Music That Hits You Indie Heart

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Sometimes music does not need to compete with you but instead be your companion while you finish that important college paper or work on that presentation for the next meeting. It does not need its strong sometimes almost  destructive rhythm or vocals but smooth transitions and notes that transform your mood. Start your day with these easy listens and breeze through the morning glory and coffee.



Calm your nerves with these easy listens:

  1. Run Away – Cary Brothers
  2. Shawn Mendes – Three Empty Words
  3. Ember Island x Radiohead – Creep
  4. Billie Eilish – Six Feet Under
  6. Andrew Ripp – Falling Faster
  7. Jesse Ruben – This Is Why I Need You
  8. Ed Prosek – I Could Never
  9. Jome – Cinnamon
  10. Early Hours – Into The Wilderness
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10 Powerful Women Vocalists You Need

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Listen to these powerful vocals from women who have dominated the music industry. Artist whose legacy and work has gone unmatched, originality that bleeds strength and empowerment.


  • Whitney Houston – I Didn’t Know My Own Strength
  • Adele- Rolling In The Deep
  • Beyonce – Halo
  • Celina Dion – Sorry For Love
  • Amy Winehouse – Stronger Than Me
  • Aastha Raut – Chaubandi ma Patukai
  •  Astha Tamang-Maskey – Sabai Thikai Huncha
  •  4 Non Blonds – What’s Up
  • Janis Joplin – Kozmic Blues
  • Mariah Carey – Fly like a bird
  • Nina Simone – Feeling good
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SD Items To Prove To Your Parents that You’re An Adult

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Yes, sure we have grown up…I mean first adult jobs or pursing higher education what’s not adult about that? But, whilst tackling the demands of the newly entered adult world we are in all sense little kids who just want our parents to be to stop nagging and yet do very little to make that happen.

No stranger to phrases like “Kotha safa garta kati phor” and ” Aama lai pani sagaunu paryo” I mastered the art of nod and ignore, where I nod to everything being said and then blatantly ignore them. (I hold classes at my house every Friday 5 pm if you all are interested on how to do that).But, my birthday is approaching and now I am one step closer to becoming an adultier  (yes, I made up this word you spellcheck/grammar nazi)  adult than I am right now, it was time for a change.

Hence, here is a list of things you and I both need to fool our parents into thinking we are infact adults:


  1.  Storage boxes 

Sure, they organize your life, de- clutter and give you clear breathing space from the dump you use to call your room but it is also a fanastic way to “clean your room” without going through the painstaking process of actually doing it. Trick your parents into thinking you made an effort but what you truly did was dump all the things in respective boxes.  Get them here see for yourself!


2. Yoga mat 

When your mom whips out her famous “Exercise garnu chainah khali mobile ma” line tactfully drift to your yoga mat, breathe in and drown the nagging out. I have gotten away with a lot with the “I exercised today ” card, a light 30 minutes of yoga for a day can be your excuse to be glued to your phone for the rest of the day !  Get your Ommmmm on here. 

Yoga Mat_14539725471453972547


3. Sandwich and Grill maker

Food solves everything and how much can a nagging persist when you flaunt fresh and might I add quickly made sandwiches in front of your parents face?  Not for long. With less hangry moments and more food around altercations  are bound to be reduced.  Sandwich instead of sass and you can get it easily  here. 




4. Water bottle

In a Nepali household water holds the holiest place above all; water cleans and heals. If you are heading to your family with a complain of a splitting headache they will infact point out that it was because of that one day you did not “drink enough water”. Now by using your brand new water bottle show that you care about your body but more importantly do it so that you don’t have to hear that line again. Get hydrated by getting your water bottle here, I heard it actually matters.


water bottle



5. Buy them something nice

All jokes aside no one in the world will care and love you more than your parents. Therefore, the best way to show them that you are an adult is take in all their constructive suggestions and give them something nice to thank them for putting up with you. Still like putting all your responsibilities to the end? Fear not,  try  here for easy and simple gift giving. 



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Artist That You Will Fall In Love With From KRIPA UNPLUGGED

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Kripa unplugged is the equivalent of coke studio in Nepal.  A platform where artists can showcase, experiment and challenge the boundaries of how music is created. If you like push your imagination and have an appreciation for creativity, you will thank us for this list.



