Guess the wrong SD fact

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#1 Not an R2D2
Have you seen that meme? It goes something like “My customer service voice is so fake, I don’t recognize who it is.”  It may have been shared by a multitude of sales rep but I can bet you a plate of mo:mo: that none of the Sastodeal employee ever has. We have completely abandoned the robotic-corporate tone.

#2 Hermione’s utopia
We’ve all had that moment when the cashier gives us more return than she was supposed to. Well, we’ve made a bigger blunder. SastoBook once mistook a book’s 80 pages for its cost which was actually 800 rupees. Nonetheless, Sastobook’s co-founder himself delivered the book in the price we initially promised as Rs 80; staying true to our word.

#3 Zlatan who?
Our working environment is as millennials put it, lit. A friend of the company was astonished to see the employees playing football inside the working space but if you’ve been here for a while, that’s just another day. Let’s just say we all get something interesting for our instagram story.

#4 Wonder woman would’ve been proud
SastoDeal (and we say this with great pride) was the first Nepali company to introduce Menstrual Leave for female staff; they can choose to take the leave and work from home. And the reason we chose to make an announcement about it is because in a country like ours where there aren’t even proper sanitary napkin disposal in toilets, we hope to break the taboo and address this natural phenomenon.

#5 Don’t let the dogs out
Some members of SastoDeal are allergic to dogs and for this reason we do not allow dogs inside our workplace. If you find any strands of fur, those are probably human hair. Could be alien but not dog, nah

#6 Not all heroes wear cape (they might be wearing shades though)
What if I told you, Anthropose- the coolest sunglasses company’s founder is also SastoDeal’s co-founder? And I’m using the superlative here not just for its cool name but also for its purpose to provide free cataract surgery for every 10 sunglasses sold. They have already provided 40 surgeries, plan to provide 600 more and are slowly shifting the paradigm of online business.

#7 Delivery guys aren’t vampires, you can invite them in 😉
Did you know that all the co-founding members of SastoDeal worked in every field? Our CEO himself had to wait outside the customer’s house when he was delivering a product because of our social stigma that a ‘delivery boy’ doesn’t hold the social status required to be invited inside. So, part of the reason why every single employee here is valued equally is because weight of the responsibility each employee holds has been understood and experienced firsthand.

So one of the above facts is completely made up. Spot it, comment your answer and the lucky winner shall get a little surprise!

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Funny Friendship Stories At Sastodeal

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Happy friendships day! Yes, you. Let us all stop taking our friends for granted and appreciate them for the stomach cramping giggles they have given us all these years. Still want to use the lack of time as an excuse to not reconnect? Maybe,these hilarious stories of SDians and memories with their friend will  help you dial that number!

Meat lover and his friends

Sarthak was a meat lover in a school that kept a strict vegan diet. Buff momos, chicken wings, he always had a big heart for everything on his plate that included meat. One day, Sarthak and his gang of five best friends, non-veg friends, decided to celebrate his 14th birthday by bringing everything meaty to eat during lunch. They knew the consequences would be severe if they were caught, but that did not stop them. They unpacked their boxes of deliciousness and started showing off to the rest of the students.  However, in their act of show chasing the glistening chicken wings, they failed to acknowledge one of the teachers passing by. The culprits were immediately taken to the principal’s office, and they were suspended for a week then and there. Sure, the punishment was harsh but the reward of getting to laugh at the incident years later much greater!


Best friends and phobias

Couple of months ago, Devin and his two friends were on a holiday in Pokhara. Exploring through the city, they reached Trishuli river, where they come across a suspended bridge. Devin persuaded his friends to go on the bridge to click some pictures for facebook. But, As soon as they reached the middle of the bridge, Devin and his friend ran along to opposite sides and began to shake the suspended bridge vigorously leaving the other friend in the middle. The acrophobic friend literally sat down on the middle of the bridge and started crying. “He would have started peeing his pants, had we continued for any longer”, Devin recalls. Moral of the story: Don’t trust your best friends with your greatest fears.

