in the world will care and love you more than your parents. Therefore, the best way to show them that you are an adult is take in all their constructive suggestions and give them something nice to thank them for putting up with you. Still like putting all your responsibilities to the end? Fear not,  try  here for easy and simple gift giving. 



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Avataar Cafe Answer To Your Fast Food Prayers

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Avataar Cafe rests inside a gully opposite of BK’s,  the cafe which is a part of the chic Avatar hotel specializes in fast food and is a new joint that takes fast food to whole another level.

My mother tells me that when I was little my first words were not mama or papa but infact burger! Hence, it was only fitting that I was there to devour what the cafe had to offer.

The cafe resemblance a sense of familiarity, with its yellow and red color combinations you may even feel like your sitting in Mcdonalds. As we entered the cafe of fried goodness Ahem! Ahem ! (My second home) I was almost immediately wrapped in delicious smell. First came the whiff of freshly fried french fries than the sizzling of glorious patties. The small but functional open kitchen gave me  a peak of the process which was clean and precise.


I took in the environment and the glorious menu in front me and wasted no time with my ordering. To my delight the service in the restaurant was quick, hey! it’s not called fast food for nothing. As always we started with a dish that was wittily named, the Pokemon meal, it came with deep fried onion rings and french fries, light and crispy I was ready to catch them all at any moment after having it. Once done with the starters we followed with ample of mains, to start with the happy burger and Mexican Meatball sub both juicy, tenderly soulful. The herbs and sauces matched perfectly with the meet and the bun, a concoctions that was delightfully sinful! (Whoever-said a women has a small appetite has clearly not met me)



Meat Ball Sandwich
Are you hungry yet?

However, it was the paneer wrap that actually stole the show for me. I don’t fancy vegetarian dishes so when the owner suggested this dish you could imagine how I felt! But as many say life begins outside ones comfort zone, I agreed to order the wrap, to my surprise the tender center and crunchy  paneer won me over. The added elements of  mushrooms and corn along with homemade salsa made the dish my favorite of the day!



If your asking me why I am taking the time to write this all to you? It is very simple! To let all of you know that quality need not be compromised with price. All the dishes in Avataar cafe were below Rs 300 mark and used grade A ingredients. Avataar cafe debunked everything I felt about having fast food. For the first time munching on these fried delicacies I did not feel like I was going to have major health issues later. Their secret? Top of the line ingredients which were freshly prepared with high emphasis on the flavor.

At a glance Avataar cafe may seem like just a fast food place, but when you actually bite into the recipes you get consumed by the individual flavors. The effort in preparing the food clearly evident !  “For me to come up with this menu it took months of trial and effort,” the part owner adds and with my full happy self I can swear by what he said!

A fusion of authentic mexican, nepali flavors with western staples Avataar cafe is for anyone who loves quick, easy meals packed with flavor and punch!

If your a homebody and love munching on grubs in the familiarity of your home, the cafe also has take away service !

Head on to their Facebook page for more updates! Avataar Cafe









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Instrumental Melodies For Your Soul

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Sometimes the best part about a song is it’s progressive instrumental melody, wordless art that can transform your experience. Often times, the non intrusive tunes without the added rapping and fillers like “yea baby!” is exactly what you need to make your heart sing.  This Mixtape Monday we have a collection of such tunes that will start your week on the right note.


Apache – The Shadows (Original 1960 HD)

“Apache” stands today as probably the best-known work by British proto-surf-rock band The Shadows.This song was a worldwide hit with the #1 position in seven instrumental charts such as the UK, Australia, France, Ireland, New Zealand, Spain and South Africa.

A 1973 version by the Incredible Bongo Band has been called “hip-hop’s national anthem”. Although this version was not a hit on release, its long percussion break has been sampled countless times on hip hop and dance tracks since the 1980’s.






Moby Dick-Led Zeppelin (Studio)

“Moby Dick”  is the work of  English rock band Led Zeppelin and was featured on their 1969 album Led Zeppelin II.

The tune emerged after Led Zeppelin guitarist and producer would often catch drummer John Bonham jamming in the studio,  Zeppelin recorded parts of it and then placed it all together to produce this masterpiece. The song has a pretty short musical intro, but that riff that John Paul Jones and Jimmy Page in Drop chord D has a very catchy hook to it.



Clever Girl – Teleblister

Ever heard of Math Rock? It is a rhythmically complex, often guitar-based, style of rock music that emerged in the late 1980’s and we bring you the best of it.There is something about this music, It feels like … progress. Like it’s telling a story.



