Looking Through The Glass a.k.a. 10 “Clever” Comments All Bespectacled People Have To Tolerate

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– Sashant Pradhan

Although my vision had already started to blur during high school, I always avoided wearing glasses. I felt they were geeky and they made me look like sh*t. When I enrolled into a college, I had no options then to wear them since I could hardly see what the teachers were writing in the whiteboard, and since being a back bencher didn’t really help my cause.

So moving on, wearing glasses is a struggle, you need to hear unnecessary mockery from a lot of people on a regular basis for a piece of great invention that makes me see the world better and witness the beautiful things in life with clarity. Cheers to glasses and everyone wearing them. The coolest of cool people have worn and are wearing glasses – Gandhi! Lennon! And yeah, ME!

Here are some which I face on a more regular basis:

‘Oi, yo kati euta aula ho?’
As soon as I remove my glass for few seconds/minutes, my friends starts showing fingers and constantly ask me how many fingers are they showing, and the worst thing is that they shove their hands just a feet away from my face. So, all I calmly do is return the favor with a single finger: the middle one!

‘Ta 3D film kasari herchas? Chasma mathi chasma? HAHAHA!’
Yes, Einstein. That is how it works! And even if I wear a 100 glasses, I don’t see how it concerns you, mate?

‘Oho Babu le ta chasma po lagauna thalecha ta, sano ma dherai veeedeeo games khelera hola ni!’
Uncle, firstly no one uses the word ‘video games’ anymore, and secondly even if I did play a lot of video games, it had nothing to do my bespectacled image.

‘Oi khaii tero chasma?’
Jaile chasma nai lagauna pardaina, contacts bhanne pani kehi chij cha hola ni, hoina ta?

‘Budo dekhna thalechas hai!’
No, it doesn’t, it maketh the wearer seem more intelligent, studious, and smart.

‘Teit! Chasmis haru sanga hinna paryo.’
When one of my friends is hanging out with two bespectacled people, they never fail to say this. ‘Lala ta nai hero, maaf pau!’

‘Talai ta chasma bina hero dekhda raicha ni!’
Tyo ta tha bhayekai kura ho ;). Ani chasma lagauda chai dekhdaina bhanna khojeko? Chor?

‘Ah tyo keti talai thik huncha hola, kina bhane tesle pani chasma lagaucha!’
If that were the case, you should marry a monkey.

‘Chaar euta akha bhayera pani dekhanas, thukka!’
It’s amusing that people still find this comment “clever.” It’s filled to the brim with logic, isn’t it?
And lastly,

‘Oi ta tyo Lil Wayne ra Chris Brown jasto chasma bana na.’
No f**king thanks bro!

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Celebrating Women’s Day|Let’s Embrace These Changes!

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Amun Thapa

The society is mum over the matter concerning women because we are immune to the constant yelling and frustrations from women fighting for their rights. It’s like a radio commercial – the more we hear, the less we care.

The good news is that women today are letting their actions speak for their words. They are breaking the stereotype.

This Women’s Day, let’s show our support by embracing the changes they are trying to cultivate in to the society:

Single-women (widows) break tradition by wearing RED

Single-women (widows) in Nepal & India are now standing up for their rights by wearing red. And these are not just women from the urban city but also women from the rural areas. Credit goes to Women for Human Rights and other NGOs who have been advocating for the change for the past two decades and the single-women themselves.

“Color is a birth right of all women.” – Womankind

Let’s embrace this change!

(Credit: Annapurna Post)
(Credit: Annapurna Post)

Women keep their identities

Most women find it awkward but some happily choose to change their surnames after getting married. No harm done either way, I suppose. But many women today keep their identities and don’t see any reason to change their surnames. Why would they!? And why not men change the surnames!?

Let’s embrace this change!

Pic: Upasana Rana, my sister-in law :)
Pic: Upasana Rana, my sister-in law 🙂

Women could’ve, should’ve …. DID!  

“Women should limit their activities to the household. Women should not go out of their houses after 6:00 pm. Women are protected by men” – Defendant’s lawyer, #DelhiRape

Such foolish comments can only come from a fool. Miserably, there are millions of such illogical men and women who share the same ideology.

But women have had it. They’re no longer confined by the walls created by the society (including women themselves).

Let’s embrace this change!

(Pic: Chanda Shrestha)
(Pic: Chanda Shrestha, U.S Army)

This Women’s Day, let’s set a new resolution:

  • Let’s embrace these changes.
  • Let’s become the change.
  • And let’s educate the society to accept the changes blissfully.