Mischievous Manners

A long time ago,  9 years old Shrastha was playing  pretend “bhaadakuti” with her cousin. They  prepared the fake “meat” and “daal” using sand and stone!  Imaginative, and innocent, but not quite the smartest, Shrastha asked her cousin to eat the pretend daal. Seeing her cousin eat it, Shrastha followed the suit only to end up getting a stomach ache later!  Years later the two  still eat together and cook together, only now, the things on their plate are actually edible. We are all a little stupid and mischievous with our friends, aren’t we?

Don’t drink and run

On a sunny afternoon in Chhauni, Prabhakar and his best friend entered their favorite spot in town with a goal to out-drink the other. Dark, gloomy, dirty and loud, this “bhatti” would never qualify the health inspection. But the “local tharra” was cheap and that is all that mattered. On their quest to out-drink the other, they managed to drink 3 “maana” raksi each. Having almost lost their consciousness, they decided to take a break and made their way outside the shady bhatti. Just then Prabhakar spotted someone he knew, “oie, mero uncle, bhaag bhaag bhaag..” he screamed. They ran back inside hitting every table and wall, his friend ran past the kitchen to fall on the owner’s bed, motionless. As for Prabhakar, he could barely keep his head up, had the two not created such a havoc they would have escaped the bhatti and the uncle but the chaos brought in all eyes and ears to them. The next morning, “Mommy ko kaali jastai roop thyo”, Prabhakar says as he recalls the scolding his mom gave after hearing the shenanigans of the two from the very uncle. Moral of the story: Try not to run when your that drunk, especially when you want to avoid someone.

  • Hang out with a friend because your new hair cut needs to be made fun of!
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Sherlock Special: The Abominable Bride

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Spoilers Alert! Please read no further if people spoiling the story for you is absolutely not your cup of tea.

It was a new year’s gift from Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss. Sure we are watching it in 2016 but the episode was taking us back to the late nineteenth century, the Victorian era – the very time period Sherlock Holmes originated from! Okay, it’s a bit hazy whether Sherlock was a Victorian or an Edwardian but what we do know is that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes was brilliant, calculative and composed. His social skills lacked only because of his inherent ability to remain indifferent to any emotions and intolerance of engaging in conversations that does not benefit in knowledge gain nor getting a case for investigation, not because he is a “high functioning sociopath”!

However, Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock Holmes is not as composed and constantly bickers with Martin Freeman’s Dr. John Watson that it becomes tedious at times. Sure, it feeds the thirst of the Sherlocked fans but it often strays away from the character that the detective was in the books.

Sherlock: The Abominable Bride starts off at a good pace, rightfully so, because it is suggestive of how Sherlock’s mind works. The premise is set and Watson is established as the chronicler for Sherlock’s adventures. Then enters Lestrade with news of the latest tragedy, Emelia Ricoletti, adorned in her wedding dress, has shot several people before blowing her own head off. but hours later, she still manages to kill her husband! So, how did a dead person end up killing another person?

But the murders have not stopped. All round the country, people are claiming that the Ricoletti bride has walked from the dead and killed all those people! Henceforth, the mystery continues.

Amidst all these though, there is something strange going on with the characters. The story has moved back to the nineteenth century but Sherlock is still seemingly rude to Mrs. Hudson and even Watson is patronizing Mary now! When did maids start being so cocky and what the hell is wrong with Mycroft? Sure, Mycroft was always the smarter but lazier Holmes but was it necessary to make him look like a pig? He looked more like a Slitheen in human form (from Dr. Who)than a large Victorian gentleman!

Then Moriarty shows up! Excuse me? What’s going on?

The story now starts to get very confusing, the conversation doesn’t make sense and, Sherlock and Moriarty are having one of those compelling discussion that most always serve the purpose of challenging each other’s intellect than ousting each other out. While we try to keep up with what’s going on, we are suddenly pulled back into the modern day, at the present moment on the plane where we had last left Sherlock in Season 3.

And things start to make some sense –everything that has transpired up to now was all the imagination of the drug induced Sherlock, in his mind palace! To understand how the dead Moriarty could have possibly come back, he tried to recreate the scene ofa 100 year old case where a woman had risen from the dead and apparently killed off a number of people. Butthe case is incomplete and Sherlock flickers between the modern day England and the Victorian England trying to solve the case.