Porter Robinson – Fellow Feeling (Audio)

Porter Robinson, a self-taught producer, began producing since he was 12 and was internationally renounced by the time he was 18. As he is a big fan of anime and Japanese culture, he incorporates these elements in his music. If you want to tell somebody what “Fellow Feeling” is? You can’t. You just let them know this exists and make them listen to it.

Booker T. & The M.G.s – Green Onions

GREEN ONIONS was the debut record for Booker T. & the M.G.’s. Little did they know that this record & many of their following albums would later be looked upon as the primary milestones for creating the Memphis Soul sound. All of the songs on this record are instrumentals, many of which are cover songs.

Dream Theater – Stream of Consciousness

“Stream of consciousness” is just another progressive instrumental song by Dream Theater from album ‘Train of Thoughts”. Yet it’s not just another instrumental song, this song is definition of art.The fact that virtually all of the band members have studied music on a academic and professional level serves to boost their artistic credential and public appeal. They are brilliant, every one of them.


Happy listening!

-Shailek Bikram Shah

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Things You should Do This Weekend

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The Otaku Next Comcoscon 2016 

A place for all the anime, manga, cosplay lovers to gather, get the opportunity to meet fellow cosplay enthusiasts, and a  chance to win limited edition figurines aswell. The event will also showcase many art work from various young Nepali artist /mangakas. This cosplay showdown will be held on  30th July 2016 at  Alliance Francaise, Teku, Tripureshwor. The tickets are priced at  Rs.350 per at door. Sastodeal also provides the chance to purchase these tickets in bulk at discounted prices. link here 


Package 1 includes 3 tickets at Rs 900

Package 2 includes 5 tickets at Rs 1,500

Package 3 includes 10 tickets at Rs 3,060

Comcoscon fb 3


This Friday, the 29th of July enjoy epic music from Gloria Ansell all the way from Hongkong debuting at  Karma Bar & Lounge 6th Floor, UWTC, Tripureshwor. Originally influenced by early electronic dance music, Gloria Ansell began experimenting mixing different genres together in her sets to create a musical journey that was unique and pumping. Her sets range from House to Tech and Deep to EDM, Progressive, Trap or Twerk. Her energy and skills behind the decks are undeniable, making her one of the best technical female DJs in the world. Door prices of tickets are Rs,1500. Sastodeal provides the chance to purchase the the tickets in bulk at discounted prices. link here 

Package 1 includes 5 tickets for Rs 4,000

Package 2 includes 10 tickets for 7,500

Gloria Ansell poster_20%_FB (1)

#Page3 Nepal

#Page3Nepal is an event being held on Friday 29th of July from 7 pm onwards at  The Victory Lounge. The exclusive pre-sales tickets is  price at Rs, 800.  The event will also have a live performance by the talented Wonderfools. Additionally, The Walk of Fame after party will have  International Artist like DJ Amour Domestic DJ: DJ BPM, DJ Bki Cool, DJ Redmus along with a fashion show. Do not forget to get your dancing shoes for this one, You will need it. link here

Page 3

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Beats You Can Groove To

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A sad day is sad until good music fixes it. With the ability to transform your every experience, you better believe we have tunes to fix a bad day. To get you out of a funk and keep your feet moving. Crank up that volume, let your hair down and lets grove out to these tunes. Happy #Mixtapemonday everybody !


  1. I Got You(I feel Good) – James Brown

You ought to remember this song. VH1 rolls it up every morning. OLD BUT CLASSIC. The sing along lyrics, upbeat music is a recipe for a good time.



2. Can’t feel my face- The Weeknd

Abel Tesfaye has built a whole career around the relationship between drugs and love, primarily using the former to avoid feeling the latter. “Can’t Feel My Face” is his entry in the love-is-a-drug pantheon.


3. Wake Me Up When You Go-Go- Wham!!

This song was inspired by a sign Andrew Ridgeley used to put on his bedroom door reminding his mom to wake him before she went to work. The sign said, “Don’t forget to wake me up before you go go,” with the last “go” mistakenly repeated. The song became Wham’s first American hit.


4. Jailhouse Rock-Elvis Presley
The splendid singer and a fine actor, Elvis Presley’s song Jailbreak Rock of his third film “Jailbreak Rock” is one of rock & roll’s great irreducible.


5.One Week- Bare Naked Ladies

Bare Naked Ladies, a Canadian band struck U.S. with an album “One week” and managed to stay on top of the billboard chart for a week.


6. Cheap Thrills(performance edit) Sia

Rihana may have rejected it, but Sia’s “cheap thrills” is a bundle of fun.