Wish you a Happy Women’s Day!

We asked women & men around town to see what they think of women. And this is what we have:

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Mixtape Mondays #5 – Your Songs

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“Music doesn’t lie. If there is something to be changed in this world, then it can only happen through music.” – Jimi Hendrix.

I first heard this quote when I was in high school, and I could instantaneously relate myself to what Jimi Dai had said. I mean what the heck is it about music that makes it as vital as food, as air, or as any other requirement in life? I grew up listening to classics – The Beatles, Dylan, Floyd, Zeppelin, Nirvana – these guys were my heroes! And though mainstream music has conquered the world, and the classics have almost disappeared, nonetheless, music is joy, music is grief, music motivates, music liberates stress, music is harmony, music is peace… music is life! And there are still songs that resonates with our soul, and is a manifestation of our anger, longings, happiness, and all those other emotions.

So, last week we asked our Facebook friends to send us a song that they have a special story or connection with, and just can’t seem to get out their heads, and the response was bloody overwhelming. Sadly, we couldn’t list everyone’s recommendation right now, but hey, there is always a next time yo!

Jai Nepal!

 – Sashant Pradhan

Wonderwall by Oasis.

“Had first heard about this song while reading the book Third Best by Arjun Rao, my teenage self adored the book and loved the song. Always a favorite!” – Apurwa J Rae.

Summer by Calvin Harris

“Love the beats, and of course summer’s coming!” – Bishal Karki.


Watch Over You by Alter Bridge.

“My love sang this to me and since then it’s the most played track on my list.” – Anu Moktan.

To Build A Home by The Cinematic Orchestra

“This is my favorite piece of music, has been for over 4 years. I can listen to it for hours nonstop without getting bored. It calms me down as well as gets me excited at the same time. I can’t quite explain my connection with this song through words.” – Aneel Neupane

Fix You by Coldplay

“It reminds of the time when I was depressed and everything was falling apart. It helped me get over my weak side and has brought me back on life.” – Bivisika Neupane.


Nischal by Albatross

“Reprises me every time!” – Divas Shakya

Masterpiece by Jessie J

“I am perfectly incomplete, am still working on my masterpiece, motivates me in all way.” – Phu Dolma

Perfect Life by Steven Wilson

“The song takes me somewhere else!” – Sajesh Khadgi

Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd

“This song reminds me of our old cassette player.” – Anuj Shrestha

Jealous Guy by John Lennon

“One of my friend sang this song in one of our events, since then it has been on a spree and it was the year of 2011. Now you can imagine. Thank you. P.S. – I am not a Jealous Guy in real life!” – Rustam Kshettry.

Rivers & Roads by The Head and The Heart
“Didn’t really used to listen to this kind of music but one of my friends recently danced to this song and I’ve been obsessed with it ever since. Haven’t heard any other songs from the group though.” – Biplav Shrestha

Uptown Funk
by Bruno Mars

“Ever since I heard this song from Bruno Mars, I just dance on the floor with my own whatever steps. It really gives a relief from stress and frankly speaking I used it during my exams, it worked! HAHAHA” – Sandeep Khattri

Shake it Off by Taylor Swift

“A perfect way to shake up a sleepy morning and hectic evening. Haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate though.” Abinash Subedi

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How to Protect Yourself from Swine Flu

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(The following information was retrieved from WebMD and other medical sources; summarized and simplified).

Information Source: WebMD, healthline, howstuffworks, medicinenet.com, ekantipur | Image Credit: telug4stuffon

“Because it’s a new virus, most of us don’t have any natural immunity to it. Swine Flu virus — like other flu viruses — remains transmittable up to eight hours outside the human body.

This means your co-worker, entering the workplace at nine in the morning, can pass the virus on to the door handle, which could then be passed on to your hands as you leave the building at the end of the day” – howstuffworks

H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccination: Don’t expect seasonal flu vaccine to protect you. There is a separate H1N1 swine flu vaccine. “the H1N1 swine flu vaccine can’t be taken by everybody. The vaccine is produced in hens’ eggs, so people with egg allergies cannot take the vaccine.” (Please consult with your doctor before taking the vaccine).

Face Mask will Not Prevent You But It Does Help: While we see many folks at SD office and elsewhere putting on their facemask hoping this will prevent them from SwineFlu, according to medical sources, this actually does not prevent you from Swine Flu. But consultants at WebMD does recommend face masks to be worn by people affected by SwineFlu to prevent spreading the flu to others.