So, does he solve the mystery?

Of course, he does but the case is not as intriguing as one would expect. The mystery of the abominable bride is not so much a mystery than Mrs. Emelia Ricoletti faking her death to kill her husband before killing herself. She was a part of a women’s group who gathered together to fight for suffrage and independence. But for some strange reasons, these women are covered in robes and pointed hats that closely resembles the uniform of the Ku Klux Klan! Now, why would the creators want the women to be dressed in clothing that echoes white supremacy and terrorism in its every thread? Does that mean to imply that women have taken extreme measures to fight for their rights and cause? I choose to believe otherwise and hope that the costume designer have some good enough explanation for their choice.

But that really makes the ending boring and filled with ridiculous conjecture about how women came about to ask for their rights. Emelia Ricoletti’s example seem to have encouraged repressed women all around England to start killing off those dominant men and instead of giving voice to the women’s movement, this development has dragged them further down into the olden times!

The writers have once again accomplished in doing what they have been doing for years now –create content that rides on the waves of fan fiction, dialogues that seek to please the viewers and themes that are based on the trending news. It doesn’t mean that I am not a fan of Sherlock but being a true loyalist to Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes, I do wish that the creators had taken less liberty.

When Sherlock Special was announced, I was very eager to see Benedict’s Sherlock in his true element, the poised and sharp Sherlock Holmes teaching the science of deduction but what demonstrated henceforth was a story where the characters go on a trip to the Victorian era and have fun with the clothing, without leaving essence of the modern. It was still the same Sherlock, the same bromance with Watson and the same witty dialogues that seek to please the viewers but I was expecting a treat that would have been dear to the readers!

Jasina Gurung, Content Manager

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Pachaas ma Paanch Sayya!!

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So with the festive season all pumped up despite the odds, we at Sasto Deal were just too excited to get our Dashain campaign Minute to Win It started. We headed off for the first day of the campaign on 14th of October and before long we got 37 winners out of more than a 100 participants! So heres a summary of how the event went:


One the first day we were skeptical if anyone would even show up on our stalls. The mall was pretty deserted and we wondered if the petrol issue took a really big toll on the people. But soon enough people started showing up and before long the participants were enjoying themselves with the challenges. The rules were simple, complete the task that you get within a minute and you get to win a cash voucher of Rs 500 that you can use in any store in Civil Mall.


Through the last five days we’ve had a lot of enthusiastic participants. From completing 45 push ups in a minute to balancing four bottles neck to neck. We got the maximum number of participants on Saturday, as expected! And one very lucky winner even won a lucky star! The thing about lucky star was that if you picked the lucky star instead of a number, you win the cash voucher without having to do any challenges.


IMG_2071As for the kids, well we seemed to have underIMG_2074 estimated their skills as we had separate games for them to play. But kids these days! One of our little participants even beat the record of the adult ping pong challenge!
Finishing her game in just 6 seconds! Quite the aim she had!

With the campaign team all set for the Minute to Win it, we’d like to congratulate all the winners as well as the participants who dared to take on the challenges. Especially to those who accepted Challenge number 9. Yeah you guys definitely deserved it. 😀

-Anutara Shakya (Gifting Head)

Ayush Shakya (Photographer)

Here are some of our favorite pictures. 🙂





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Crazy alternatives that just might work

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Ok so nothing beats the fuel guzzling, roaring machines that are cars and bikes but since the “unofficial” blockade, everyone has been wondering how their lives can find alternatives or more like, we’re ready to try any alternative than to walking. I mean seriously it was okay for the first week but now its really starting to take the toll. Thanks for nothing #Modi.

Anyways as the days pass by, it has got us thinking about all the ways that we can try and make our commute more convenient. So here are some of the alternatives to riding a petrol engine.

Note: Not including bicycles since they are the obvious alternative.