7.Can’t Stop The Feeling- Justin Timberlake

This song is pretty much the definition of G-rated, fun-for-the-entire-fam pop. But you can’t deny that it’s pretty catchy. Maybe it’s the fact that it gives me serious Michael Jackson vibes. Maybe it’s the song’s clap-along melody. Maybe Max Martin and Shellback cast a spell on me. I don’t know, but this song just feels good.

8.OMI Cheerleader

OMI(Omar Samuel Pasley) a normal Reggae singer released his original cheerleader in 2012 which wasn’t much of a hit. Around two later Felix Jaehn got his hands on the track and swapped out his reggae theme, blinking some saxophone and more streamed tempo got the song much deserved attention!


Go on, get your dancing shoes!

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Top 10 Cover Artists On YouTube!

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Remember those Aha! moment when you would learn something new? Well, that is exactly how discovering a cover artist feels like, just when you thought you could not possibly love a song more these cover artists work their magic and transform your experience. If you think about it, discovering a cover artist feels almost like finding a special person who changes you and your perspective! A bit much? Well, I speak nothing but the truth.

Also, who knew that cups, coke bottles and other unconventional artefacts could create such sick beats? The discovered, undiscovered and talented here is a list of unique cover artist who will instantly spice up your mundane Mondays.


  1. Boyce Avenue

When you first enter this magical world of cover songs perhaps the first one you stumble upon is Boyce Avenue. With sultry vocals and versatility there wide range of covers makes them a well sought after cover band. If you  like relaxing to a good book and enjoy good acoustic music, then this band will hit all the right notes.


2. Kina Granis

Short hair, don’t care. Kina Granis went from long locks to short and during the transition her music got more edgier aswell. Not a  stranger to the cover world, she has collaborated with many artist and often steals the show with her strong and commanding voice. She usually experiments with many  genre of music, one word to describe her covers? Soulful!


3. Kurt Hugo Scheinder

A genius in the cover world, this young music producer uses latest gadgets to mesmerize you with his tunes. He is also a visionary of some sort and experiments with quiet unconventional forms to get the right beat, from  hand claps, snaps, coke bottles and  much more. Looking for unique beats to jam to? This is your guy.


4. Vidya Vox

Vidya Vox’s music is definitely catered to the niche. Who will enjoy them? Well, the South Asian bunch who enjoy a fusion of Bollywood folklore and western innovation in music. Vidya’s voice is primarily very classical but she also shows her diversity with English songs.


5. Megan Nicole: 

She covers fresh and upcoming songs, her YouTube channel is flooded with views primarily because of her songs that appeal to the young crowd. With a girl next door look and voice that leaves you enchanted, Megan Nicole has also wowed her following with A Capella pieces.


6. Leo Mamorachhioli

Leo Moracchioli runs a studio in Norway called Frog Leap Studios. His channel contains music covers that he directs himself. This channel is definitely for the heavy metal lovers who enjoy a good head bang. Unlike other heavy metal bands who stay committed to just their genre, Leo has the ability to  turn any song into a mosh pit. What’s make for a lethal combination? Surely, Leo’s music with some coffee. Lesson learned.


7. Jasmine Thompson: 

There is a specific theme in the kind of songs she does, her selection of covers revolves around song that has earthy tones and delicate roughness. Her song covers are not for everybody but those who enjoy good songs with strong and captivating lyrics will surely enjoy them.


8. Citizen shade: 

Any one  who said wearing shades makes  you cooler was probably right. Citizen Shade is a band that is cooler than you, the lead singer has just the right kind of huskiness in his voices to make your heart melt. The channel although new is already getting attention and the group has covered a wide range of songs from Rihana’s work to frank Sinatra. (This band is my personal favorite)


9. Alex Aiono: 

The one man band, you can feel Alex’s passion for music oozing out in his covers. He has  such a clear, crisp voice that you can even understand what  Rihana is saying in her song “Work”!  The best thing about his covers? Even when covering unique voices like Drake and Rihana, he stays true to his music potential and uses his easy going voice to serenade you.


Now! For the big finale, you did not think we would leave out our National treasures did you? Here, are the local talents that you definitely need to check out!


10. Diwas Gurung

His songs adds new spin to old classics while not compromising on the authenticity of  the old gems. Yes, you heard me! Songs can sound good when the classical version is preserved, therefore no he does not need raps in between with “Baby guls”. Diwas  is relatively undiscovered and much of his songs are uploaded my different uploads on Youtube, but you will not regret his smooth vocals.


Sasto Deal tip : If you want to enhance your music experience then invest on some good speakers, we have a range you can choose from here……Yes, this is a shameless plug, trust me you need it.