  • Dhin Dhina – Pushpan Pradhan (Vaani)Pushpan and his band Vaani 2012 have super powers, they can use their echoes of sulfi composition to touch every little string on your heart. A lyrical masterpiece the band consumes you whole as you sway to their tunes unaware, still and it’s like meditation but better.


  • Putali – NightNight band is perhaps the MOST underrated band in Nepal. The extraordinary feature of this band is that they use unconventional materials like water, leaves and strings to create music. “Putali” is one of such creations of the band a fusion of classical equipment’s like the sangrangi with the guitar gives the band just the right balance. Keep an eye out from this one!

  • Kanchi Nani Blues – Mukti and revivalhait babal. Hip swinging toe tapping energetic performance by Mukti and revival. The Blues and rock and roll mash up does wonders for the song, but what truly grips us his the passion oozing out from Mukti has he set bar high enough for everyone who dares to follow his suit. Not all live performance have a slow pace and Mukti darn right proved it!


  • Nischal – Albatross
    You never go wrong with Albatross a band that has clearly established as one of the leading faces of rock music in Nepal. There unplugged version on Kripa a clear testament that all you need is great back up and vocals to serenade. Every Nepali guitarist has aspired to learn from them, so it was no question that I would feature them.



  • Ye Aakha Ma Timi Chau – Prem Pariyar

Song is a form of sustained speech, nearly anyone who is able to speak can sing but excellence requires time, dedication, instruction and regular practice. Prem Pariyar is the young rising singer in Nepal who has used excellence to manipulate tunes and innocence to win  hearts.

Happy listening

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Funny Friendship Stories At Sastodeal

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Happy friendships day! Yes, you. Let us all stop taking our friends for granted and appreciate them for the stomach cramping giggles they have given us all these years. Still want to use the lack of time as an excuse to not reconnect? Maybe,these hilarious stories of SDians and memories with their friend will  help you dial that number!

Meat lover and his friends

Sarthak was a meat lover in a school that kept a strict vegan diet. Buff momos, chicken wings, he always had a big heart for everything on his plate that included meat. One day, Sarthak and his gang of five best friends, non-veg friends, decided to celebrate his 14th birthday by bringing everything meaty to eat during lunch. They knew the consequences would be severe if they were caught, but that did not stop them. They unpacked their boxes of deliciousness and started showing off to the rest of the students.  However, in their act of show chasing the glistening chicken wings, they failed to acknowledge one of the teachers passing by. The culprits were immediately taken to the principal’s office, and they were suspended for a week then and there. Sure, the punishment was harsh but the reward of getting to laugh at the incident years later much greater!


Best friends and phobias

Couple of months ago, Devin and his two friends were on a holiday in Pokhara. Exploring through the city, they reached Trishuli river, where they come across a suspended bridge. Devin persuaded his friends to go on the bridge to click some pictures for facebook. But, As soon as they reached the middle of the bridge, Devin and his friend ran along to opposite sides and began to shake the suspended bridge vigorously leaving the other friend in the middle. The acrophobic friend literally sat down on the middle of the bridge and started crying. “He would have started peeing his pants, had we continued for any longer”, Devin recalls. Moral of the story: Don’t trust your best friends with your greatest fears.

Mischievous Manners

A long time ago,  9 years old Shrastha was playing  pretend “bhaadakuti” with her cousin. They  prepared the fake “meat” and “daal” using sand and stone!  Imaginative, and innocent, but not quite the smartest, Shrastha asked her cousin to eat the pretend daal. Seeing her cousin eat it, Shrastha followed the suit only to end up getting a stomach ache later!  Years later the two  still eat together and cook together, only now, the things on their plate are actually edible. We are all a little stupid and mischievous with our friends, aren’t we?