  1. Skateboards:
    This makes me wish I had learned to balance myself better on skateboards when I was younger. Sure I used to get annoyed at those teens who rode it noisily down the streets on any other normal days but when I look at it now, I think they were onto something there.
  1. Roller blades:
    Rolling down the street sounds fun. Plus you’ll have less baggage than handling a bicycle or a skate board. Very convenient indeed.
  2. Portal Bikes:
    Ok I know I said I’m excluding bikes but seriously! Why didn’t I learn about this before?? This right here is exactly what we need. It’s a bicycle but you can carry loads of stuff in it.
  3. Hitchhiking:
    Yeah, nobody’s going to judge you anymore about taking lifts from strangers. Well we should still be careful and let our friends or relatives one know what we’re doing but hitchhiking is acceptable now people. Go for it.
  4. Crashing in at a friend’s place:
    crashing in
    Do you have a friend who happens to live nearby your college, work area, school? Well then I guess its time to play the pahuna and crash in their homes for the week or something. Or maybe if your friend’s college, work area or school also happens to be somewhere near your home, why not exchange homes? Just kidding. Worth a shot though.
  5. Carpooling:
    Thanks to Carpool Kathmandu for coming with this alternative. It is not only the most convenient way but carpooling has helped a lot of us to realize that in the end, we are all in this together.


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Power to the Pedal

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We Nepalese are always known to be resilient, no matter what obstacles come our way we always learn to work our way around it. Sure some of these solutions may not have been the simplest or the most convenient but what can we say, desperate times call for desperate measures.

Here at Sasto Deal, we’ve had an interesting past couple of days. For a company that delivers deals to your doorstep, petrol shortage was the worst that could happen. But we didnt lose hope. The show must go on! So what was the alternative that came along? Bicycles, of course. With great team work and planning, our guys at Sasto Deal have been running around town with their pedal power. I caught up with some of the team members who shared a few words. Here’s what they have to say:

-Anutara Shakya
Gifting Manager

What made you decide to go out and deliver the products yourself?

Amun Thapa, CEO: As the CEO of the company, I know how difficult it is for our logistics team to deliver the products, so I wanted to help encourage them by volunteering myself to make the deliveries. Despite having a lot of work in the office, it was crucial for me to take the initial step.

Biplav Shrestha, Social Media Manager: I decided to get on with it because I know how tough our logistics team has it with the fuel shortage. Usually I’m the one handling the online customer complaints about late deliveries. But now I have a new found respect for our delivery team. They’re doing the best that they can.

Abhash Amatya, Intern: I took the delivery while I was heading to my home. I just wanted to lend a hand for the delivery, to make things more efficient.


What was the reaction of the customers when they saw you delivering their products on a bicycle?

Amun: Well some of them recognized me the first time. There was this customer who was from a college where I had given a lecture just a few weeks ago and she recognized me. It was kind of awkward but fun at the same time! During the second trip, I didn’t even take off my mask while making the delivery, but its all good. They’ll make fun memories to look back in the days to come.

Diwakar Darshan, Logistics: The first reaction that I got from customers was “Petrol navaera ho dai?” Some of them are really nice about it. They understand the situation so it’s a good thing. While some customers have a very specific location they want their deliveries to be made which was not easy. But once I explained that I was travelling by a cycle, they didn’t mind picking it up at certain landmarks.

Santosh Bharti, Logistics: I was told “Bichara dai.” Haha!  But the customers seemed happy when they got their deliveries.


So how did it feel like to make the deliveries on a bicycle?

Amun: It was very tough! The scorching sun, and moving back and forth in the gallis of Kathmandu is not easy. I had to take breaks in the middle because it was so exhausting. I met a couple of people I knew when I was on a break and asked what I was doing there. I just pointed to my bicycle, they got the idea!

Biplav: Well I’ve been riding a bicycle for almost a year now so it wasn’t that difficult for me to make the deliveries. It was fun meeting the customers. I made around 4 deliveries and ended up chatting for almost 5 minutes with each of them.

Diwakar: It’s been four days now that I started delivering on a bicycle. It’s really tough compared to the bikes. I could do 30 deliveries a day on normal days but on a cycle I can only seem to manage 5 but number is not the problem, it depends on the weight. The fact that I hadn’t rode a bicycle for 15 years now didn’t really help either!