11. Vijay and Preety Ghimire 

The couple that sings together stays together, the duo Vijay and Preety Ghimire compliment each other as they sing famous old songs from Nepali movies. Their  rather enchanting videos which exudes perfection is ideal when you need to serenade your significant other.


Happy listening!

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5 Reasons The Young And Busy Need Obi Worldphones

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Snapchat tells you about our life, instagram  praises about our success. We no longer use smart phone just to get by, we use it to market our work, show our personalities, fight for what we believe in.

But, thousands of models out there, thousand of reviews as well, so why ObiWorldphones? Sasto deal won’t tell you all the features of OBI because you can find that on your own, what we can tell you is why OBI phones is just right for you.

1.We don’t judge

We spent hours getting dressed, looking the part. We value pieces  from the streets of Dubarmarg and the gallis of New Road alike. We know its not the price that defines our style but how we bring it all together. Then, why let it be any different for our phones? Obi Worldphones is a brand that has caught the tech world with a surprise, in a time when everyone thought smart phones came with a hefty price tag, they executed a phone which delivered quality feature for affordable price. Did their sleek body and amplifying features caused us to second guess ourselves? No. Because we know that although affordable this phone does not compromise on its body or functionality; a  fiber glass beauty that feels amazing to touch.


2. We are the hustlers

We are busy building empires, hustling away to pursue our life’s purpose, we do not have time to get hung up on prices. We work to get our money, grow and multiply, we do not get mislead by misconceptions that a well budgeted phone will be an under performing one. The ObiWorldphone along with it’s innovative design is loaded with  Obi Lifespeed, a custom user interface for Android that unifies the software and hardware experience helps us jump from apps to windows without a glitch. We save time, we make things happen. Additionally, the phone sports the OS – Android 5.1 Lollipop making downloading application easy and fast, a plus for the go-getters and doers.


3. We are the change makers 

OBI world phones gives us  the chance to witness a technological break through, where we see the underdog start up company bud head with giants like Samsung and I-Phone. Almost like the story of David and Goliath, the David OBI challenges new ways of doing things by challenging pre-conceived notions. OBI World Phone SJ1.5’s Quad-core Mediatek  processor allows the youth to multitask, ready to compete with the giants of our world, set trends and build businesses online. Furthermore, ultra-fast Qualcomm processor and Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 615 processor with a 4G LTE connection ensure smooth video streaming and responsive gaming at your fingertips a must for those wanting to change the game learn and educate online.

Sasto Deal OBI phones

4. We don’t quit

We have struggled  with exams, dead- lines, job interviews, when life knocks us down we jump right back up,  the OBI Worldphones  matches this very strong personalities of ours. Its floating screen which looks delicate and trendy can survive the toughest drop, just like you can survive the biggest set backs. We do not let the fears of dropping an expensive phone get in the way of making our dreams into reality.We take calculated risks and use a phone that not only makes us relevant but also lets us take life head on.


5. We are alive 

We are on the constant move, our age and ideas do not let us slow down. The OBI floating high-resolution screen sets the tone for the power of surround sound and performance of professional camera equipment helps us capture our every pacing movements. The 13MP rear-facing camera and Sony Exmor RS™ sensor delivers clear, rich and dynamic images better than reality itself!  Whereas, the  5MP camera and flash, front-facing camera captures our youthful life, good days and bad perfectly. The camera in ObiWorldphones will bare witness to all the incredible things we do, the moments we create. But, don’t you get tired? You ask. With a battery life of A 3000 mAh battery, 20 days standby time, up to 28 hours talk time who can? 

Lastly, we spend hours on Facebook loading our brain with information, we have been overexposed with marketing campaigns so much so that its safe to say they do not phase us anymore. We don’t want the phone that simply says the right things but instead fit our lives perfectly, a phone that enhances our experience. A phone that is a life style just like ObiWorldphones.


Obi world phones











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10 Bluetooth Speakers in Sasto Deal that match your personality!

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What is that one thing that has helped you in trying times? Mended your broken heart or given you a reason to live? Music.

Nothing beats swaying to Frank Sinatra’s tunes as you transcend to a ulterior dimension where you are the Marlyn to Frank. But, just as you were frolicking in the 1950’s with your pin up hair,  your neighbor starts her usual ranting of Kathmandu’s roads, you blare the volume on your laptop, phone or TV to tune out the voice but it just does not cut it! What now?

Is your neighbor always going to come between you and your music? Not if Sasto deal can help it! Let us give you the 10 Bluetooth speakers that match your personality to drown out your neighbors.



