The Morning Spa

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Us girls at the office had been wanting to go to a spa since Dashain. But the plan only took shape two days ago. One morning everyone just decided to go ahead with it. The plan was to reach the spa in the morning before work, get everything done and get to the office in our glowing, fresh skin making everyone else jealous. Then we called up Chaitanya Spa to book the sessions. Unfortunately we were a little too late, so the spa was already booked for the next day. We learned our lesson: Book the spa atleast 24 hours in advance!

So we reserved the place for the day after. There were 6 of us in total; the 3 of us got the house special, the Chaitanya Special Massage, one Body scrub, a facial and a manicure. Me and Urusha were one of the first ones to reach the place. And while we waited for the others, we were served with some refreshing green tea, a great way to start the day indeed. Then, after all of us 6 ladies were gathered there, we were escorted to our rooms. I chose the massage and I don’t regret the decision at all.

You can enjoy a cup of herbal tea while you wait for your late friends who obviously lost their way.

The Massage
It was my first time experiencing a spa treatment so I was a bit nervous at first. But the warm room with the soothing scent of the aroma oil calmed me down. The massage started with dipping your feet in warm water. I could have been satisfied with just that but I was here to be pampered, and to get pampered, dipping your feet in the water was simply not enough. Then I got on the bed for the massage. While the masseuse was massaging me, I could feel my tensed muscles starting to relax. In fact, it was so tense that in many occasions, it actually hurt. Even the masseuse told me that my muscles were too tight. I thought that was how my muscles were actually supposed to be! But the massage began to loosen my muscles and it felt really – really good. I got a head to toe massage that hit all the right places, on the neck, the shoulders, my calf and the temple. It started with the toe and made its way upwards. I almost fell asleep afterwards but we had one more service to go.

The massage room. They have attached showers so its more convenient.

The steam room!
Now the steam room was definitely the best part for me. There were three of us in there and the best part was when we first entered the steam room. It felt like we were going into another dimension covered in mist, like a different galaxy, where only the brave could enter! Ok fine I’m exaggerating, but the steam room did wonders for our skin. I bet we sweat out all the toxins and all that stuff the spas tell us about, and we came out feeling refreshed.

The Result
After everyone was done with their thing we quickly rushed to get to work. I could see that everyone had a great time there. My body felt light and relaxed, and my skin just felt so smooth (Oh yeah!). It would have been better, had there been some soothing music playing while I was getting the massage. Later I found out that they just forgot to play it! But the staff had a good sense of humor about the mistake and I didn’t mind it so much either. Over all, I have to say that my first experience in a spa was great and I should be careful or else I just might get addicted to it.

PS. My body still feels like jelly!

Also if you guys want to try out the spa for yourself, check out the link here.

Photo credit: Chaitanya Spa

Words by: Anutara Shakya, Gifting Head

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SD vs The River

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“When you’re on a holiday
You can’t find the words to say
All the things that come to you
And I wanna feel it too

On an island in the sun
We’ll be playing and having fun
And it makes me feel so fine
I can’t control my brain” – Island in the Sun (Weezer)

Who doesn’t love holidays? After a hectic few weeks of work, our team decided to go on a little rafting trip to The Royal beach camp. Though the plan was brought up a long time back, we weren’t sure how many people would actually end up showing up in the end. SD has been witnessing a steady growth since our formation a few years back. A growing business can only mean that the number of staffs will grow as well. One of the primary reasons for the trip was so that we could better acquaint ourselves with everyone else. On the 18th of September we took the bus and left for RBC. Here are a few pictures from our trip.

Team SD gets greeted and welcomed at RBC.


Team SD Reaches RBC camping area. (Names the dog “Bharat Bhandari” who we later found was a female. The name was never changed.)
The team goes to the swimming pool to get rid of the 4 hour bus lag.


The Boss is happy with the venue. The rest of the team feel the same.


Not everyone wanted to swim. A few wanted to play volleyball.


A few of us went to the bar to have some “energy drinks” for the long night ahead. The entire team joined them after a while.



Since we reached RBC at around 5:30, it was quickly getting dark. We ordered 4 kg of chicken and had some awesome BBQ in the bonfire.

Since the swimming pool was open for use 24/7, the entire team made use of it by swimming and having fun till 4 in the morning. The tent themselves were super hot and everyone was super sweaty when/ as we slept. We all knew that we had to wake up at 7 am and at this point it was just 3 hours away. A few of us were sure that it’d be a rough day ahead.

The hangover was very real.



A few of us were sad that the weather looked like it could rain at any moment. But we later found out that it was just morning mist. On a side note! The view was absolutely beautiful.


Nothing beats a hangover and lack of sleep like a good morning stretch.


Getting ready for the adventure.



On our way to the Trishuli river. But first a #Groupfie
We had a break midway into our river escapade. You can see that we were having fun by the smiles on on our faces.


After our river adventure came to an end, all of us were very tired and we spent the remaining time just resting and relaxing, hoping that we could accomplish now, what we couldn’t last night.


Our Product Manager originally wanted to be our Product Model.
Our CEO is either super tired or absolutely amazed by how awesome the trip came to be. (We are leaning towards the later).



Overall, the whole trip was amazing. RBC was beautiful, the food was delicious, the staffs were very friendly and helpful and the company itself was amazing. We came out of the trip with stories that we are sure we’ll share for a really long time.



Till we see you again. 🙂

If you too want to create memories that last a lifetime. Click here.