Santosh: It’s really fun but at the same time it’s exhilarating. Well the fun part depends on the distance. If the delivery that we have to make is nearby, I feel like this is really convenient but when you need to reach farther, you’re scorched in the sun not to mention that the big vehicles don’t seem to give a break to cyclists. You have to be really careful while riding close to those big trucks.


And did you manage to make all the deliveries on time?

Santosh: I felt like making deliveries on time was easier with the bicycles, we could deliver in more locations and give time for the customers since one person didn’t have to deliver much.

Diwakar: I am usually done by 4 or 5 pm. We make things easier by calling the customers before we head out and we call them again when we reach the destination. That makes things more efficient and yes we got the deliveries done on time.


Did you come across any interesting incident while going out for the delivery?

Amun: The interesting thing was that when I was waiting to make one of the deliveries, the local shopkeepers recognized Sasto Deal’s logos on the bags. It was nice to know that the company’s word is getting around.

Biplav: Yes, there was this one person who came up to me and asked what I was doing. I told them all about Sasto Deal. And there was this customer who I made a delivery to in New Road, he was out looking to buy a bicycle and I had a long chat with him about bicycles; that was fun.


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SD vs The River

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“When you’re on a holiday
You can’t find the words to say
All the things that come to you
And I wanna feel it too

On an island in the sun
We’ll be playing and having fun
And it makes me feel so fine
I can’t control my brain” – Island in the Sun (Weezer)

Who doesn’t love holidays? After a hectic few weeks of work, our team decided to go on a little rafting trip to The Royal beach camp. Though the plan was brought up a long time back, we weren’t sure how many people would actually end up showing up in the end. SD has been witnessing a steady growth since our formation a few years back. A growing business can only mean that the number of staffs will grow as well. One of the primary reasons for the trip was so that we could better acquaint ourselves with everyone else. On the 18th of September we took the bus and left for RBC. Here are a few pictures from our trip.

Team SD gets greeted and welcomed at RBC.


Team SD Reaches RBC camping area. (Names the dog “Bharat Bhandari” who we later found was a female. The name was never changed.)
The team goes to the swimming pool to get rid of the 4 hour bus lag.


The Boss is happy with the venue. The rest of the team feel the same.


Not everyone wanted to swim. A few wanted to play volleyball.


A few of us went to the bar to have some “energy drinks” for the long night ahead. The entire team joined them after a while.



Since we reached RBC at around 5:30, it was quickly getting dark. We ordered 4 kg of chicken and had some awesome BBQ in the bonfire.

Since the swimming pool was open for use 24/7, the entire team made use of it by swimming and having fun till 4 in the morning. The tent themselves were super hot and everyone was super sweaty when/ as we slept. We all knew that we had to wake up at 7 am and at this point it was just 3 hours away. A few of us were sure that it’d be a rough day ahead.

The hangover was very real.



A few of us were sad that the weather looked like it could rain at any moment. But we later found out that it was just morning mist. On a side note! The view was absolutely beautiful.


Nothing beats a hangover and lack of sleep like a good morning stretch.


Getting ready for the adventure.



On our way to the Trishuli river. But first a #Groupfie
We had a break midway into our river escapade. You can see that we were having fun by the smiles on on our faces.


After our river adventure came to an end, all of us were very tired and we spent the remaining time just resting and relaxing, hoping that we could accomplish now, what we couldn’t last night.


Our Product Manager originally wanted to be our Product Model.
Our CEO is either super tired or absolutely amazed by how awesome the trip came to be. (We are leaning towards the later).



Overall, the whole trip was amazing. RBC was beautiful, the food was delicious, the staffs were very friendly and helpful and the company itself was amazing. We came out of the trip with stories that we are sure we’ll share for a really long time.



Till we see you again. 🙂

If you too want to create memories that last a lifetime. Click here.



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The Torque Show

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Bhrikutimandap Exhibition Hall once again played host to the biggest Auto Festival in Nepal. The event flagged of on Tuesday, 15 September, and just like last year, the show was kick ass!

-Sashant Pradhan
Communication Manager

Due to the tight schedule, I headed off to the event around 3 in the afternoon with my buds. The inflow of the people was so damn high that it took us good few minutes to find a parking spot. We fetched our tickets, which cost us Rs. 100, thanks to the student discount!
NADA has always been one of my favorite events in Nepal; it stands alongside events such as Silence Festival and Tattoo Conventions in terms of popularity.