Sasto Deal: JBL Charge 3 black
Sasto Deal: JBL Charge 3 black

For The Lazy Loungers

Not keen on charging your gadgets on the regular? Summer days spent lounging about on the pool? Well, this is the speakers for you, it’s well designed and full waterproof body will make it the life of parties. The speaker also doubles as an external charger with a power bank of 6000mAH letting you stay updated with social media whenever. This convenient purchase also comes with in-built noise cancelling speakerphone capabilities so you can catch up on happenings with loved ones without a hassle.

Price: Rs.17,550

1 year warranty card


To purchase: Link here 



For The Stylish Music Lovers

Enjoy the vibrant metal body and design by Xiomi , this product is perfect for people wanting to make a statement with their choices, better yet the amazing sound quality of the speakers complements all music genres. This show stopper with its smooth metal structure, two coats of anodized orxide color will turn heads everywhere you take it!

Price: Rs.5,499

1 year warranty card

To purchase: Link here



JBL X-treme Speaker

For The Party Goers

Ready to fist pump in the air and wave your hand in the air like you just don’t care? The JBL X-treme Black speaker may help you to do just that! The powerful sound quality will hit all the right notes when a beat drops and also when it picks up. The passive radiators bass of this speaker is strong enough for you to see the speakers trembling from the outside! Its high capacity 10,000mAH rechargeable battery, and 15 hours of built in Li-ion battery support will ensure that your turn up is unhindered as you pre-game for hours!

Price: Rs.31,500

1 year warranty card

To purchase: Link here




Braven BRV-X


For The Adrenaline Junkies

This speaker is every adrenaline junkies dream, the waterproof body with a rugged exterior makes it an ideal buddy to take on long hikes, bikes rides, treks and more. This IPX7 Certified water proof model also has an indoor, outdoor mode perfect for camping trips or thrilling biking expeditions. So, planning your next big adventure?  This should be your go to!

Price: Rs. 24,000

1 year Maintenance Warranty on Defects

To purchase: Link here



Braven Balance Portable Bluetooth Speaker

For The Multitaskers

These speakers are for the multi-taskers, for people who enjoy a healthy work and  play balance and love to unwind with soft tunes at the end of their busy work day. This IPX7 certified waterproof speakers will accompany you in your leisurely walks, swims and still let you engage in high impact cardio workouts when you switch on the boost mode!

Price: Rs.15,600

1 year Maintenance Warranty on Defects

To purchase: Link here



4 harman kardon airplay




For The Art Enthusiasts

The art enthusiast will fall head over heels for the smart, abstract design of Harmon Kardon airplay Auro. The premium cloth grill and transparent body will give you a peek of the subwoofer design and custom built metal that houses illuminating LED. The delicate and aesthetically pleasing structure of the Harmon Kardon airplay Auro is a pleasure to your eyes and ears often doubling as a show piece in your homes. It also makes for a perfect gift for your loved ones who appreciate good music and art.

Price: Rs. 40,500

1 year warranty for manufacturing defects

To purchase: Link here 


3 braven 805

For The Home Body

Simple and classic the Braven 805 portable wireless speakers is for every home body who likes to do anything and everything in the comfort of familiar surroundings. However, don’t let its chic design fool you for it being weak as its boost mode can transform any room in a bustling dance club, best when enjoyed with company this waterproof classic speakers with 18 hours of playtime will leave your home humming tunes all day and every day.


Price: Rs. 24,000

1 year maintenance warranty for manufacturing defects

To purchase: Link here

BRAVEN BRV- 1 Portable Wireless 

2 braven-brv-1

Young and Hip

Very similar to the Braver BRV- x portable this device will make your extreme travel journey more that enjoyable. It also has a built in noise cancelling head phones that will make connecting to loved ones very easy. It’s funky design and light weight body makes it a favorite among the young and hip who are always aspiring to be different. It’s advanced sound quality also makes it an ideal purchase for those who are regulars on skate parks, rafting rapids, or even the beach.


Price: Rs. 16,500

1 year maintenance warranty on manufacturing defects

To purchase: Link here



jbl flip 3 (3)

 The Minimalist

This classic simple cylindrical design and passive radiators:  JB Flip 3 are for those who value functionality over anything else. An easy to use body, Bluetooth connectivity and splash proof exterior makes it a must have for anyone who is looking for speakers that does the job just right. The speakers also has a compact design making it travel friendly and  buttons with dual functionalities which increase the ease of use. The speakers are available in a range of colors and have an optimized battery life of 10 hours.


Price: Rs. 15,010

1 Year Warranty

To purchase: Link here 

Happy Shopping!

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