“ Researchers looked at 400 people who had the flu. They found that family members cut their risk of getting the flu by 70 percent when they washed their hands often and wore surgical masks.” – healthline.com

Take Small Measures: Washing your hands properly, cover your mouth and nose while sneezing, avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth often, stay at least 6 feet away from people with flu-like illness.

Clean up: “Flu viruses can linger in books, phones, countertop..) Wash your hands and always best to put on gloves.

Symptoms of swine flu are similar to most influenza infections: fever (100 F or greater), cough, nasal secretions, fatigue, and headache, with fatigue being reported in most infected individuals. Some patients may also get a sore throat, rash, body aches, headaches, chills, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.” – medicinenet.com

According to the news article published in ekantipur, 13 people have been tested positive for SwineFlu in Nepal with 9 of the cases being reported in Kathmandu.

Please do not panic. Take small measures as suggested here. Please consult with your doctor if you feel the need to.

And please spread the word not the virus.

Take good care!

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Intern Story – Manish Shrestha

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Manish Shrestha, 20, currently studying at Ace Institute of Management describes how his internship, as a Marketing Executive at Sasto Deal (SD), not only changed his perceptions on the conceptual aspects of a workplace and professionalism, but also how he found new love.

Manish Shrestha

Interviewed by Anjali Bhattarai


Anjali: Aja coffee piyou ta?

Manish: Haha! Bihana nai!

A: So your internship is at an end.

M: Yes, it’s kinda sad, but I need to concentrate on my studies now.

A: But why choose to intern here in the first place?

M: It was sheer serendipity. There was no course related requirements. I realized that relaxing back at home became too monotonous, and I wanted to do something prolific. When I saw SD’s ad for internship on my college notice board, I was drawn by the phrase “Where the coolest interns hang out”. I wanted to experience what being a cool intern was exactly like.

A: So, which cool people did you hang out with in the office?

M: There is not a particular person with whom I hung out solely. Everyone here is close to my age, plus they are so welcoming, that I never felt isolated. But, I worked mainly with Shirshak (SD’s designer) and Milan (intern).

A: Was that the best part?

M: Yes, among others, like how I got to meet a lot of people on a daily basis and how it helped me learn the art of communication. But, it did become annoying when sometimes our customers did not value our time, and asked us to come later after we reached the delivery venue.

A: Was the job challenging in other ways?

M: Yes, but I think that it happens to everyone when they encounter something new. I studied a lot of concepts in marketing, but, whenever it came to execution, there was always a twist, and not of a good kind. I sometimes panicked when I had to talk to vendors who sell traditionally and asked me to elaborate the concept of e-commerce. Most of them were hesitant to sell online and convincing them was difficult. I could see my marketing peers working pretty well, and I sometimes felt that I might not be able to catch up to it.

A: Any special memories regarding these vendors?

M: I remember one particular incident when my colleague and I had an appointment with OHO Servicing. We went there with a preconceived notion that the servicing house would be like the traditional garage. But the personnel took us to a well-furnished room and treated us with a professional and cordial meeting. This special treatment, not only made us feel pretty awesome, but also reshaped our notion to not to judge a book by its cover, and how vendors in Nepal are non-traditional as well.

A: What other unexpected things did you encounter?

M: I never got the ‘working in office’ sensation throughout my internship, which is so weird because everyone here does a lot of work. But all the hassles are balanced by a lot of fun. The picture of an ideal office that resided in my brain was totally different, and encountering such a casual environment really did astonish me at the beginning.

A: But did you find anything new about yourself during this journey?

M: As an intern, I did not have a permanent set of duties assigned. So, I got to explore a lot of tasks besides marketing. This was when I fell in love with content writing. Though I thought that I would love going out and meeting people, I discovered that I actually enjoyed sitting in the corner and doing my job quietly.

A: You shared this with your friends?

M: Yes, of course! I share a lot of stuffs about SD with my friends. In fact, I tell them that if they ever think of interning, this is the best place.

A: Any last comments?

M: What we face in the real world is not exactly the same as what we read in books. So, I want to thank Sasto Deal for shaping me, shedding insights on professionalism, making me more receptive towards changes, and making me able to understand things practically. I got a reality check. But of a good kind.

A: So when is your farewell treat?

M: Soon.

A: Which means never.

M: No, soon.

(Update: We still haven’t received Manish’s treat.)

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Nepalese Friends Living Abroad, It Is Time To Come Back Home!