The trail!
The trail!

We started off from the front gate; the first exhibition stall we encountered was Hyundai. Their newest launch Hyundai Cresta SUV and i20 Active were really appealing, and I am sure we will see plenty of them hitting the roads of KTM soon. The stalls weren’t limited to Four and Two wheelers but outlets of Banks, Finance Companies, Tire’s and Lubricants company were also on display. Speaking about tires, the Michelin tire’s outlet was pretty packed; I got curious and went closer to know what the fuss was all about. Apparently, there was this game going on, where the patrons had to score 3 successive baskets, and they would be rewarded a gift. I gave it a try as well, and yes! I won. The prize was disappointing though.

After venturing through various car stalls such as TATA, FORD, SUZUKI, HONDA, DATSUN and various other outlets, we made way to the second part of the exhibition. On the way, I sensed a very familiar smell, and I knew what it was, The Bakery Café food stall! As we were on our way, we could year the ramming sounds of the motorcycles from quite distance. The sound of visitors accelerating the bikes was too damn high! The exhibition hall was a mad house. It was loud, noisy, humid, crowded and everything you’d expect in a motorcycle exhibition. All the stalls were working on attracting as many visitors as possible whether it was through music, unnecessary noise or by shouting out advertisements.

People checking out the all new Hyundai Cresta
People checking out the all new Hyundai Cresta


One of the newest Japanese auto mobile brand to hit the Nepali market -Datsun!
One of the newest Japanese auto mobile brand to hit the Nepali market -Datsun!
Cafe Racer (whistles)
Cafe Racer (whistles)

‘Gaadi dekhyo bhane gaadi kina maan lagcha, bike dekhey bhane bike, k garne hola!’, I overheard a guy talking to his mate on my way in. And, honestly yes the amount of bikes that were on display would give anyone a major shopping dilemma. An Italian brand Benelli was first among the stalls, only a single bike was on display, it looked killer. Almost all the bikes available on Nepal were in display, such as TVS, Vespa, Royal Enfield, Mahindra, Pulsar, Yamaha and many more. ‘The turnout has been pretty low compared to last year; we had a good crowd yesterday though.’ Said Sapana, the customer care member in the Yamaha team, I further questioned her about whether the quires are being converted to sales; she replied ‘Yes, we have had a lot of bookings. But what we need to realize is, majority of the people, come here for the 4 wheelers, and even if they are here for two wheelers, they are just here to grab information, rather than purchase.’ Not just Sapana, but majority of the customer service people quoted the same.

Ayushhhh, focus on the vehicles buddy!
Ayushhhh, focus on the vehicles buddy!

The event was a spectacle. But what added more glamour to an already glorious show was the ladies! Our photographer Ayush was indulged more in clicking pictures of the models then the auto vehicles. Oh well, who can blame him! ‘We have no idea about the sales, but people do come and inquire about the vehicles,’ said Alka one of the models in the Skoda Stall. She added ‘Yes, it is a daunting task to stand all day, but what keeps us entertained is our regular interactions with the visitors. It’s a fun job!’

Chatting with the cops, Jai Nepal!
Chatting with the cops, Jai Nepal!

The final passage we visited had outlets such as Toyata, Skoda, Daihatsu, MV Augusta, KIA and other auto mobile firms. As time was an essence, it was time for us to leave. But before we headed out, we entered couple of stalls among which was a helmet stall. An Iron man helmet was on display as well, so cool! Finally, we rounded of the trip, with the visit to probably the most important stall on display – The Traffic Police stall. It was an amazing gesture from the cops to allocate their time from work and inform and aware people about traffic safeties.

I have always enjoyed my time whenever I have headed to NADA. It’s a must visit for all the automobile junkies and motor heads. Various genres’ of auto monster under one roof doesn’t get any better, does it?