Don’t drink and run

On a sunny afternoon in Chhauni, Prabhakar and his best friend entered their favorite spot in town with a goal to out-drink the other. Dark, gloomy, dirty and loud, this “bhatti” would never qualify the health inspection. But the “local tharra” was cheap and that is all that mattered. On their quest to out-drink the other, they managed to drink 3 “maana” raksi each. Having almost lost their consciousness, they decided to take a break and made their way outside the shady bhatti. Just then Prabhakar spotted someone he knew, “oie, mero uncle, bhaag bhaag bhaag..” he screamed. They ran back inside hitting every table and wall, his friend ran past the kitchen to fall on the owner’s bed, motionless. As for Prabhakar, he could barely keep his head up, had the two not created such a havoc they would have escaped the bhatti and the uncle but the chaos brought in all eyes and ears to them. The next morning, “Mommy ko kaali jastai roop thyo”, Prabhakar says as he recalls the scolding his mom gave after hearing the shenanigans of the two from the very uncle. Moral of the story: Try not to run when your that drunk, especially when you want to avoid someone.

  • Hang out with a friend because your new hair cut needs to be made fun of!
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Avataar Cafe Answer To Your Fast Food Prayers

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Avataar Cafe rests inside a gully opposite of BK’s,  the cafe which is a part of the chic Avatar hotel specializes in fast food and is a new joint that takes fast food to whole another level.

My mother tells me that when I was little my first words were not mama or papa but infact burger! Hence, it was only fitting that I was there to devour what the cafe had to offer.

The cafe resemblance a sense of familiarity, with its yellow and red color combinations you may even feel like your sitting in Mcdonalds. As we entered the cafe of fried goodness Ahem! Ahem ! (My second home) I was almost immediately wrapped in delicious smell. First came the whiff of freshly fried french fries than the sizzling of glorious patties. The small but functional open kitchen gave me  a peak of the process which was clean and precise.


I took in the environment and the glorious menu in front me and wasted no time with my ordering. To my delight the service in the restaurant was quick, hey! it’s not called fast food for nothing. As always we started with a dish that was wittily named, the Pokemon meal, it came with deep fried onion rings and french fries, light and crispy I was ready to catch them all at any moment after having it. Once done with the starters we followed with ample of mains, to start with the happy burger and Mexican Meatball sub both juicy, tenderly soulful. The herbs and sauces matched perfectly with the meet and the bun, a concoctions that was delightfully sinful! (Whoever-said a women has a small appetite has clearly not met me)



Meat Ball Sandwich
Are you hungry yet?

However, it was the paneer wrap that actually stole the show for me. I don’t fancy vegetarian dishes so when the owner suggested this dish you could imagine how I felt! But as many say life begins outside ones comfort zone, I agreed to order the wrap, to my surprise the tender center and crunchy  paneer won me over. The added elements of  mushrooms and corn along with homemade salsa made the dish my favorite of the day!



If your asking me why I am taking the time to write this all to you? It is very simple! To let all of you know that quality need not be compromised with price. All the dishes in Avataar cafe were below Rs 300 mark and used grade A ingredients. Avataar cafe debunked everything I felt about having fast food. For the first time munching on these fried delicacies I did not feel like I was going to have major health issues later. Their secret? Top of the line ingredients which were freshly prepared with high emphasis on the flavor.

At a glance Avataar cafe may seem like just a fast food place, but when you actually bite into the recipes you get consumed by the individual flavors. The effort in preparing the food clearly evident !  “For me to come up with this menu it took months of trial and effort,” the part owner adds and with my full happy self I can swear by what he said!

A fusion of authentic mexican, nepali flavors with western staples Avataar cafe is for anyone who loves quick, easy meals packed with flavor and punch!

If your a homebody and love munching on grubs in the familiarity of your home, the cafe also has take away service !

Head on to their Facebook page for more updates! Avataar Cafe









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Instrumental Melodies For Your Soul

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Sometimes the best part about a song is it’s progressive instrumental melody, wordless art that can transform your experience. Often times, the non intrusive tunes without the added rapping and fillers like “yea baby!” is exactly what you need to make your heart sing.  This Mixtape Monday we have a collection of such tunes that will start your week on the right note.


Apache – The Shadows (Original 1960 HD)

“Apache” stands today as probably the best-known work by British proto-surf-rock band The Shadows.This song was a worldwide hit with the #1 position in seven instrumental charts such as the UK, Australia, France, Ireland, New Zealand, Spain and South Africa.

A 1973 version by the Incredible Bongo Band has been called “hip-hop’s national anthem”. Although this version was not a hit on release, its long percussion break has been sampled countless times on hip hop and dance tracks since the 1980’s.






Moby Dick-Led Zeppelin (Studio)

“Moby Dick”  is the work of  English rock band Led Zeppelin and was featured on their 1969 album Led Zeppelin II.