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Game of Thrones: The Season 5 finale Review

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Before any of you read any further, I like to warn you that this review is very spoiler heavy. If you haven’t watched season 5 of Game of Thrones, then I’d suggest you to stop reading this right now! This following review will primarily focus on the season finale episode of the series. The points stated are own my personal opinions.

So! Shall we begin?

The first season of GOT came out 5 years ago. For someone who had grown up watching movies such as Krull, Conan the Barbarian, Jason and the Argonauts and the Lord of the Rings trilogy, I instantly knew that I’d end up getting hooked. Besides, the promos promised dragons and ice zombies. Who could resist?

The first 4 episodes of this season got leaked on the internet on the same day. Needless to say, I downloaded all the episodes in one; fear that that it’d get taken down at any moment.

The episode starts, with Milasandra walking up to Stannis that the lords of the light were satisfied with the sacrifice, which meant that victory over the current wardens of Winterfell was eminent.   (I must interject this review here to say that I supported Stannis ever since he (literally) led his army in the battle of the Mud gates at King’s landing. Though atrocious, I understood why he did what he did in episode 9. The fault lies with the people for often confusing this show with other shows that follow a more “black and white” format of storytelling.) He soon realizes that half of his men fled during the night prior with all of his remaining horses and also that his wife hung herself after realizing what she did. Stannis realizes that he doesn’t have the option to turn back and marches (literally) with his dwindling battalion to face a clearly superior enemy in the Boltons. It doesn’t take long for his army to get annihilated. Just as it seemed that he was done for good, Breean of Tarth introduces herself and completes her task of killing him for murdering his brother. I must admit that there is still a chance of her sparing his life. After all, she still has to go and save Sansa and the logical thing to do would be to use all the help that she can get to do so.

It seems like Sansa Stark hasn’t gotten a break since season 1.  With Ramsy making her life a living hell, it seemed like she was someone who was doomed to live in an eternal nightmare. The scene where Reek . . . . I mean, Theon pushes the female Ramsy off the railing to save Sansa was a sweet – sweet scene. I’m pretty sure they both make the fall.

We move on to Arya Stark; undoubtedly one of the coolest characters in the show. After spending this season as a disciple of Jaqen H’ghar, she uses his teachings to finally get her revenge on the man who killed his friend and former mentor. It was an extra cherry on the top that he was also a sadist and a pedophile. Watching him get his eyes punctured – repeatedly stabbed and throat cut off was highly satisfying to say the least. I and my friends actually watched his death twice because some of us couldn’t hear the dialogue over all the cheering.

The scene in Dorne, for me, was the saddest part of the episode. With Jamie and Bron managing to take Marcella back to King’s landing after sorting everything out with Oberyn Martell’s brother, it seemed that the worst was behind them. The interaction in the ship between Jamie and Myrcella was something that made me feel things. And just then, without any warning, she starts bleeding and then dies in Jamie’s arms. We cut back to the scene with the Sand Snakes and come to realize that they were responsible for what happened. I find it hard to think that Jamie would have the ship turned around to confront the Martells and settle for anything less than war. I suppose we’ll see what happens next year.

Now we go back to Meereen where Daario and Jorah decide on going to search for Daenerys while Tyrion, Greyworm and Missandei would stay back to run the city which is in the verge of anarchy. It was nice to see Tyrion reunite with Varies again. I personally think that he shines the brightest when he is pitted with or against characters that are just as smart as him. I like the character and can’t wait to see how the coming events unfold.

We find Cersei, still confined in a cell by the High Sparrow. She finally confesses for the crimes for which she was convicted of. . . (sort of). And is made to carry out the walk of shame. Though a lot of my friends hated her since the very beginning, I felt sad that she had to endure the utter humiliation of having to walk through the streets naked while people threw all sorts of things at her, all to get back to her son. I have always liked Lena Headey as an actress, so it is possible that I was feeling the way I was because of my attachment to the actress rather than the character.

The last time we saw Daenerys, she was riding across the sky on top of a dragon. As cool as the scene was, she apparently wasn’t in charge of the course and this episode we find her in an unknown land with a weak and wounded Drogon. She decides to go for a walk when she suddenly finds herself surrounded by the Dolthroki army. It will be interesting to see how she’s welcomed (or not) back into their fold. And having Drogon around likely won’t make this reunion any easier.

Now we finally go to John Snow, probably the most beloved character in the series. After the absolute blood bath that was episode 8, we find the lord commander of the Night’s watch all by himself after sending his only friend, Sam away for his safety. Olly comes to tell him that they have come across a wildling who says that he knows the ware bouts of his uncle Benjen. For a moment, he drops his guard and what he thought would turn out to be good news turns out to be a mutiny and is repeatedly stabbed by his fellow men. The last scene in the episode is of John lying motionless on the floor with his eyes transfixed towards the sky and his blood pouring across the snow.

Now judging form everything that has happened in the last few episodes, I’m pretty sure that John’s not dead. After all the buildup in episode 8 and all the mystery that George R.R Martin meticulously crafted around his true parentage, It just doesn’t feel right that his “watch” would come to such an early end. Besides, Melisandre is known to bring people back from the dead and now that Stannis is out of the picture, maybe she thinks that John would be her new Messiah. The Stark boys are also known to possess the magical ability of transferring themselves to their Dire Wolves. So it is more than possible for John to have done just that before his death. But then again, these are just theories and we’ll have to wait for 11 months to get answers to all of these questions. Overall, this season started slow. But the last 3 episodes made up for it by kicking everything up ten folds.

 – Biplav Shrestha

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