They see me rollin’, they hatin’. Lad enjoying his ride on a Segweg. The vehicle is priced around Rs.150K in Nepal.
Why should boys have all the fun yo
Why should boys have all the fun yo!
The blue one reminded me of Daft Punk!
The blue one reminded me of Daft Punk!
Ballin' (that isn't me though!)
Ballin’ (that isn’t me though!)
Some construction vehicles were also on display!
Some construction vehicles were also on display!


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The angels known as Simran and Sangita

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One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world.
– Malala Yousafzai

Offering girls basic education is one sure way of giving them a greater power. It enables them to make genuine choices over the kinds of lives they wish to lead. The opportunity to gain an education can drastically change the course of their life for the better.

Often when I talk to little girls, it seems as though I was talking for them instead of talking to them. Then they not only stop listening to me but they stop thinking and reflecting as well. But when I stay quiet and listen to them, they learn to keep the conversation going, and they tend to reflect more to keep an open dialogue. The conversation I had with the two little girls Simran and Sangita from Chhahari (WHR) was reflective enough which made me realize that, the help these girls have been receiving from the sponsorship really does make a huge difference.

So who are these little girls that I had a conversation with? They’re Simran Bhujel and Sangita Bhujel, two shy yet beautiful little girls, aged eight and nine respectively. Sasto Deal has been sponsoring for their education since the starting of the company. Simran studies in grade 2 while Sangita is in Grade 3. Currently they are pursuing their education from New Leera Higher Secondary School, Gairidhara. These two angels just adore their school. During their free time, both the girls love to draw and play outdoor games.



Our Communication Manager speaking with Simran and Sangita Bhujel.
Our Communication Officer-intern, Jeni speaking with Simran and Sangita Bhujel.

Sangita and Simran belong to a family originally from Bardibas. Their mother used to work as daily wage laborer scavenging in hazardous yards, and construction sites. After the death of her husband, she along with Simran and Sangita were strained to take shelter on the streets of Chabahil, Ganesthan. Due to poverty, the Bhujel Family was forced to the streets in a vulnerable state. At the moment, the Bhujel Family is under the supervision and guidance of Women for Human Rights.

Women for Human Rights, single women group (WHR) is a Non-Governmental Organization dedicated to creating an active network of single women on a regional, national and international level. By working exclusively with them, WHR is dedicated to addressing the rights of single women and creating a just and equitable society where the lives of single women are strengthened and empowered.

The girls love to sketch and draw and they’re pretty good at it!

We ended up working from the premises of WHR for about two weeks after the May 12 earthquake. That was when we got to know the two girls better. Every day as we showed up to work, Simran and Sangita would be caught in one of their many games but as soon as they saw one of us heading their way, they would light up instantly and give us a big smile and say, “Good morning didi,” and that was enough to make our day.

Simran and Sangita’s progress report cards from the first term. Both the girls have a keen interest in creative subjects like drawing and music.


All we really have to hold onto in life is friendship, family, and love. The heart-warming relationship of the two sisters, the respect and value they have for their home, care-givers, brothers, relatives is something we all can attach importance to for lifetime. “So what do you want to be in future?” I asked them, both replied, “A teacher.” It really feels good to witness young minds actually following their dream with such passion. We are delighted to be able to contribute for the future of these ambitious little girls, and provide them with the scholarships for a better education. As Sasto Deal grows with more friends and supporters, we hope to share the same love and dedication with these girls in the many years to come.

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Jasina Gurung

Last weekend, Sasto Deal went on a trip to Pokhara to let loose some hair and get some “booze belly”. The to-do list was short –relax, chillax and maybe a bungee or zip lining towards the end but we were not at all prepared for the series of excitement that were awaiting us. The trip was loud, boisterous and it was simply the best.

It took almost 9 hours for us to reach the beautiful but humid Pokhara and by then we had already suffered the “pet ma musa daudera pani marisakyo” situation so, we went to Byanjan for some quick bite. As we relaxed our feet and appetite, the bad jokes started rolling in courtesy of Suraj dai and Dikchya. I guess a long time on the road does that to a person’s sense of humour. Hehe.


Hello Pokhara! Legs in the pool.
Hello Pokhara! Legs in the pool.