The tune emerged after Led Zeppelin guitarist and producer would often catch drummer John Bonham jamming in the studio,  Zeppelin recorded parts of it and then placed it all together to produce this masterpiece. The song has a pretty short musical intro, but that riff that John Paul Jones and Jimmy Page in Drop chord D has a very catchy hook to it.



Clever Girl – Teleblister

Ever heard of Math Rock? It is a rhythmically complex, often guitar-based, style of rock music that emerged in the late 1980’s and we bring you the best of it.There is something about this music, It feels like … progress. Like it’s telling a story.



Porter Robinson – Fellow Feeling (Audio)

Porter Robinson, a self-taught producer, began producing since he was 12 and was internationally renounced by the time he was 18. As he is a big fan of anime and Japanese culture, he incorporates these elements in his music. If you want to tell somebody what “Fellow Feeling” is? You can’t. You just let them know this exists and make them listen to it.

Booker T. & The M.G.s – Green Onions

GREEN ONIONS was the debut record for Booker T. & the M.G.’s. Little did they know that this record & many of their following albums would later be looked upon as the primary milestones for creating the Memphis Soul sound. All of the songs on this record are instrumentals, many of which are cover songs.

Dream Theater – Stream of Consciousness

“Stream of consciousness” is just another progressive instrumental song by Dream Theater from album ‘Train of Thoughts”. Yet it’s not just another instrumental song, this song is definition of art.The fact that virtually all of the band members have studied music on a academic and professional level serves to boost their artistic credential and public appeal. They are brilliant, every one of them.


Happy listening!

-Shailek Bikram Shah

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Things You should Do This Weekend

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The Otaku Next Comcoscon 2016 

A place for all the anime, manga, cosplay lovers to gather, get the opportunity to meet fellow cosplay enthusiasts, and a  chance to win limited edition figurines aswell. The event will also showcase many art work from various young Nepali artist /mangakas. This cosplay showdown will be held on  30th July 2016 at  Alliance Francaise, Teku, Tripureshwor. The tickets are priced at  Rs.350 per at door. Sastodeal also provides the chance to purchase these tickets in bulk at discounted prices. link here 


Package 1 includes 3 tickets at Rs 900

Package 2 includes 5 tickets at Rs 1,500

Package 3 includes 10 tickets at Rs 3,060

Comcoscon fb 3


This Friday, the 29th of July enjoy epic music from Gloria Ansell all the way from Hongkong debuting at  Karma Bar & Lounge 6th Floor, UWTC, Tripureshwor. Originally influenced by early electronic dance music, Gloria Ansell began experimenting mixing different genres together in her sets to create a musical journey that was unique and pumping. Her sets range from House to Tech and Deep to EDM, Progressive, Trap or Twerk. Her energy and skills behind the decks are undeniable, making her one of the best technical female DJs in the world. Door prices of tickets are Rs,1500. Sastodeal provides the chance to purchase the the tickets in bulk at discounted prices. link here 

Package 1 includes 5 tickets for Rs 4,000

Package 2 includes 10 tickets for 7,500

Gloria Ansell poster_20%_FB (1)

#Page3 Nepal

#Page3Nepal is an event being held on Friday 29th of July from 7 pm onwards at  The Victory Lounge. The exclusive pre-sales tickets is  price at Rs, 800.  The event will also have a live performance by the talented Wonderfools. Additionally, The Walk of Fame after party will have  International Artist like DJ Amour Domestic DJ: DJ BPM, DJ Bki Cool, DJ Redmus along with a fashion show. Do not forget to get your dancing shoes for this one, You will need it. link here

Page 3

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Beats You Can Groove To

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A sad day is sad until good music fixes it. With the ability to transform your every experience, you better believe we have tunes to fix a bad day. To get you out of a funk and keep your feet moving. Crank up that volume, let your hair down and lets grove out to these tunes. Happy #Mixtapemonday everybody !


  1. I Got You(I feel Good) – James Brown

You ought to remember this song. VH1 rolls it up every morning. OLD BUT CLASSIC. The sing along lyrics, upbeat music is a recipe for a good time.



