SD Internship

SD Through The Eyes Of An Intern

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My internship at Sastodeal began when a friend of mine Simran told me about the program, since I was pretty adamant on not throwing away my free time with movies and games I decided to apply. What motivated me? Well, I had heard great things about the company and I did not want to stay home to my mom going “Yo Kta leta kehi kaam gardainah”.

So, in the spur of the moment I applied and got called for an interview 2 days later, the whole interview went by in a blur, maybe it was the adrenaline that kicked in? But, of course like any new-bee I made a few glitches here and there. The nervousness had kicked in, I suppose. However,  to my surprise the HR Poonam didi was very sweet about the whole thing often  laughing  with me, interacting with her gave me a glimpse of the kind of people I could potentially meet in Sastodeal and Boy was I right!

I got selected for the internship and got called in a few days later,  the first day began with the introductions and I soon realized that despite  being one of the youngest in the company the people I interacted with always took my ideas and views seriously. This was a bit of a surprise to me as many of my friends had quite the opposite experience with internship which would usually mean them doing endless amount of paper work and learn next to nothing.

For the first half of my internship, I was put in the social media department where Ayushree di was my mentor. I was given the responsibility of creating content for social media and since my love for music is strong I loved working on the mix tape Mondays. She always had a positive encouraging light to her like all the other SDians.

After a while I was transferred to the content department. This department dealt with the product content, it was then I realized that the company was not defined to work place division like most instead it was functional where everyone chipped in and helped regardless of their roles. No one was the “Boss”.

I also notice how everyone at the company had a healthy balance of work and play, for instance my other mentor Sandeep dai would often help me when I was in doubt but also play little tricks to lighten my mood.
This was my first ever work experience, and it has been surreal. Unlike, what I previously believed that only cigar clad, suit wearing individuals knew how to conduct a business Sastodeal changed my perception of how a company should run. Their easy going demeanor and their work ethic has truly made me realize that a company that practices openness and ease can still be on top.  Now, with about two weeks left  for my internship I feel lucky to have found such a cultivating environment right after my +2 and I am excited  to associate with the company again in the future.




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