By the time we were having our dinner, we had already moved our tired butts towards the chairs at Trisara Pokhara. The music was playing loud but we were even louder. Shrieks of laughter and singing alongside the singer meant we were the loudest table. And why not? The coolest people hang out at Sasto Deal! 😉


TGIF at Trisara. Woot!
TGIF at Trisara. Woot! (Courtesy of Trisara Pokhara)


The night was still young but we were younger so our next stop was Ozone. We were dripping rain water and sweat, and our clothes were stuck to our skin but we didn’t care as we danced to the hottest tracks Pokhara had to offer. Even Amun dai was showing his moves. Talk about awesomeness yeah?

Probably the most epic of the trip happened on the very night as we walked some 20 minutes back to our hotel. It was still raining and we were playing Antakshari from opposite sides of the road. Just when we were starting on our next song, two juvenile (ahem, ahem) Milkhas ran across the slippery road in full speed. I think you can guess what happened next!

The next day, we hired bikes and cycled all the way to Pame. We watched people fish and wondered whether the weather would change just in time for us to bungee jump. It. Did. Not. :/


Despite the weather, Pame was a great place to unwind and the view was the perfect icing on the cake!
Despite the weather, Pame was a great place to unwind and the view was the perfect icing on the cake!


Nobody goes to Pokhara without boating in the Fewa Lake. So we took three paddle boats in the middle of the lake. There was some serious competition and I swear, by the time we reached the end line, I had mini cramps on my toes. MY TOES! God Dammit! But it was all worth it. Wiping the smug look off of our faces, we joined in a serious water fight with each other. The goal was to splash as much water as we can to the other teams. Even Afshan, the quietest of our member swam slyly towards our boat and did a mini round of splashing.


Ahoy matees!! Into the waters yee goes!
Ahoy matees!! Into the waters yee goes!


After boating, a lot of the guys complained that their last piece of essentials were compromised so, they went shopping while the rest of us returned to the hotel to get ready for dinner. Since it was the last night of Pokhara, the girls decided to get a bit decked up. It took us almost an hour to get ready and reach the restaurant but 5 minutes of munching on the super-hot Chinese food later, there was not even a little evidence left of the make-up we had put on. Ugh!


Super hot-spicy food courtesy of Pokhara!
And I mean super spicy!


Okay, so it was my birthday next day and we were planning to stay till midnight at Busy Bee. Somehow, I found out about the ‘birthday cake’ and I am sorry guys for ruining the surprise but let me tell you, it is still one of the most beautiful gesture anyone could have ever done for me. You guys rock more than the rock when he is cooking. (OMG, lame joke ALERT!)


The not so surprising birthday cake. Delicious non-the-less. :D
The not so surprising birthday cake. Delicious non-the-less. 😀


The party may have closed in the restaurants in Pokhara but we continued our celebration through the night back at the hotel. Stories were shared and more songs followed. Pokhara is pretty empty right now so, nobody cared that we were screaming from the top of our lungs at 3 in the morning. Somebody decided to be patriotic and sing the national song while someone decided to sing a Swedish song and everybody decided I am a Chinese and gifted me a t-shirt that had the Nepali alphabets printed on it.

In the midst of it all, the following happened:

Amun dai, “I always had my suspicions but after this trip, I am sure of one thing.”

“What?” – Everybody

“Sashant is a devil.”

Sigh, as if we didn’t know already!

So the next day, four of us ladies left in the early morning for Kathmandu while the rest of the gang were in their sweet slumber thanks to staying up all night. As we were on our way home, those who stayed back weren’t going to miss out on the one sunny day left at Pokhara. So they quickly went to sign up for bungees and ziplining. The bungee team were filled with nerves as they made their way to Hemja, for the jump. And when they did, their excitement wouldn’t die down even until the next day as we slowly began getting ourselves into work mode again. I guess they all checked Bungee Jumping off their bucket lists with a huge smile.

Team Bungee!
Team Bungee!



I know we all have a habit of screaming “This was the best trip of my life!”after every other holiday trips and I can’t promise that I wouldn’t do the same but I know that the type of memories and experience that we took from this trip can never be surpassed!


Best trip everrrrr!!!!
Best trip everrrrr!!!!


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