2. Can’t feel my face- The Weeknd

Abel Tesfaye has built a whole career around the relationship between drugs and love, primarily using the former to avoid feeling the latter. “Can’t Feel My Face” is his entry in the love-is-a-drug pantheon.


3. Wake Me Up When You Go-Go- Wham!!

This song was inspired by a sign Andrew Ridgeley used to put on his bedroom door reminding his mom to wake him before she went to work. The sign said, “Don’t forget to wake me up before you go go,” with the last “go” mistakenly repeated. The song became Wham’s first American hit.


4. Jailhouse Rock-Elvis Presley
The splendid singer and a fine actor, Elvis Presley’s song Jailbreak Rock of his third film “Jailbreak Rock” is one of rock & roll’s great irreducible.


5.One Week- Bare Naked Ladies

Bare Naked Ladies, a Canadian band struck U.S. with an album “One week” and managed to stay on top of the billboard chart for a week.


6. Cheap Thrills(performance edit) Sia

Rihana may have rejected it, but Sia’s “cheap thrills” is a bundle of fun.


7.Can’t Stop The Feeling- Justin Timberlake

This song is pretty much the definition of G-rated, fun-for-the-entire-fam pop. But you can’t deny that it’s pretty catchy. Maybe it’s the fact that it gives me serious Michael Jackson vibes. Maybe it’s the song’s clap-along melody. Maybe Max Martin and Shellback cast a spell on me. I don’t know, but this song just feels good.

8.OMI Cheerleader

OMI(Omar Samuel Pasley) a normal Reggae singer released his original cheerleader in 2012 which wasn’t much of a hit. Around two later Felix Jaehn got his hands on the track and swapped out his reggae theme, blinking some saxophone and more streamed tempo got the song much deserved attention!


Go on, get your dancing shoes!

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5 Feel Good Films To Watch

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Drizzling rainfall, cozy bed and some yummy popcorn, Netflix and Chill anyone? This Friday to accompany the weather our Sastodeal team a.k.a SDians have complied 5 feel good films that will give you all kinds of fuzzy feelings.The selection covers a wide genre of movies so there is something for everybody.


last holiday

This story hits home,  it’s what all 30 plus fear that their life has become and all 20 somethings hope that their life will never turn out to be. The main lead of the movie Georgia who is a shy clerk at a shopping mall spends her whole life taking orders and quietly dreams of all the amazing possibilities life holds. But, just like most of us her dreams were limited to only her and her possibilities book. However, all this changes one fine day when Georgia discovers that she is terminal ill, the story unfolds into a beautiful adventure where a woman upon realizing she is dying truly starts to live.

IMBD rating: 6.4/10


the blind side

Most Oscar nominated movies are tear jerkers and by the end of it you feel emotionally and mentally exhausted. But not this one, this movie is about how an affluent white family takes in a homeless traumatized teen-age black boy and in the process both parties learn from each other.  The movie shows the power of love and giving that lets it  grow transcending all differences. It is based on the true life of NFL player Michael Oher and his adopted family.

IMBD rating: 7.7


3.How to Train Your Dragon


train ur dragon

Who does not love a good animated movie ?This warm story about friendship may compel you to call your long lost friends. The story starts with teenager Hiccup wanting to follow on his father’s footsteps and become a viking dragon slayer, but he soon realizes that he wants to become friends with the dragons. His first catch ends up becoming his best friend and together they try to turn the mythical Viking valley into a dragon loving space. This movie is best enjoyed with friends.

IMBD rating: 8.2


22 jump


This sequel to 21 Jumpstreet is as crazy as the first one, the troublesome two Jenko and Schmidt are on their new mission to catch a narcotics dealer poisoning young minds.During the journey the duo end up having hilarious encounters, with students, drug dealers and the whole ordeal of 30 somethings going to college and trying to fit in will leave you in splits. Watch this movie for the amazing comedic timing between Jonah Hill and Channing Tattum.


IMBD rating : 7.8



the intern

A 72 years old widower Robert De niro  who in the hopes of finding excitement in his life joins a  bustling e-commerce business run by Anne Hathaway. During the movie the two form a relationship based on love and respect as the father figure Robert De niro adjusts to the new age working environment. This is a heart warming tale filmed from the perspective of an elder man who just like any one of us wanted to have fun and be a part of the team.

IMBD rating: 7.2


So, stream on for your Friday nights in !

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