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For 5 years during my stay in the U.S, I’ve networked with the best of all Nepalese – The Harvard’s and the MIT’s, I’ve associated with the worst – Nepalese who take U.S as their ‘escape-zone’  and I’ve myself been the mediocre – the average student graduating from an average college.

The Ivy League Nepalese graduates now work for Microsoft, IBM, LinkedIn, Facebook & Google. The ‘escapees’ spend their days and nights struggling with their basic needs and procrastinating about Nepal. And the mediocre struggle to find a descent job; most ending up working for companies through agents who book 30% or more commission on their salaries. But neither of these groups knows – what’s in stock for them in Nepal!

In 2011, when I returned to Nepal, I was clueless! But 3 years later, I have an answer to the ultimate question– what’s my purpose!? Thus, this blog is an attempt to convince you – the Nepalese living abroad to come back home and try it out yourselves.  Here is why:

Nepal is a goldmine for opportunities: If you’re thinking Nepal got problems then you must know – with problems, come opportunities! You’ve got the chance to solve these problems, create value and make tons of money.

The currency rate doesn’t matter: I know that the most of you think $1 = Rs.100 (approx) and you can make 100 times more living and working abroad. But truth be told, it doesn’t work that way. Your fancy car, your mortgage, rent, living expenses all needs to be accounted for. At the end of the day, you’re as broke or as rich as any other Nepalese here. This includes the Harvard’s and the MIT’s.

Until when: I’ve witnessed wealthy (multi-millionaires) Nepalese come back home in their late 50’s. Their reasoning: Until when would we want to serve a nation that is not ours! Late than never, you must be asking yourself the same question – until when?

Market is better than ever: I’ve talked to entrepreneurs from the past and I’ve witnessed the market in the present and I can only reach to one conclusion: The business climate is better than ever. If you’re concerned about the Constitution, well you should be but that’s not stopping me and other entrepreneurs from running successful ventures.

In between two giants: It’s obvious – the global economy powerhouses are now China and India. The HR expense in Nepal is low. Now, what can you do to leverage this?

To conclude, it does not matter if you work for IBM, it does not matter if you drive a fancy car, it does not matter if you’re living in a mansion (be it in mortgage); what should matter is for you to come back home, serve your nation and most importantly serve yourself !

So, travel the world but come back home, your nation needs you, moreover, you need your nation!

P.S: If you’re thinking of coming back home and have queries and questions, I’d be glad to help you make the right decision. Please email me at: amun.thapa@gmail.com

I listened to this song (on repeat mode) during my stay in the U.S. Ennnjjjoy!

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As any week, we at SD were geared up for Mixtape Mondays, and we started brainstorming about what theme to follow this time around. After a lot of topics suggestions were thrown around, followed by some heated discussions, we finally led to a unanimous decision – let’s go for something motivating! Why so? Because we know that everyone has that song that awakens some energy and pounds up their inner monster to go achieve what they are after. And these songs are all about never giving up, making your own way, and starting things right now until we, the 21st century musicaholic generation, conquer the world.
Let’s welcome a new season, a new spring, and rejuvenate ourselves from the deep winter slumber!

The Fighter by Gym Class Heroes ft. Ryan Tedder

“I feel that the song portrays me. It encourages that failing is a way to succeed and I know that I am a fighter from within.” – Deshish Shrestha, Category Head

Something More by Nick Vujicic

“This song has always been my motivation since the past few years. Listening to it makes me feel that a problem is never an end, and there’s something more waiting for me at every stage of my life.”- Anjali Bhattarai, Content Writer

Sandstorm by Darude

“Because the curiosity of the song name has a humor, and humor is motivation.”- Bobby Shrestha, Designer

Hall of fame by The Script ft. William

“Each and every word of this song is motivational. This song reminds me that I can be a master of everything, and for that, I do not need to wait for luck. If I am dedicated, I will surely find my way”. –Ayush Shakya, Photographer

Fireworks by Katy Perry

“It lights up my day just as fireworks do at night.”- Afshan Pradhan, Designer

Return To Innocence by Enigma

“Every time I listen to this song and watch the video, I get a reality check. Life’s sweet but everything has to come to an end.”- Amun Thapa, CEO

Freak by Steve Aoki

“This song pumps me up. I get a refresh after I listen to this song when I’m bored.”- Rupagya Manandhar, Research/Development Head, SB

Emergence of Talents by Takanashi Yashaharu

“This music not just brings out the hidden talents, the inner angst, and hidden will to fight, but also proves that anime soundtracks are the best.” – Sujan G. Amatya, Content Manager

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