The GoldStar Story

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A product that does not rely on expensive advertisement for sales, shoes that do not depend on how sweaty Beckham or Bolt commercials get (not that I am complaining) GoldStar did not need a marketing plan because it had good shoes.

A brand started by Noor Pratap Rana and later inherited by his son Amrit Rana GoldStar is the production of Universal group. With the aim to compete with the rocky and beautiful of patches of Nepali roads the brand produced GoldStar’s. A team of consultants and foot specialists were brought in to draw up on a design that would produce this beauty. The light, sturdy cheap and affordable and as cliché as this sounds was “for the Nepali people”. The designs were so spot on that the company was recognized both nationally and internationally and even sparked some knock offs.

Goldstar has been in the business for about 23 years and initially a brand that was associated with functionality has now come to embodied Nepali Fashion as well.  Launched around the same time as most millennials were born (1990’s), the product right away came into limelight especially with the older generation because of its clever design. Its popularity grew but one thing that did not change off till late was its impression, the impression that it’s simply functional but not fashionable. Then, what happened? How did this functional pair become fashionable? I would give credit to the brands “When you’re so good, why worry?” attitude, they did not actually say that but since the products ranks up the hot selling lists everywhere I am assuming they did!

Unlike, many the brands never worked to imply itself as the “exclusive” or “must-have” it spoke to all, the rich and the poor cross breeding through all groups’ political, legal and more. The brand who perhaps have the shortest marketing meetings it don’t limit itself by appealing to a group but instead appealed to Nepal as a whole. Today, GoldStar has become a regional name. The one we all can drool over and take pride in owning.




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